Emerald Wedding Scenario


The emerald wedding is celebrated after 55 years of married life. Emerald is a rare gem that impresses others with its beauty. They compare with him the relations of spouses who have lived such a long period of time together, soul to soul. This wedding anniversary should definitely be celebrated in such a way that all those invited will remember it. How to organize such an anniversary?

Celebration preparation

Do not plan a noisy celebration, because the culprits of the holiday are elderly people. They will be happy to spend this day with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, share their experiences with them and listen to the stories of loved ones. But still it’s worth preparing a script so that nothing spoils the holiday. Also, do not forget to find a suitable room and choose the songs that will sound at the wedding. Thoroughly thinking through all the nuances of the holiday, you will give the couple an unforgettable experience.

Decoration of the venue

Stock up with artificial emerald - it will become the main element of the design of the hall. Pour pebbles into a transparent vase, stick beautiful decorative branches there. Tablecloths and curtains should be emerald. Pay special attention to decorating the spouses' chairs - decorate them with white covers embroidered with artificial emerald. You can make covers yourself, for this you need to have at least basic sewing skills.

Decoration of the hall for the emerald anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

When compiling a playlist for the wedding, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the anniversaries themselves. On the emerald anniversary must be sounded «youth songs» spouses with whom they have fond memories. The memory of the golden years comes to life with suitable songs. These are mainly kind and sincere compositions of the 50-60s, which will be liked not only by spouses, but also by all guests.

Dancing at the Emerald Anniversary

Emerald Wedding Scenario

Long-lived spouses will be happy to celebrate this significant wedding date with close family and close friends. Do not order a host toast with the help of a holiday agency. One of the couple’s children will perfectly cope with the role of the host. He will monitor the progress of the holiday, control what is happening. The wedding begins at the table, where all those invited to the anniversary should gather. The first toast is the son or daughter of the couple:

- Dear Parents! All the people close to you have gathered here not so easily, but on a special occasion. Indeed, on this day your emerald wedding is celebrated! We celebrate 55 years of your life together. On your way there were quarrels, quarrels, grievances, but you could feel happiness, overcome all obstacles. And on this beautiful day, we are pleased to congratulate you on the emerald long-awaited wedding!

Emerald Anniversary Celebrations

All guests give presents to the anniversaries, after which the granddaughter says her congratulations:

- Grandmother and grandfather! Looking at your couple, I envy you kindly. After all, your relationship is a real gift of fate. Not everyone is destined to live to an emerald rare wedding. I feel joy, realizing that you were strong, maintaining love and respect for each other for more than half a century. Let's drink so that your feelings do not fade away for as many years!

The wife of the son (daughter-in-law) or the husband of the daughter (son-in-law) must express their wishes to the culprits of the wedding anniversary. Anniversaries will be pleased to hear words of admiration not only from blood relatives:

- One great sage said that the main thing in a relationship is to lay a solid foundation. You were not only able to create it, but also built a strong house of bricks of mutual understanding. In addition, you manage to maintain an even fire of the hearth for many years. The best thing you can do for us is to pass on your life experience. I want to raise these glasses for your wisdom, thanks to which we gathered here to celebrate your long-awaited wedding anniversary!

Everyone can express their wishes. Congratulations to adults should be diluted with rhymes that little guests may well learn for the wedding. A child is a symbol of longevity, so children must definitely take part in the wedding. In addition, all guests will be pleased to listen to baby talk.

After the feast, the evening's entertainment program begins, which includes contests and games. It is advisable to exclude outdoor activities, as it will be very difficult for older people to stand on their feet all evening.

The end of the 55th wedding anniversary

End the wedding should enchanting fireworks or the launch of air lanterns. If the weather does not allow these plans to be implemented, limit yourself to a tea party. The heart of the elderly will revive past memories, spouses will rejoice at such a wedding anniversary.

Such a video collage is suitable as a gift:

Competitions for 55 years of married life

The emerald anniversary will not do without interesting contests that make up the evening entertainment program. To entertain guests and perpetrators of the emerald anniversary will succeed in the following contests:

  • «Guess the person». The host of the game suggests one of the participants to show some animated object, whether it be a monkey or Dima Bilan, without making a sound. The remaining participants are trying to solve the person. The most clever and smartest will win.
  • «Original compliment». Each participant in the wedding comes up with some extraordinary wish or compliment to the spouses. The winner is the one who, according to the couple, has shown his imagination, resourcefulness at 100%.
  • «Unusual use». The host of the game shows a subject, for example, a regular file. The participants of the game take turns calling the unusual application of this subject (fill with water, slide down the hill, etc.). Anyone with exhausted ideas leaves the game.

Emerald Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is an interesting event that will bring pleasure not only to the heroes of the occasion, but also to all invited guests. It is worth carefully considering the course of the wedding, writing a script so that good impressions and memories remain from the celebration!