Wedding competition heroes


A merry wedding cannot do without interesting games, tasks and competitions. For the public to have fun, you must include the original competitive program in the script. A heroic test is conducted for men, and there are several options for holding this competition. First: participants inflate the balloon, everyone needs to burst his own as soon as possible. Second: male contestants hold a keg of beer on outstretched hands, the hardiest wins.

Number of contestants

The number of contestants-heroes depends on what kind of competition is taking place.

  • For the first test «Three heroes» the master of ceremonies chooses three men of different physique, says that they have to show their true strength. Then the leader gives the men a balloon. The task of the contestants is to burst the ball with a stream of air faster than their rivals. After that, those invited with the help of pantomime will depict a picture of Vasnetsov, in whose honor the competition got its name.

Reproduction of Vasnetsov's painting

  • In the second test, all interested men of any, not even heroic complexion participate. Toastmaster, along with assistants, puts out a barrel of beer to each participant on outstretched hands. Who lasts the longest, he wins, drinks a glass of beer and receives all the props as a prize.


Things necessary for the competition of heroes should be prepared in advance. For the first test you will need:

  • Three balloons.
  • Reproduction of Vasnetsov's painting for the entourage.

Inventory for the second competition:

  • Several five-liter barrels of beer (according to the number of participants).
  • Terry towel or napkin. Their meaning will be revealed later, when you have to wipe the sweat from the foreheads of the heroes from strong physical exertion.

The necessary props for a heroic contest

Prizes «heroes»

Presentations to strong male winners should also be powerful. It can be:

  • dumbbells for sports;
  • strong alcohol - vodka, cognac, whiskey;
  • real cigars;
  • medals;
  • souvenir figurines of heroes.

Losers should also solemnly present symbolic gifts.


Watch a funny video from the wedding, where male participants take part in the game’s athletic challenge:

The holiday will bring a lot of pleasure to invited guests, if you diversify it with similar original, fun contests that cause genuine fun and sonorous laughter. For unique events to please the participants of the celebration for longer than one day, you should definitely make memorable photos and videos.