Turquoise Wedding Scenario

The turquoise wedding is the 18th anniversary of the wedding. The couple, who lived together for 18 years, went through a series of domestic troubles, disagreements, quarrels. During this time, the family had to go through more than one crisis period. But they are still together, and this says the main thing - love won.

Celebration preparation

A turquoise wedding is a fabulously beautiful holiday. It symbolizes the beginning of a new life for spouses. By this time, the children had grown up, became independent, the spouses had the opportunity to devote more time to each other. Before the wedding, it will be useful to recall the old days, when feelings were just emerging: the first long-awaited date, the first timid kiss, and then the decision to get married, having children. If desired, all this is made into a spectacular video album, an example of an album is shown in the video.

To make the turquoise wedding unusual, magical, you should be well prepared for it. A good option would be to invite the host. The presenter or presenter will be able to choose suitable wedding competitions, entertainment. Outfits for spouses should be in turquoise colors. To support the theme of the celebration, guests can also wear dresses of this color..

Turquoise Wedding Outfits for Women

By tradition, spouses exchange rings with turquoise on the day of the turquoise wedding. This stone amulet brings wealth, happiness. From now on, he will protect the family hearth, will help the spouses to keep all the most important things that they managed to acquire during their life together. The warmth of the stone will remind them that their happiness should be protected, continue to take care of the dearest person, so that the marriage only gets stronger over the years. Take care in advance of choosing a wedding ring for your half.

Rings with turquoise - gifts for the 18th anniversary of marriage

Decoration of the venue

The light, airy design of the banquet hall will give a special charm to the turquoise wedding. The decor is selected in blue, blue, turquoise, greenish shades. Original decorations of the hall will not be superfluous - figurines, paper flowers, candles. Tables are decorated with plants of turquoise color, chairs are draped with turquoise fabric, on the tables are tablecloths, napkins, dishes of blue or turquoise hue. Turquoise pebbles scattered on a tablecloth will magically look.

Decoration of the banquet hall for the turquoise anniversary


Watch in our video how designers make a place for a celebration of a turquoise wedding.

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Between feasts, guests want to dance, so musical accompaniment is considered an important moment in a turquoise wedding. It should be such that even the most inert guests would dance. A DJ with a set of popular wedding songs or live music can complete this mission. At the request of the spouses, you can invite a button accordion player or a guitar player; those invited will gladly sing their favorite songs to their music. The choice of musical accompaniment remains with the culprits of the turquoise celebration.

Turquoise Anniversary Scenario

The idea is that the banquet hall is a long-distance vessel. Spouses sit at an impromptu helm.

A place of honor for spouses at a turquoise wedding


-Ladies and gentlemen! We go on a cruise, which is dedicated to our glorious turquoise couple sitting at the helm (calls their names). All of you know them well, these are your acquaintances, friends, relatives. You are frequent guests at their home. Let's shout to them: «Bitterly!» and from this pleasant moment we begin our fascinating journey.

To the applause of the guests, the couple kiss.


–It's time to try all sorts of goodies on the tables, our path will be long, we need to eat well. We are sailing to the turquoise shore, it is very beautiful, our pair is not yet familiar. They gathered us here for their holiday - a turquoise wedding, their love has matured, has become an adult, celebrates their eighteenth anniversary! Raise a glass of wine, drink for the turquoise date (spouses' names)!

Guests fill their glasses, toast, have a bite. Soft music playing.


–And now I declare a solemn moment for congratulations! I will ask each of the guests to go here to the microphone to say kind words for the heroes of the occasion, to give a gift.

Guests take turns congratulating spouses.

Guests say toasts to turquoise spouses


- Well done, everyone spoke so beautifully and from the heart. Let's fill the glasses, drink for your kind words!

Guests drink, eat.


- Look how the sea is restless! Maybe he doesn't like what we're celebrating here? We must please him, make a gift. I am announcing a competition called «Scuba gear».

Invitees actively participate in the competition.


–After you and I were actively swimming in the sea, it's time to fill our glasses again and drink the fruits of love of this beautiful couple - their children, because there is nothing more beautiful than a child in the world.

Guests proclaim toasts for children, drink, have a snack. Light music sounds.


- Friends, we are in the middle of the open sea, I propose to arrange a sea ball!

Music sounds, alternately fast and slow, those who wish to dance.


- Well, where is our long-awaited turquoise beach? We can’t swim to it! To speed up this business, I am announcing another contest called «Sea strongmen».

Presenter chooses participants, holds a competition.


- Well done, survived the storm with dignity. But we never reached the cherished goal, the path is not close. To make time go faster, I suggest taking turns toasting.

She clockwise goes around all the guests, inviting each guest to the toast. The last toast falls to the host:

–And on the day of the turquoise wedding I wish you a sea of ​​happiness and love. Always clear weather so that you bloom like flowers!


- We are closer to the goal, we will soon go ashore. In the meantime, let's listen to what song their friends prepared for the spouses..

Music plays, friends sing a song.


–A wonderful song! Thank you dear friends! Now get your tickets, pay attention to the number on the back. I will call the numbers, and you go out for gifts!

–Numeral 1 opens the solemn part. To whom she fell - receives a hourglass as a gift!

The presenter takes out the first gift from the bag - an hourglass.

–Numeral 2 - a gift with her! I hand toothbrushes soon!

–I got the number 3 - with a gift stronger than three (grater).

–With gift number 4, keep your smile wider (toothpaste).

–And with gift number 5 you can drink tea at least every day (cup).


- Friends, let's meet with a thunderous applause a festive turquoise cake! He shines with candles, fascinates us with his beauty!

Make cake, music plays.

Turquoise Wedding Anniversary Cake

The host asks the spouses to go to her:

- Here is this wonderful cake in honor of your significant anniversary. You blow out the candles, and for now I will prepare for you a turquoise beach.

The presenter returns and gives them a picture of the seascape, as well as pebbles of natural turquoise.

On this, the host says goodbye, then the holiday continues without her.

Competitions for 18 years of married life

To revitalize the audience, the leader at the turquoise wedding holds competitions:

  • Contest «Scuba gear». 6 people participate, are divided into two teams. In front of the teams, the facilitator zigzags the word plates «sea» and gives out attributes - flippers and glasses for scuba diving. Participants should put on one fins on the team leading to the music, glasses and jump along the zigzag line in one direction, then back back. The winning team is the quicker to complete the task. Prize - for each player a pack of dried squid.
  • Contest «Sea strongmen». Five men participate, each of them chooses a girl they like. The presenter says that a storm is approaching, men simply must save their ladies. To do this, you will have to pick them up and circle until the music plays. The one who lasts the longest wins. Winner a prize - a sea cap, a lady - a rose.

The holiday of a turquoise wedding will surely succeed if you prepare responsibly, taking into account our recommendations. Do not forget to bring a camera to the wedding to capture the most interesting moments of the turquoise anniversary on the photo. After many years, you will see them, more than once mentally returning to the 18th anniversary of marriage.