Golden Wedding Contests


Walking hand in hand a long way half a century long is worth a lot. The traditions of the golden wedding anniversary originate in ancient Greece. From time immemorial, on the 50th anniversary of marriage, the husband gave his beloved wife a golden laurel wreath as a sign of gratitude for loyalty, support, love. Hundreds of years have passed, and we still honor the newlyweds who have crossed the half-century anniversary of marriage. A festive feast, fun contests will give a great mood, give strength and vigor to jubilees.

Cool competitions for the anniversary of 50 years for parents

Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Want to organize an unforgettable holiday for your beloved parents? And it doesn’t really matter which format the heroes of the occasion prefer: a quiet family dinner at home or a small party in a cafe or restaurant. Great music, competitions for anniversaries and guests, congratulations of relatives and friends will be a great gift for a golden wedding. How to organize an event, combining the interests of older and younger generations?

How to celebrate 50 years of a happy marriage

Prepare a script for the holiday, discuss with the anniversaries the issues of the celebration: where they prefer to celebrate the holiday, whom they would like to see. A pleasant, unexpected surprise will be the appearance «unexpected guests» - Friends of youth who were present at the wedding 50 years ago. Competitions should be organized so that the golden wedding is remembered by anniversaries and guests.

Competition for «newlyweds» «Chamomile»

Offer a fun contest for the golden wedding «Chamomile». Prepare a large paper flower in advance, in the middle of which a wish for the winner will be hidden under the yellow core. Chamomile petals make them easily separable from the middle. On the back of each petal write significant dates: the birthdays of each of the spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Golden Wedding Contest - Daisy

Each in turn should tear off a petal and name the name of whose birthday is indicated. Prepare symbolic gifts for everyone whose birthdays are indicated on the daisy. Guessing the names of relatives, the golden newlyweds will present memorable prizes. For the contest to bring more emotions, joy, invite those who guessed the spouses to pronounce a festive toast in honor of the culprits of the golden wedding.

The rules of the game daisy

For a family with a large number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it will be fun and funny to watch how grandfather and grandmother carefully sort out all the heirs. An interesting option can be considered as follows: on the petals write the names of relatives, and anniversaries will have to, tearing off the corresponding petal, indicate the date of birth. The winner will definitely receive a prize hidden in the core of the daisy.

«By the waves of memories»

To give vivid memories will help a fun contest «By the waves of memories». The funny, curious moments of the wedding of 50 years ago certainly struck a memory; important events and fleeting meetings - you have something to learn from your parents. Prepare a list of questions for the culprits of the golden wedding, for example:

How to hold a contest of memories for anniversaries

  • «What is the day your beloved spouse made you an offer?»
  • «A bouquet of flowers in your hands on your wedding day?»
  • «Where did you go on your honeymoon?»

It is interesting to beat questions related to the wedding celebration invited. Especially if some are present at the golden wedding. Surely interesting are the memories of the remembered events of the lives of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Topics related to the weddings of heirs, meeting with parents, tricks of grandchildren - everything will be appropriate on the golden wedding anniversary.

«Election of the head of the family state»

We choose the head of the family with 50 years of experience

Unusual contest for the celebration of a golden wedding «Election of the head of the family state». Help parents determine who is in charge of the house? To do this, prepare small pieces of paper. Invite those present to write the name of the spouse who is the head of the family. Ask for a brief summary of why they think so. Then the facilitator collects the leaves and reads out what was written aloud. The culprits of the celebration are invited to guess who and why wrote the read, and hand the winner of the couple «gold» prize.

Gold wedding contests for guests

Fun entertainments for guests will create a relaxed atmosphere of the celebration of a golden wedding, and spouses-anniversaries will be reminded of the events of 50 years ago. Funny competitions, dances, wishes will give a good mood to both young and older generations. Dance, music competitions should not ignore the heroes of the occasion, or invited.

Contest «Partner search»

Married couples are invited to participate in this contest, as well as young couples who have come with their halves to the celebration. The total number of participants must be at least 8 people. The host offers to share on the team: male and female. Everyone should «to identify» among the stronger sex or beautiful women.

