Competition guess your betrothed


Entertaining quizzes, games that serve as a source of fun and pleasure for guests, such as an easy contest, will help diversify the bride’s ransom or wedding feast. «find out your betrothed». Such a test is carried out during a ransom or wedding party, and the groom becomes the main character of the rally. How to organize a contest so that the public has fun?

Number of participants

If the wedding is large, then the host chooses several girls to participate in the competition in order to complicate the task for the groom when choosing a married one. The contestants choose a witness, bridesmaids, other guests of the wedding.

How is the contest held?

Competition for the wedding «find out your betrothed» begins with a question to the young: «Do you recognize the narrowed? Let's check!», and the toastmaster or witnesses invite him to know his beloved.

During the rally, the girls hide behind a screen, sticking their hands in the holes to the elbow or legs to the knee, and the presenter asks the spouse: «Well, find out if the pen (leg) is the most tender that your beloved?». The bride and groom should know your favorite among others.

So that the young one does not recognize the bride by the wedding dress, he should be carefully masked by covering with a piece of fabric. If there is no screen, then blindfold your spouse, as in the video below.

The groom can guess his narrowed by lip prints on paper (photo below), a child’s photo, a shoe - choose any of the proposed options or show your imagination.

How to recognize a narrowed lipstick

During the preparation of the test, the groom is asked to go out the door.


Based on the selected competition scenario, the following props are prepared:

  • prints of lips, palms, feet on paper
  • women shoes
  • children's photos (newlyweds and her girlfriends)
  • screen
  • threads
  • paper clips
  • table
  • tablecloth

Items for recognizing a beloved are laid out on a table covered with a beautiful festive tablecloth. Photos are hung by multi-colored threads, beautiful clips or clips are selected for fastening. Samples of lip prints are prepared in advance, for this, several girls paint their lips with multi-colored lipsticks and leave «kisses» on paper.

The screen, behind which the girlfriends and the bride will hide, is easy to make with your own hands from a beautiful fabric. To do this, you will need to fit the wooden subframes with thick cloth or paper (if holes for arms / legs are made in the screen).


Prizes depend on the conditions of the event. If the competition is held during the repurchase, the reward may be the alcoholic encouragement of the newlywed, and in the role of penalties - payment of a sum of money to a wedding bank, as in the photo below.

Do not guess your favorite - pay a fine to the wedding bank

When holding the rally at the time of the feast, sets of prizes for girls - symbolic gifts, a glass of champagne, and a kiss for the bridegroom.

The host finishes the contest with the words: «Congratulations to the young! He recognized his beloved!», and invites guests to make a toast to the young.

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