Daisy ransom competition


The ransom of the bride is an important preparatory part of the wedding celebration. A well-designed ransom scenario, consisting of a variety of contests, will cheer guests up, increase the bridegroom for the bride and bring fun to the wedding. «Chamomile» to buy the bride. On it, the future spouse guesses the numbers symbolizing a specific date in the life of the couple.

Number of contestants

The groom takes part in the competition. During the ransom, the leader offers the future husband a task - to draw one petal of chamomile. The groom must unravel the meaning of the number written on the petal. He receives a prize for a correct answer, and a penalty for a wrong answer. The witness and guests actively support the young, cheerfully prompting possible options for the values ​​of numbers.
Use the following observances for chamomile petals:

  • dating day
  • first date of the newlyweds
  • birthday of the bride or her parents
  • weight, height, age of the bride and groom
  • engagement ring size
  • number of months, years of dating before the wedding
  • date of first kiss
  • number of future children
  • wedding day

These dates are pre-selected by the witness and bridesmaids - the more difficult the date, the more fun it is to observe how the groom tries to guess her.
Watch the video, which contains suitable examples of questions on knowledge of the key dates of the newlyweds:


The main requisite of the competition is a paper design in the shape of a flower - chamomile. You can easily make a chamomile with your own hands, using thick paper (cardboard) as a base, as well as paints, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, markers - to decorate the flower.
Using scissors, it is necessary to cut out a circle from cardboard - this will be the core of the daisy, and ovals - for the petals. Each petal is painted in bright color, in large numbers we write a memorable date. We collect the flower, fastening the design with paper clips or a stapler. Size, color of a camomile choose at will.

Cut flower petals for a wedding contest

Prize options for the Chamomile contest

Use a variety of objects to reward - turn on your imagination and imagination. Rewards for the correct answers may correspond to the theme of the celebration, or may be combined into one «Puzzle», involving the collection of details of one whole prize in different competitions. For example, component parts for a car can be prizes: one competition means winning - a steering wheel, the second - «wipers», third - floor mats.

Also, small objects can be trophies of the wedding competition, for example, medals - if the young one is fond of sports, chupa-chups - for lovers of sweets, children's things - for future children of the groom. You will not lose if you decide to reward the winner of the competition with alcoholic beverages. A.

When the bride’s ransom takes place in a room where there is a staircase, then, as a reward for the correct answer to the question, the groom is invited to go up one notch.

Ransom on the stairs

And if the groom misunderstood «camomile petal», then a fine is assigned - to pay money to the treasury of the wedding (see photo), and a fine receipt is issued with the bride’s personal seal. The end of the ransom involves the exchange of receipts for kisses of the bride.

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