Wedding trickle contest



No wedding is complete without comic contests, games, quizzes. In order to diversify the feast and cheer up the guests, we advise you to conduct an original, quick contest of a brook for a wedding.




Number of contestants




To participate in the contest, the host invites several young women dressed in a skirt or dress who are invited to go through the brook. Himself «brook» is a 2 meter long wallpaper track.


Each of the participants passes the test one by one - while the first contestant is preparing, the rest go to another room, waiting for their turn. It is important that the second and subsequent girls do not know about the background of the competition, otherwise the joke will fail.

The event begins: the toastmaster determines the first contestant, and asks the other girls to go to another room. The event assistant spreads the wallpaper path simulating a river flow.

The host invites the girl who will be the first to participate in the task to walk along an imaginary brook, legs wide apart so as not to step in «water». If the participant successfully passed the test with open eyes, the facilitator suggests that she put on a bandage.

The second stage of the test - the contestant, already blindfolded, makes a passage along the stream, holding the assistant’s hand. When the participant’s movement along the brook approaches the finale, a witness or a clever man immediately lays on the track so that the girl who removed the blindfold has the impression that the man was lying there from the very beginning.

Having removed the bandage after the test, the contestant begins to be embarrassed, blush, and the guests are filled with a loud cheerful laugh.

Then the host invites the first participant to join the guests and invites the next. When the second contestant passes the test, the first, laughing with the other guests, no longer feels embarrassed.

How the Brook contest is held, look at the video:

A trickle is a game, therefore there is neither a winner nor a loser. The event ends with the awarding of participants with gifts and thunderous applause.

Details for the competition

For the competition you will need:

  • Wallpaper strip.
  • Blindfold.
  • Funny music.

You can make an imitation of a brook by yourself, cutting off a piece 2 m from a roll of wallpaper. For a dressing, take a beautiful scarf or scarf made of a dense fabric that does not let light in, so that contestants do not peep.

Choose a dynamic music for the contest, with lively motives that uplift your mood. Use water-themed melodies, such as a song by a group of inveterate scammers «And by the river».

Prize Options

Prizes - small souvenirs and gifts. Good mood: a pair of chocolates, candy bars, chocolate medals. Cute plush toys dispel the embarrassment of girls after a brook test.

Gifts for contestants

Especially for this event, inexpensive women's jewelry is selected: rings, brooches, earrings, pendants, bracelets. After the competition, offer each girl a glass of champagne and present small souvenirs.

Have you already taken part in such a competition? Share your impressions and ideas by leaving comments..