Wedding contests with balls

Wedding celebration is a long-awaited day for newlyweds. How to organize a holiday so that it will be fun, for a long time to be remembered by those present? A show program with a host, original contests, dances, entertainment - all this will help young people and guests have a great rest. How to surprise guests, what kind of wedding contests with dancing, music to come up with? Take advantage of balloons, with their help you can come up with a lot of games and entertainment.

Ideas of the best wedding contests and ball games (photo)

Ball Contest Ideas

Do you want to diversify the finished scenario of a wedding celebration? Come up with comic tasks for the guests, the implementation of which will not be difficult, but others will have fun. For example, ask them to sing comic ditties, come up with a toast in honor of the young in verse, dance a gypsy girl in a prepared outfit, a cowboy dance, in extreme cases, a dance of little swans.

Write down your «tasks» on small pieces of paper. Before you inflate the balls to decorate the wedding hall, put these leaves in some of them. The host will invite all those present to independently choose the attractive balls of any color and size. Carefully blowing them off or inadvertently bursting, which depends on your wishes, each guest will receive «individual task».

And what a delight will cause a huge, pre-inflated helium and waiting in the wings, opaque ball, inside of which there are more than a hundred small balls of various colors! Towards the end of the wedding, he will scatter into a huge number of small, bright «pieces», as in the photo below. Ask the invitees to write in advance wishes for the young on small leaves, put them in small balls. The newlyweds will remember the warmest and most tender words from relatives and friends.

Balloons are a great way to decorate a wedding hall. But not only. This and improvised means for games, funny competitions of the wedding show program. A comic battle of two knights from among the guests with inflatable swords, handless dances for girls and guys with balls, team games and relay races, where participants pass balls to each other, burst them - there is nothing to count. Fun will be provided to guests.

«Score a goal»

One of the fun and funny competitions for guests is «Score a goal»! For participation guys, football fans are invited. The host offers to split into two teams. One will be «representatives of» groom, the other - «defend honor» the bride. Create names for teams. Then each participant is tied around the waist with a ribbon or thread, leaving a free end 40-50 cm long. A matchbox or any other item is tied to it. The main condition is that it does not have to be heavy. Then the leader gives each team a pre-inflated balloon.

Players of one team must score a goal into the opponent’s goal, trying not to miss it on their own. Touch «ball» You can only matchbox, moving the ball towards the opponent’s goal. The team that scores the most goals in the allotted time wins (for example, while funny music is playing). The prize is received by the most active and productive player, and that of the newlyweds, whose side was defended by the winning team, personally presents the prize to the winner.

Score a balloon at the goal

A variant of the competition is an individual competition of participants. Presenter offers «hold the ball», those. balloon, from the launch site to a specific place at a distance of 5-6 m from the starting mark. The first participant whose ball reaches the finish line is declared the winner. Both boys and girls can take part in such a contest. If, upon encountering obstacles, the participant's balloon bursts, he will be prematurely disposed of.

«Balloon dancing»

An active and fun competition takes place in which the couple «Man and woman» dancing with a ball sandwiched between them. The host invites guests who have expressed a desire to participate in the contest to choose a person of the opposite sex. The number of participants is not limited. Each pair of leaders gives an inflated ball. Preferably round or oval. It will be harder to hold, which will cause additional emotions on the part of guests watching the action.

How not to drop the ball while dancing

Then the music begins to play. At the command of the lead couple, they clamp the balloon between those parts of the body that the toastmaster points to. For example, while a lambada is playing, it is necessary to perform this dance, holding the ball with his foreheads. During the waltz, it must be held and not let go with the hips. There are many body parts, so be prepared to perform any «fantasies» leading. The winner is a couple who will be able to portray a dance that matches the music without losing a balloon.

«Who will pass whom?»

This competition is more designed for fun and laughter of the participants. The balls in it only accept «virtual» participation. The host offers two guests to participate in the competition, preferably with good lungs. After all, you have to compete in power, power «blows». Between the guys place a balloon on the stand. What's the catch? Participants are blindfolded.

