Bride redemption scenario: contests compilation


The ransom of the bride is an old tradition, after many years changing its original purpose. Previously, during a ransom, the groom paid the amount agreed upon by the families for the working pair of hands that he was taking away from the family. Now the bride’s ransom is a bright, fun performance organized by the girlfriends of the hero of the occasion, but it wouldn’t be so exciting if it weren’t for the original competitions for buying the bride. An interesting scenario will make the event unforgettable for all participants.

Competition scenario for the bridegroom

  • First of all, girlfriends need to think through a fun scenario according to which the ransom will take place: it can be the rescue of a beautiful princess from the castle with a sorcerer, a ransom in the style of the traffic police, or trials organized «the mafia».

Redemption of the bride in the style of the mafia

  • When the topic of foreclosure is determined, the time comes for contests. It is worth remembering that contests should not be too difficult, even if on this solemn day the future spouse is not too tired.
  • In addition to the fact that the main task of the competitions is to be interesting and relatively simple, it is important not to delay the ransom for more than 15-30 minutes. Modern buyback involves two or three contests of five minutes each, or a slightly larger number of tasks that are easy to complete in 2-3 minutes.

Funny contest for foreclosure

  • The last condition of a good competition for the ransom of the bride is not to demand a lot of money from the hero of the occasion. The ideal option would be to pay «coins», and give the money received as a gift to the bride.

Original contests for the redemption of the bride

Original contests for a fun ransom of the bride will surprise guests and the groom, create an interesting atmosphere. Examples of original groom contests:

  • «Fake narrowed».

The requisite of a cool competition is the groom's outfit, a bouquet, it is also necessary to invite a person unfamiliar with the future spouse. When the hero of the occasion arrives at the bride’s house, girlfriends are standing at the entrance, and in front of them is a man with a bouquet dressed as a groom. The hero of the occasion approaches the girls whose fake groom at this moment is trying to find out the bride’s apartment number, calling her name. Girlfriends-organizers notice the newcomer, ask for a name, the real narrowed answers.

Fake Groom Contest

Then the girls say:

- Well, so that the two grooms were ?! One of you is fake! Well, we know how to solve this issue. Who knows more about our beautiful bride, he will go further.

The presenters ask both participants questions about their lover, the fake contestant gets out all the time, the real one answers. After the last question, the fake groom is driven away.

  • «Caught moment».

Props: printed photos. On the street, the bridegroom is met by girlfriends who have a stack of photographs in their hands. The girls say that he must hit them with interesting stories in order to get to the bride. Each photo captures the moments of the future spouse’s meeting with her fiancé: getting to know each other, relaxing together or going to the zoo. The contestant tells in detail about each, this allows him to go first to the staircase, then to the next flight of stairs. For every mistake, the betrothed must pay a ransom.

Photo bride for the foreclosure contest

Funny competitions on the stairs in the stairwell

Funny contests for the ransom will be interesting entertainment, will give a lot of smiles and pleasant emotions to both participants in the process and observing guests. Examples of funny tasks for the groom in front of the apartment door:

  • Reason for getting married.

Props: hearts cut out of paper or traces with inscriptions by the number of steps with inscriptions «For love», «Friends advised», «Mom asked», «Father made», «Scared to sleep alone». To get to the next flight of the entrance, the groom will have to step up to the step where the reason is described for which he decided to marry the bride, but only the step will satisfy them «For love» - She is at the very top. The betrothed must guess to ask the witness to transfer him.

The witness helps the fiancé pass the test

  • «Apple compliments».

The prospective spouse, in order to move forward, must pass the test with compliments. The requisite of the ransom competition: an apple with matches stuck in it, one of which will be short. The participant takes out matches until the shortened one falls out. Pulling out a long match, the contestant must say some kind word about his beloved. For every delay the hero of the occasion pays a fine.

Matchstick apple for compliment contest

  • «Heat of love».

Props - key frozen in a glass with ice. When the groom gets to the door of the apartment, for which the future spouse is expected to be married, the girlfriends say that only true hot love will help him pass this test and give the participant a glass of water and a key frozen in it. The contestant will have to figure out how to quickly melt ice to open an apartment.

