Sandwich Wedding Contest


To diversify the program of a wedding banquet, the organizers need to pick up interesting games, tasks, and entertainment for the rest of those present. The sandwich contest is a game, the essence of which is as follows: the host invites people to participate who are terribly afraid of insects - spiders, all kinds of midges, and plant their edible copies on a piece of bread with sausage. The contestant will win, who will bite off the largest piece, however, the participating guests will be the last to know about a small surprise.

Number of participants

The number of people participating in the competition on this solemn day is determined randomly - the game is not for the team. By a trick ten minutes before the start of the game, the host finds out which of the guests is afraid of insects - he can ask about it, then make a joke, say a toast. Having lulled the vigilance of people, he announces that he will choose the contestants for the next test: the toastmaster chooses among those present with insectophobia (fear of insects). There can be many participants - it all depends on the number of sandwiches prepared.

Props for a sandwich contest

Edible spiders - the best decoration of a competitive sandwich

Necessary things that will serve as a props for a fun wedding contest:

  • The usual sandwich. The leader should ask cooks in advance to prepare a dozen or two slices of sliced ​​bread with sausage or caviar (the second option is even funnier).
  • Marzipan or salty figures of spiders, flies, etc. These cute creatures will decorate the top of the culinary masterpiece.
  • Plates or trays for each contestant, covered with a lid - it will be quickly opened just before the start of the test, which will cause a tremendous reaction of the participants in the competition and the laughter of the observing audience. If it is difficult to find a sufficient number of covers, you just need to put the guests who are participants in the contest with their backs to the table until they bring the treat.


After such a nervous task, the contestants will probably need help in the form of consolation prizes - even those who were unable to open their mouths to bite off a piece «attractive» a sandwich. Presentation examples:

Prizes of the funny competition

  • Alcohol. This appropriate gift will help guests forget the shock of the contest..
  • Assorted sweets set. Organizers can buy insect sweets, but it will be cruel.
  • Medals «For courage». These gifts should be given to guests who dared to try the dish during the competition..

A sandwich is an original contest, which, due to its entertainment, will become a hit of the feast scenario. The test will decorate the holiday, allow guests to relax, escape from conversations, and laugh well. Be sure to take a photo, video of what is happening to capture the reaction of guests and participants.