Competition for guests of a golden wedding: find a soul mate

Announce the rules in advance: blindfolded by touching certain parts of the body, such as hands or face, you need to find a loved one. Couples who mutually correctly defined each other receive memorable souvenirs and prizes from the hands of the perpetrators of the golden wedding. Invite the winners to say a festive return toast for golden wedding anniversaries.

Contest «Dancing in pairs»

No wedding is complete without fun dances, especially the golden one! Ballroom dance competition will be a wonderful entertainment for everyone present, and a golden couple will be happy to remember their own wedding entertainment. Invite those who wish to dance to take part in the competition. Men and women in teams should be equal in number.

Pair dancing - fun competition with balls

To the cheerful music, distribute balloons to the strong half of humanity and offer to inflate: who will cope with the task faster. Then explain to the participants that the competition will take place in several stages:

  1. Choose a partner / partner for dancing;
  2. Clamp the inflated ball between the parts of the body of the participants that the leader calls. For example, forehead, shoulders, hips.
  3. For each change in the position of the ball special music sounds. In honor of the golden anniversaries, put a waltz, tango, lambada, etc. tunes that were popular 50 years ago.
  4. A couple who has lost a ball during a dance is eliminated. The competition continues until the winners remain. They also receive a prize from «young».

«Dancing sumo wrestlers»

Preparing for a dance competition for «sumo wrestlers» take extra time. You will need to sew huge strap shorts with a shoulder strap over your shoulder. The more funny huge panties you eat, the more fun the golden wedding will be. amount «dancing sumo wrestlers» must be at least five. You will need balloons for the competition - 10-15 pieces for each team. The host invites those who wish to dance to take part in the competition.

Golden Wedding: Sumo Dance Competition

Teams are created with one dancing «sumo wrestler» in huge pants and several «serving» guests. On the team of anniversaries of the golden wedding, the competition begins. While the sumo wrestlers dance rhythmically, the rest of the team members inflate balls and throw them in their pants «sumo wrestlers». The presenter at this time pays attention to how quickly the dancers increase in size. Suddenly, the music falls silent, and the host calculates how many balls each has recovered «fighter». The team that wins the best wins «fed» the dancer.

Entertainment options at the table

How to entertain those present during a banquet

To entertain the guests of the golden wedding, to entertain spouses with 50 years of experience, competitions for all those present will help. Fantasy, humor, sincere sincere words will pleasantly please gold anniversaries, recalling the best moments of a long life together. Knowledge of family traditions, spouses' habits will emphasize the respectful attitude of young people to elders, love and genuine interest.

«Wish Alphabet»

Invite the guests of the golden wedding to come up with congratulations for the family that has reached the golden age, in alphabetical order. Distribute to the audience a ball inside which there is a small sheet with a written letter of the alphabet. Let the guests come up with a small toast starting with this letter. Options may be as follows:

Wishes for gold anniversaries from guests

«Active in life, sports (names of spouses) do not cease to amaze us with good health, joyful mood, and reverent attitude towards each other. They are role models, and their happy family life has fascinated us for 50 years. We wish them to live as long as possible, take a walk on the wedding of great-grandchildren, passing on invaluable experience. Bitterly!»

«Crazy love once bound two hearts beating in unison. A golden wedding is only a stepping stone to the next anniversaries, which are brighter year by year, making your eyes burn more from overwhelming feelings. Let fate favorably give the joy of communication with family, let friends come to visit more often, and laughter and joy will be your companions for many, many years. Advice to you yes love!»

«Pair of trivia»

Your parents will certainly want to find out how well relatives, close friends and friends remember the significant dates of the anniversaries. Think of questions for wedding witnesses about events half a century ago; for children about tricks, pranks of grandchildren; for young people - about the moments of acquaintance of anniversaries; for a husband and wife - about the heirs. Attention, participation will be very pleasant to the heroes of the occasion.

«The best greetings among guests»

How to congratulate a golden wedding

Announce a contest among all those present for the best congratulations for the golden spouses. Poems written by guests themselves in honor of the 50th anniversary of the marriage of anniversaries; dancing kids for grandparents; unusual for the older generation hearing rap from the younger generation; sincere affectionate congratulations of children; unusual toasts of friends of four will delight anniversaries of a golden wedding.