Contests for the witness

The witness is the second important guest of the ransom of the bride, so girlfriends, as a rule, also prepare interesting funny contests and games for him. A witness can play a supporting role - for example, in a competition «Reason for getting married» - and pass an independent test of strength. Let the organizers decide how the ransom for the witness goes..

With balls

Multi-colored balls - this is a great props for competitions. There are several options for a witness contest with these fun redemption attributes:

  • «Thick curtain». The competition is held at the door of the room of the future wife. Props - 10 or more balloons, darts from darts. In order to pass this ransom competition, the witness will have to hit the balls with a dart and say good quality to the groom with each hit. If the witness does not fall, then he pays the girlfriends a ransom. Competition is considered completed when the entire curtain «will fall», that is burst.

Redemption Balls Competition

  • «The bride's bouquet». The witness takes part with the groom or only the witness. Props - air round balls on long strings, balls for modeling. In the middle of the ransom, girlfriends offer participants to build a flower from the proposed props that will look good in the bouquet of the future wife. According to the results of the competition, the presenters decide whether the flower turned out to be good, they miss it or ask for a ransom.


Props - a large painted daisy with tear-off petals, each one contains a word coined by the presenters: it can be «sock», «earring», «cap», «lamp». The witness will tell how the future spouse will behave during family life, tearing off the petals and using these words. For example, such duties: «he will wash his socks», «buy diamond earrings», «close the lid», «fix the lamp if it breaks».

Chamomile for witness test

Bride shoes competition

The competition with finding or guessing the bride’s slippers is a classic ransom test, which is often carried out when the hero of the occasion almost reached the goal and is about to meet his lover. Props of the competition - the shoes of the bride, a huge old men's boot, children's sandals. When it comes to this test, the presenters say that the bride lost her second shoe from the new set, which she was going to get married in, and without them she won’t go to the registry office.

Groom puts bride on a shoe

Girls offer the narrowed one to choose from three boxes: in one lies the desired shoes. For each mistake, girlfriends come up with accompanying words spoken by prose or poems, where they express doubt about the choice of the groom and offer to try again for money. When the hero of the occasion chooses the right option, the fiancé is congratulated, the lovers go to registration.

Unusual contests for ransom with a photo

To ransom was exciting for all participants, bridesmaids should come up with unusual contests. A great idea would be to call a photographer who can capture an interesting event in photo and video. See examples of unusual contests with photos:

  • Driving family life. Props: printed road signs, traffic police inspector costume. Leading road signs are glued to the wall, one girl disguises herself as an inspector, meets the groom. The task for the contestant: when a girlfriend points to a certain sign, say what duty of family life he means. For example, the sign «water tap» - wash up, «fifty» - live together until the golden wedding, «tree» - decorate the Christmas tree.

Traffic Signs for Foreclosure Test

  • Test for artistic abilities. Props: a large sheet of whatman paper, a pencil, a blindfold. The test is conducted at the entrance. The host meets the groom with words that she had heard about his artistic abilities and wants to check whether he remembers his companion well. The future spouse is blindfolded, given a pencil, with his eyes closed, the narrowed one draws a portrait of her lover.

Narrowed draws a bride with her eyes closed

  • Vintage photos. Props: several printed photos with young children, including photos of the hero of the occasion. The task of the participant in this foreclosure competition is to guess which bride. It’s best to pick pictures where the children are small and hard to figure out. For each mistake the contestant will pay a fine.

Old children's photos for a fun task

  • Poetry contest. Props: a sheet where the last words of the lines, rhyming among themselves, are written. The task of the groom is to invent other words to make a poem.

Watch how a fun, unusual ransom contest takes place on video:

Competitions for the original ransom of the bride will help the girlfriends create a fun event that will forever be remembered by the participants. An interesting ransom will cheer up the hero of the occasion with a narrowed one, give a pleasant experience for the rest of the day. All details need to be carefully thought out so that testing is a great start to the holiday..