Funny wedding video contests

After the solemn, romantic official wedding ceremony, guests and newlyweds wish to relax, rest, have fun. It is difficult to imagine a wedding without an entertainment program that includes a charming, cheerful host, performances by show groups, artists. But guests rarely want to be passive spectators, so funny, funny contests must be included in the script of the wedding celebration. Such entertainments can cheer up all guests, create a relaxed atmosphere, give everyone joy.

Video selection of funny wedding contests for guests

A wedding is a union of not only two lovers' hearts, but also a union of two families, people who until recently knew nothing about each other, and one day became relatives. Fun contests are a great idea so that guests can get to know each other better, get to know new relatives closer, make friends with them. Fun always helps to get close, chat in an informal stop.

The toastmaster or presenter comes up with a cultural program, entertainment for the wedding celebration, writing a script, planning games, and a show program. As a rule, they rarely change their usual, established numbers, introducing any innovations, changes, updates, so often the celebration and entertainment come out the same as many saw at dozens of other weddings. Therefore, future spouses make their adjustments, offering some games at their discretion.

Funny contests can be invented on your own, slightly modifying existing ones. Recalling interesting points, it will turn out to use the entertainment spied on in films, series, or at corporate parties. The presented video compilation of fun, exciting contests will help you choose a few that you can include in your wedding program to cheer guests. Such entertainments practically do not require special equipment or requisites and are suitable for guests of different generations.

Wedding contest «Story»

Entertain, entertain guests of different ages is able to contest «Story». There are several variations of this entertainment, each toastmaster can make its own minor adjustments to the script so that it looks original and the action cheers up all the guests. Required requisite:

  • crown for king and princess,
  • masks for three piglets, a wolf (it is possible to do without them, but to make fun more fun, creating a realistic scene with them will be more interesting).

To participate, you will need one girl - a princess, five men (king, gray wolf, three piglets). Heroes go on stage to certain music prepared in advance by the host or host, and play their roles in accordance with the sounding teams. It is advisable to hold a competition towards the end of the evening, when everyone gets to know each other, relaxes and feels free at a wedding celebration. In order to see how it goes in real life, how fun and interesting it is, watch the video:

Funny contest «Tongue Twisters»

For a good mood, check guests «for sobriety» Great game with tongue twisters. It would seem like a regular contest and what can be ridiculous in reading the usual lines at a fast pace. But slightly tipsy guests in a cheerful, lively mood can not always read the tongue twister correctly the first time, and the original texts performed by such announcers will lead everyone to hysterical laughter. Guests of different generations can participate in this competition, and it is better to conduct it in the middle of the festive evening.

The essence of the game is to quickly and clearly pronounce the phrase that the presenter prepared in advance. According to the results of the entertainment, the most sober guest is selected by applause, who is entitled to a glass of alcohol as an award. In order to make sure that the contest is really able to give joy, a wonderful mood, see how it looks from the side, watch the video:

Contest «Guess the melody»

A fun contest is able to give unforgettable emotions to both the participants of the entertainment and all the guests present. «Guess the melody». For fun, you will need three pairs of guests, chairs and slices of tunes, which the guests will guess. Musical compositions are usually prepared by the host or DJ, choosing them from films, cartoons, television shows or songs that were hits several years ago. Newlyweds can make their edits to the list of songs while discussing games with the host, suggesting their options.

The competition is as follows: the guys in this entertainment play a role «buttons», when pressed, a funny signal is played, indicating that the team knows which melody sounded and is ready to give an answer. Girls click on the button if they know the correct answer. Winners, participants of the competition are given symbolic gifts, comic certificates or souvenirs. Watch the video to see for yourself the originality of the contest, the possibility of using it at a wedding celebration:

Wedding contest «Horses»

The original competition, which is not often found at wedding events, was called «horses». It will require a special attribute: balloons (not inflated), chairs and rubber pumps, which are used to inflate air mattresses or boats. The participants of the competition are usually men, but if desired, for a change, maximum fun, it is possible to invite girls.

Pumps are placed on the chair, at the end of which balloons are fixed. Assignment of participants, introducing themselves as horse riders, jumping on chairs to inflate balloons. The competition for speed, because the one whose ball bursts first wins. Facial expression, body movements of the participants during the races will cause violent emotions, laughter from the guests. The final entertainment can be toasts, greetings from the lips of riders, and they receive comforting gifts. To see how it looks from the outside, and evaluate how much such a competition your guests will like, watch the video:

Wedding contest «Christmas trees and squirrels»

A fun, new interpretation of the well-known high chair game is the contest «Christmas trees and squirrels». For such fun, you don’t need any special props, you only need five guys and six girls (maybe a different number of participants, depending on the number of guests and people who want, but there should be one more girl in any case), as well as a DJ launching music.

In such a fun contest, the guys play the role of Christmas trees, stand calmly in a circle, and squirrel girls dance around the guys. When the music stops «squirrels» should climb on «Christmas trees», that girl who didn’t have a guy leaves the game and takes any male player with him. The game continues until a winning pair is determined. Such a competition will give a lot of positive emotions, fun, good mood not only to the participants, but also to the guests watching this. Watch the video to see how it looks from the side:

«Harem at the wedding»

To simultaneously draw a large number of guests into entertainment, give them a real holiday, and for newlyweds a sight to see, perhaps by organizing a competition «Harem at the wedding». Incendiary, fun, dynamic competition will give pleasure to the participants of such an institution, concubines and ordinary contemplators. To participate in the competition, 3 turbans and chairs will be required as a props. Three guys are selected from the guests, who will be the holders of the harem, and to fill it, they must invite women from the audience within one minute. The more girls in the harem - the richer the Sultan.

After all «concubines» in place, the leader announces a task for them to fulfill the whim of the Sultan and make his life easier. Competitions and tasks can be completely different, but representatives of the young generation - children, often meet at the celebration, so you should refrain from overly vulgar tasks. To the beautiful romantic music, girls perform tasks. The harem will win, where the girls will show great ingenuity and fulfill whims, given the features «Russian sultan». Watch the funny video of the harem wedding contest: