Wedding Hat Competition


A wedding is an important event, and any bride wants the guests at the celebration not to be bored, but to have fun, remembering after a while the celebration with laughter. Guests will be remembered for a long time if you organize a wedding contest «Hat» (it is also called - «Mind reading»), which makes an unforgettable impression and harmoniously fits into the picture of the evening. How to properly prepare the event to make it fun?

Competition script

The essence of the competition is «read minds» guests and honeymooners with a magic hat. The test involved all invited, including the bride and groom. The facilitator calls volunteers to the site in front of the other guests or independently chooses candidates, freely moving around the hall.

The event begins with the words of the host «And now we have an original contest - we will read your mind with a magic hat!». After these words, a hat is brought into the hall.

The presenter approaches the first participant, asking the question: «Let's check what you think now?», Having received his consent, puts a hat on his head. In response, the sound engineer includes the first music track that mimics «thoughts» participant. If the music is chosen well, then the company rolls with laughter from the first minutes of the test, as in the video below.

Then the master of ceremonies approaches the next candidate, puts a hat on him. The pauses between the participants ’performances are filled with cheerful comments, tips from the host and guests of the celebration. The duration of the event depends on the reaction of the public: if it’s funny, continue «read thoughts», if not, it is advisable not to delay the competition.

Details for the competition

Props - a hat and musical cuts of different songs. Choose a hat as you wish. Cowboy hat, cocked hat, wizard hat, beautiful panama hat, ethnic hat with horns, buffoon hat, straw hat (photo below) - let your imagination run wild.

Hat for wedding competition Hat

When choosing a magic hat for the competition, consider the following requirements for the accessory:

  • Choose an accessory with a rigid design that will not lose its shape.
  • It is desirable that the headdress be bright, attracting the attention of guests.
  • When choosing a hat, focus on its weight - it should be light so that ladies are not afraid to wrinkle their hair.

Track selection

Musical numbers are prepared in advance. Melodies are selected unexpected, funny, funny, loud, sounding clearly, lasting no more than 30 seconds. To your taste, use either backing tracks or extracts of songs with lyrics. Arrange music tracks in order, alternating female, male tunes.

Especially for you, we have made a selection of songs that is completely ready for the competition (odd - for women, even - for men).

For guests:

  1. Bitch women
  2. We do not care
  3. You will be mine
  4. Everything will be as you want
  5. Let's pour
  6. For the lovely ladies
  7. Not yet evening
  8. Casanova
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. Love girls
  11. My sun, get up
  12. Million US dollars
  13. Meow, meow my sweetie
  14. How delightful evening in Russia
  15. I got drunk drunk
  16. Memoirs
  17. By little
  18. Bride
  19. Love me like that
  20. Well where are you girls
  21. I want, I want, I want
  22. Sim sim open
  23. I want to get married
  24. The sultan

Download music tracks in one file.

For newlyweds (odd - for the bride, even - for the groom):

  1. The guy fell in love
  2. Happiness suddenly
  3. Oh, that was a man
  4. Narva of flowers
  5. Dream like love
  6. What do I have in life

Download music tracks in one file.

At the end of the contest, the host invites guests to raise glasses for a young couple, and the bridegroom to kiss the bride. If you follow our recommendations, the event will go smoothly and cheer the audience.

You have already taken part in the competition «Hat»? Share your impressions by leaving a comment.