Funny alphabet contest


The cheerful alphabet is a wedding contest that allows guests to show their creativity, wit, humor, ingenuity. The essence of the event is to use each letter of the alphabet to test participants. There are several options for setting the task:

  1. The first sentence of each congratulation by the newlywed guests should begin with a word corresponding to the alphabetical order of letters (a, b, c, d, etc.).
  2. Contestants are divided into two teams, each participant is given a letter of the alphabet. The photo shows how everything should be organized.

The facilitator asks questions, and subjects must make an answer to speed. For a wedding celebration, choose either the proposed competition options, or come up with your own kind of tasks. When writing a wedding script, do not be afraid to show imagination, then the feast will be fun, interesting for everyone - young, old.

Wedding: Alphabet contestants

Number of participants

To participate in this contest with such a talking name «Alphabet» the host invites everyone who wants to introduce, unite people together. It will be interesting for any guest of the celebration to participate in the competition, regardless of age, gender or social status. Such joint efforts of the public are the main sources of laughter, enthusiasm, holiday fun, creating high spirits for the bride and groom.

The quantitative composition depends on the scale of the wedding: if there are many guests, then it is better to invite more people to become a participant in this contest. In the case of a modest wedding, a small number of participants are compensated by capacious questions, allowing a short excursion into the love story of young.

Alphabet Competition Props

To conduct the Cheerful Alphabet contest, you must first determine the format of the event, then, based on this, prepare the props. If a more difficult test is carried out - congratulations to the newlyweds, then the host must pre-compile a list of keywords - hints to guests who can not immediately come up with a wish for the newlyweds. For instance:

  • a - diamond,
  • b - marriage,
  • in - fidelity,
  • g - pride, etc..

After each solemn congratulation, the host invites those present to fill the glasses with alcohol and drink drinks for the health of the bride and groom.

For the second variation of the toastmaster’s test, you will need a list of fun questions and the main attribute of the competition - the letters of the alphabet printed in large print on paper to make up the answers. If the wedding is attended by a narrow circle of friends, relatives of the newlyweds, it is advisable that the riddles of the task be connected with the romantic story of the newlyweds. In any other case, playful, funny questions appropriate to the theme of the celebration will come up..

Prizes for the wedding contest

The winner of the competition is determined by the guests of the celebration. Prizes «Alphabet» can be varied, for example, come up with funny nominations for the congratulations of the contestants:

  • «Miss Creativity»
  • «Mr. Resourcefulness»
  • «Mr. Fiction»
  • «Mr. or Mrs. Veselchak»
  • «Best joker»
  • «Mr. Zateinik»
  • «Mr. Bookworm»
  • «Madame Pun»

Give nominees chocolate medals, figurines, souvenirs. Another award option is letters on a magnet made of felt, which are easy to do with your own hands - this can be seen in the photo. Show a sense of humor, then the event will be perturbed, for a long time will be remembered by everyone present.

Felt letters - prize of the wedding contest alphabet


Videography of the contest will allow you to keep a fun event, funny jokes, wit, resourcefulness, sense of humor of the contestants in your memory for a long time. Funny video «Alphabet» - A wonderful expression of gratitude to newlyweds after the wedding. Make an original video of the test, as in the video below, or a cut from all contests, and then give all participants of the event with good wishes.