Cool wedding contests


Can there be a wedding without fun contests and charades? No. Virtually only on them is the whole gala evening built. Due to competitions, guests get to know each other better, parents get used to new relatives, and newlyweds themselves just relax on such a crucial day. Therefore, it is especially important that cool wedding contests are an indispensable component of a wedding show..

Competitions are the key to a fun wedding

The main requirement for the competition is fun. Only then will it be interesting to the public. You should not involve too many people, but having fun with only one pair is not so interesting. The exception is themed competitions for newlyweds. They can be easily divided into several groups depending on the target audience..

Competitions for guests

The main audience of any wedding is guests. So that they do not get bored, it is necessary to attract them to participate in various cool wedding contests.

«Cat in a bag»

To get started, prepare the props. It can be any family clothes well, just incredible sizes. Next, guests should stand in a circle and pass each other a bag in which all these things lie. All actions are accompanied by incendiary music or even dance.

At the signal of the host, the music stops. The player with the bag in his hands must pull out the item and put it on himself. The winner is the one on whom the least clothing from the bag. The rest is dancing incendiary dance.


Guests at the wedding are given tickets that say who is participating. All participants stand in a row. Each guest’s belt is tied on a rope with a bottle of beer hanging to the floor. On the floor is a ball. The task is to bring the ball to the end (to drive it into the goal) by loosening the bottle on a string. The player who fulfilled the condition first receives a prize: candy or apple, and the rest read poetry with congratulations.

«Where are my clothespins?»

Try making the guests laugh at the wedding by playing «Where are my clothespins?». This is not just a joke, but a breathtaking process. Several couples are participating «man Woman». One of the pair needs to be blindfolded, but on the second, 5-6 clothespins are fixed. The one who first finds all the clothespins wins.

Looking for clothespins

Competitions for honeymooners

The culprits of the celebration are the newlyweds. So that the wedding does not remain in their memory like a sea of ​​trouble, you need to attract them to participate in cool contests. For example, in «Mummy».


Participants are divided into two teams, and each is given a roll of toilet paper. At the signal, the participants turn into a mummy one member of the team. As soon as the paper runs out, the facilitator gives a signal and evaluates the results. Do not forget to take a photo with the mummy as a keepsake.

Living Mummy

«Living corridor»

There is a competition for family entertainment of the newlyweds «Living corridor». He will need candles and a box of matches. 10-15 people are lined up in two columns. Between the columns should be at least three meters. Newlyweds walk along this corridor, holding candles in their hands, and the players blow, trying to blow off the flame. The further candles are carried, the stronger the couple’s love.

«Guess your fiancée (fiancée)»

And there is also a game in the process of which it turns out how well the young people know each other. Here the groom should drive. So that he can guess his wife, try to line some girls in front of him. It will be more fun if you put a couple of men in this row. Touching each knee «girls» in a row, groom
will have to find his young wife. If desired, the contest is done the other way around - for the bride.

Is that you?

We amuse parents

Often the main burden of wedding troubles rests with the parents. To cheer them up, use cool contests. For example, play with your parents in «the truth».

«True truth»

The host will ask the parents questions regarding the children and answer options. The winner is the parent who answered the questions more correctly. On the sheet you can write questions such as the groom’s favorite color, leg size, hair length, favorite dish, hobbies, and so on..

«Find son in law»

Another cool contest - «Find son in law». The newly-made mother-in-law tightly blindfold, and in front of her line up all the guys who will alternately call her. The task is to find the son-in-law by voice.

«Moms, we are here»

The competition is held in a similar way. «Moms, we are here». Only couples will call mothers, including newlyweds. Moms should find children by voice.

We attract witnesses

Great uplifting cool witness competition called «Eggs».


It is required to pass the egg through the man’s left leg to the right without breaking it. To simplify the task, you can use the ball, but it will complicate the task of taking a pea instead of an egg.

Egg contest

«Wedding sign language translation»

A game «Wedding sign language translation» will prove to be a good training for those witnesses who are proficient in pantomime and have a good imagination. Here it will be necessary to draw a portrait of guests or heroes of the occasion without words using pantomime. After viewing the silent scene, the audience will have to indicate who the witness is showing: the host, parents or guests.

«Tears of the bride»

If the wedding is boring, cheer the audience with a cool contest «Tears of the bride». The bride herself is unlikely to cry, if only out of laughter. During the game, a witness holds a bottle of wine between his knees. Tilting it, he must pour wine into a glass or glass, squeezed in the witness’s lap. How many drops will be on the floor, so many tears a young wife will shed in her life.

Competitions at the table

Tired of running around and dancing, you can have fun at the table.

«What am i?»

For the competition «What am i?» need a mirror. Looking in the mirror, you need to tell yourself complements, but don’t laugh, but those around you must make fun of anyone who looks at himself in the mirror.

«Talking hat»

Another cool competition for a wedding - «talking hat». Clippings of songs with words are recorded in advance, you also need to prepare some kind of hat. «Magical» the host holds the hat to the participant’s head and asks the question: what is he thinking at this moment. Instead of an answer, music sounds. Game participants can dance and sing along.

Magic hat

We redeem the bride

Not without fun contests and charades and ransom of the bride. Offer to pass the contest «The Dragon».

«The Dragon»

Take a chair (it will be an imitation of a dragon) and a nail. But the hammer will need to be bought. The joke is that the newlyweds will get an inflatable hammer.

«Fake Groom»

You can determine the intentions of the groom through a contest «Fake Groom». As soon as the real one arrives at the house, a front man appears, also dressed in a suit and with flowers, assuring that he wants to buy back the narrowed-dressed one. For emotional suitors, it’s best to prepare a prominent dummy guy dressed in a camisole or in a national costume.

«Guess the finger»

You can include a cool contest in the ransom of the bride «Guess the finger». In the sheet, you need to make several holes in which the fingers of the girls (and, possibly, one of the guys) stick. The future newlyweds must find their soul mate on the finger.

Inside the apartment, close the door to the bride’s room with wallpaper, hinting that there are no more rooms. If the groom will persistently tear there and tear the wallpaper, take compensation from him for repairs.

Goal is fun

The funnier and more fun the contests will be, the better.

«And you are sweet?»

You can cheer up the invitees to the wedding with the help of the contest «And you are sweet?». Allow participants to eat a slice of lemon, but make sure they not only frown, but also say how delicious it is. Some leave the race as soon as the lemon touches the lips. But there are those who stand it.

«You to me, I to you»

Contest «You to me, I to you». 3-4 pairs are selected. First, each player needs to put on clothes appropriate for his gender, in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Then, on command, the girls and boys exchange clothes. The winner is the pair that will do it faster..

Cool contests for the wedding just do not count. In the process of holding funny contests, you will learn a lot about your guests. The main thing is not to overdo it. Choose the ones that are fun for your audience. And then the wedding will remain in the memory of the guests, as an unforgettable celebration. Most contests do not require complicated preparation, but especially guests like games with props.

What wedding contests for guests, witnesses, parents and newlyweds, in your opinion, are more fun than others? Perhaps you have been to weddings more than once, what fun game do you remember more than others? Share your opinion in the comments.