Who passes the opponent

Then the toastmaster announces that the one who is stronger, more powerful will blow on the ball, will become the winner. At this time, instead of a balloon, a plate with flour poured on a slide is placed on a stand. Lead commands: «Start!» and ... all the flour mass flies in both participants. It is advisable that the latter have a good sense of humor, and their wives / girls too. To clean the suit, the face will take a long time. But the guests watching the match will be delighted with the situation, have fun.

«Air darts»

For this competition, prepare a board in advance that will easily include darts. Place inflated balloons with notes on it. On them indicate the number of points. To participate in the competition, the leader invites well-aimed shooters: guys and girls, darts lovers. The number of participants must be even in order to divide them into two teams. Each group is given an equal number of darts, at least one per participant.

How to play air darts

Then the host invites the teams to hit the target - to get into the balloon of a favorite or a certain color. When the darts hit, the balls burst, and a leaf with the indicated number of points falls out of them. At the end of the competition, the team that will hit all the goals and collect the most points is declared the winner. She is awarded prizes.

«Salute of congratulations»

To arrange a salute of congratulations for the newlyweds, prepare the following props:

  • Write wishes for young people in the form of poems, toasts, plain text.
  • Inflate balloons with congratulations embedded in them.
  • Tie them by attaching safety pins to the end of the thread.

Give the guests a ball or offer to choose the one they like. Toastmaster solemnly announces the beginning of the fireworks in honor of the young. Guests puncture balls in turn, reading out congratulations. Improvisation is possible. The most talented reader becomes a winner, receives a prize.

How to arrange a salute of congratulations in honor of the newlyweds

Relay race «Kangaroo»

For a fun relay race «Kangaroo» Lead collects several teams. Boys, girls, children can participate. Each team needs at least 5 people. A fun relay race consists of several stages, at each of which all group members must complete certain tasks. The winner is the team that will score the most points. One task - one point. Chairs are placed at a distance of 5 meters from the start. This will be the finishing point around which you need to go around, jump, run away. The tasks of the team competition are as follows:

  • «Valuable cargo». Who is the first to bring a balloon in a tablespoon from the start point to the finish chair and vice versa. You can’t touch, support, direct the ball. A player who violates the rules is eliminated from the game. Imagine adult aunts and uncles trying to keep such a valuable ball in a spoon. Laughter is provided to guests.

Balloon Shooting

  • «Who will shoot next». Each member of the team is given a deflated balloon. At the command of the host, the first participant inflates the ball and ... launches it. The goal is to finish the chair. The funny thing is that the trajectory of a ball that is deflated is very difficult to predict. The next participant starts from the place where the ball of his predecessor fell. It's really fun to watch balloons dive throughout the banquet hall. The team that reaches the finish line first gets a point.

Jumping like a kangaroo

  • «Jumping like a kangaroo». The host invites everyone to introduce themselves as an Australian kangaroo. The conditions of the competition are as follows: holding the balloon between the knees, the participant must jump to the chair on the finish line, go around it and return it. The team, all of whose members completed the task, receives a prize point.
  • «Play penguins». If the previous competition causes explosions of laughter, imagine how funny the gait will look like, and the participants themselves, when the moderator suggests performing the same task as the previous task, only the balloon should be clamped in the ankle area. Jumping, of course, will not work, but with small mincing steps, participants will get to the finish line, just like penguins.
  • «Caterpillar». The last fun relay race. At the command of the host, the first two team members pinch a balloon between themselves. While the music is playing, they must in any way reach the finish line, come back. At the start «caterpillar» grows up by joining the next team member. Balls can be held by any part of the body, with the exception of the hands.

«Aerial bombers»

Play aerial bombers

From this fun contest, guests will receive a portion of laughter, fun. Participants should be equally divided: men and women. Cabins for «pilots» Prepared in advance: chairs are arranged in a circle according to the number of participating pairs. Men sit down, holding a balloon between their knees. The music starts to sound. At the command of the lead, a female bomber must land on her partner’s lap so that the ball bursts quickly. If the attempt fails, the action must be repeated. The winner is the couple who managed to achieve the goal in the least number of attempts.

Video: Balloon contest for guests

How to entertain guests at a wedding? Balloon dance competition - great fun! To properly conduct this competition, watch the following video, where wedding guests dance to the selected presenter, fiery music (gypsy, rock and roll, lambada).