Orange contest


Wedding competitions, in which the main requisite is an orange, are so diverse that we will give several options for holding. The first competition is an orange: the participants form a circle where they pass each other citrus, holding it between the chin and the chest. The second is a dance event: couples move while holding an orange with their foreheads. And the third: guests are divided into two teams, the task of each participating team is to transfer citrus as soon as possible from the first to the last competitor without the help of hands.

Number of participants

Depending on the type of fun game at the festival, you will need a different number of people participating:

1. For the first version of the competition, an even number of contestants is invited - there must be equal men and women. The participating guests become in a circle - man-woman-man-woman. At a command, the participants begin to pass on to each other the item, who dropped it is eliminated. The winner will be the last one who did not drop the fruit.

Funny contest with citruses.

1. For the next type of competition you need couples, not necessarily family ones. The competition will take place if the participation is from three pairs to a dozen. Moving with a partner to the beat of sounding music, the teams should hold the orange foreheads. Complicating the task of cutting tracks of different tempo, confusing the pairs of competitors, forcing several times to change the speed of the dance. The victory will be won by a couple who did not drop a bright orange citrus.

2. The last competition requires two teams with an equal number of participating guests. Contestants become in order, in rows. On assignment, they need to pass the orange from the beginning of the line to the end faster than the opposing team. The main test condition that makes the process difficult is that you cannot use your hands..

Orange contest props

For all these interesting contests you will need only oranges and fun music, which greatly facilitates the preparation process. In some cases, the fruit can be replaced with other equipment - a rubber or tennis ball of the appropriate color, fake or toy fruit.

Props for Citrus Race


After the orange competition, the host will solemnly give out prizes to the winning guest-competitor or participating team. Loser participants are given comforting gifts. Prizes can be:

  • Variety Citrus Baskets.
  • A bottle of expensive alcohol (or a bottle if there are several winners).
  • Small souvenirs - for example, artificial gold medals.
  • Orange Flavored Boxes.
  • Other comic book presents.


Watch a fun video showing a fun challenge with citrus:

An interesting citrus contest is a real fun for the invited audience, causing sincere laughter and unbridled fun. Having made this competition a part of the festive scenario, the organizers of the celebration will not regret it: the game will cheer up those present, diversify wedding photos and videos.