Adam's apple contest


A wedding is not only a solemn ceremony of marrying the groom and the bride, but also a fun holiday with a banquet, dancing, songs, original games and tasks for those present. A varied competition program will ensure the joyful mood of the participants, as well as the laughter of the watching audience. Adam's apple is one of the most fun contests in the celebration script. The host invites a couple of contestants (a man and a woman), they have to bite into an apple on both sides, and then eat it without hands at speed.

Number of participants

The number of participants in the competition for the Adam's Apple wedding varies depending on the total number of guests during the celebration. Only 2 pairs or even tens can take part. The event is monitored by a guest host or a host of friends of the main characters of the wedding, who records the exact time of the victory of the participating team. Well, if the wedding witnesses participate in the competition, young spouses watching the fun will surely like it.

Details for the competition

Required requisite of the competition

Required requisite for holding Adam's apple:

  • Apples - Toastmasters should prepare in advance a basket of washed fruits, from where the teams will take them before the competition to share among themselves. Other fruits or vegetables may also be used..
  • Music. Such a game cannot be played without fast, fun music that will delight the contestants and make the game even funnier..
  • Stopwatch. The device will allow the presenter to accurately record the time of victory, although you can do without it.

Prizes for the Adam's Apple Wedding Contest

When the toastmaster determines the winner, he says loudly: «Attention, dear participants, you can split up - we have a victory!» The first pair to cope with the task, give out pre-prepared prizes. Presentation examples:

Gifts to the winning team

  • a basket filled with delicious apples;
  • expensive alcohol;
  • souvenirs - couple figures, tree of happiness, casket;
  • other things at the discretion of the organizers.


A cheerful, original game in the midst of a noisy feast will allow guests to have a good laugh, actively spend time, thereby slightly dispelling alcoholic intoxication. Photos and videos of this part of the celebration will long amuse the couples participating in the competition.