Original and funny contests for the redemption of the bride


The ransom of the bride is an old rite during which the groom showed his financial viability to the bride's parents. Nowadays, it has become a real show and is more entertaining in nature. We offer you exciting contests for the ransom of the bride, with which the wedding day will become more fun and interesting..


Usually, the creation of a festive script rests on the shoulders of bridesmaids or close relatives. If you want to have fun and please the main characters of the celebration, use the ideas of humorous contests for the ransom of the bride:

  • The test of musical talent takes place on the street, under the porch. When a betrothed arrives with a team of friends, each is given a musical instrument. The instrument is an old pan, two empty bottles, a children's whistle, a rattle, etc. (the louder the better). To the sounds of a born «symphonies» the narrowed one sings a serenade to melt the heart of her lover. If he succeeds, the bride will reset the symbol of her location from the window - «bouquet» onion or radish.
  • Funny competition for a ransom - a recognition of the future spouse in love. He must talk about how he adores his bride, using only gestures and facial expressions. If the leaders are satisfied with the acting, they miss the betrothed for free.
  • Identikit. In this contest, many printed photographs with parts of the face lie on the floor in the hallway. Of these, the groom should make a portrait-photobot, most similar to the bride. It will be even more interesting if among the photos of strangers there are really parts of the face of a loved one (for example, nose or lips).
  • Bridesmaids ask who the groom came to. When he answers, the girls are asked to draw a portrait of her beloved in order to understand exactly who the young man is talking about. This competition will be funnier if the future spouse does not know how to draw at all.

funny wedding contests


Interesting competitions for the ransom of the bride will allow the groom to show ingenuity, dexterity and once again prove to the bridegroom that he is worthy of her.

  • On a sheet of whatman paper of a large format, the bridesmaids draw a road maze. Instead of the usual «The finish» write at the end the bride. The future spouse is given a small radio-controlled machine. He must get to the end and follow all traffic rules. For inaccurate driving, the future spouse will receive a fine.
  • Raffle recognition does not require serious preparation. The host holds out a hat with two dozen pieces of paper - each one has a word or phrase. The task for the groom: getting randomly selected words, he should use all of them in recognition of his beloved. If he falters - pays a coin.
  • The groom is asked why he called the girl to marry, but he must give an answer by standing on the step in the staircase that corresponds to his reason (Advised, I'm afraid to sleep alone, etc.). «For love» located on the highest step. He needs to guess to ask a witness to carry him or pay for the passage. However, especially nimble men sometimes manage to get to the steps without someone else's help.

interesting wedding contests

  • A good way to be smart - competition «By letter». Girlfriends write down the maiden name of the bride, breaking into letters, on separate leaves. The prospective spouse must remember and say at least three compliments for each individual letter.
  • Test «In target». A paper sticks on top of the dartboard «target» with names of gifts. The future husband should give these gifts to his wife after the wedding, if he gets into them. Leading offer to play until the number of gifts reaches five. Serious things (an apartment, a car, a fur coat) and comic things (a mop, poker) can also serve as them..

In verse

If one of the scriptwriters has the talent of a poet, you can try to compose poems for each task for the future husband.

For instance:

  • Ransom with a kiss. The girls, along with the bride, paint their lips with bright lipstick and kiss a piece of paper. The future spouse must guess what trace his lover left:

On the leaflet - bright lipstick, see these prints,

Guess the bride sponge is necessary. But you can’t - pay the money!

  • Groom is given old children's photos and they say:

We give you a stack of photos of children’s hands..

Guess your bride or take the money!

  • To verify the strength of the future husband, the host says:

Ready to carry your spouse in your arms? We’ll check on the witness now!

You carry him at least five steps.

Weak? Then open the wallet for us!

Wedding Poetry Contests

  • Dance test. Witness:

- Isn't the groom lame? Come on, stamp your foot!

Does as ordered.

- You do not make people laugh,

Us gypsy dance!

Begins to dance, the witness continues:

- Lovely bride loves fun,

Dance is not alone, but with all!

Witness and friends are connected to the dance. If they fail or the participants refuse, the future spouse pays a large ransom.

In the photo there are several options for tasks in verses that will make simple competitions for the ransom of the bride even more fun.

Quests for the wedding in verse

For the groom

There are many different competitions for the groom. Here are some great ideas that are easy to modify and vary according to your imagination:

  • Before a future husband put a saucer with flour. To show how good he will be «blow dust» with a beloved, the narrowed one must blow away all the flour at once. If unable to complete the task, pays.
  • When almost all the obstacles are passed, such a rally is held: the main character gets to the room of his lover and discovers her barefoot. To take his beloved to the registry office, he needs to guess which of the three boxes the shoes are in. If the betrothed guesses right away, the girlfriends congratulate him and the future wife and let them go. The error is paid in coin.

contests with shoes of the bride

  • Oath. The girlfriends and the bride come up with ten to twenty abbreviations, of which the spouse must choose five. The girls decipher the meanings of the capital letters, and the future husband swears to do everything. For example, GSI is the wedding anniversary in Italy, ZP is breakfast in bed, BUT is new clothes, KVDC is giving flowers every weekend, BP is taken to restaurants.
  • A classic draw on knowledge of the Russian language and your soul mate. The future husband comes to the door, where his beloved is waiting for him, and on the door there is an inscription: «A blue-eyed / brown-eyed / gray-eyed girl languishes in this room». The girlfriends give him a marker and offer to fix what is wrong on this inscription. In addition to a grammatical error, facilitators should incorrectly indicate the true color of the eyes narrowed. If he does not notice a mistake, he pays.

competitions for the groom

  • There are a dozen balloons in the room next to the bride’s door. In each of them is a piece of paper with the indicated amount of the ransom, and only one of them has an inscription “key”. The test will end when the hero reaches the treasured leaf.
  • From the deck of cards, the groom is offered to choose a narrowed one. In advance, funny pictures, caricatures and photographs of the bride are pasted on their surface. Each new attempt costs money.

For the groom's witness

The presenters do not disregard the witness - an important guest in the wife's house. Here are some interesting bride ransom contests for a witness:

  • The witness chooses one of three glasses with water, in one of them it is bitter, in the other with salt, in the third with sugar. They say to him: “With what face will you drink water, with such a wife and husband we want to live”! If the witness chooses a glass of bitter or salt water, he must try and not show. Sometimes the facilitators trick and add sugar to all three glasses.
  • A test where the witness must show the candidate for husbands from the best side. While the groom is walking up the stairs, at every step the witness gives him compliments, calls talent or achievement in order to more beautifully introduce a friend to the presenters.
  • In order for the groom to practice dancing with his lover, the witness is offered to choose one of five songs. Only now the witness and the groom will dance to this song with each other.

witness contests

The ransom ceremonies of the future wife are exciting holiday activities. It is interesting to beat all competitions for the bride’s ransom thematically - kidnapping the bride by the mafia, capturing an evil witch, gypsy ransom. The organization of the event takes time and effort, but the result justifies the costs - this day will be remembered by guests and lovers for a long time.

If you have experience in organizing foreclosures, or you know original ideas for contests - tell us about it in the comments.