Wedding lottery for guests


Have a good time and please the table society with memorable comic gifts will help a win-win wedding lottery for guests. For a nominal fee, the host or his assistant will distribute to the participants beautifully designed lottery sheets with numbers according to the number of guests at the table.

Number of lottery participants

If there are a lot of guests at the wedding, it is recommended to give away prizes throughout the holiday. This will add intrigue, as well as arouse the interest of people at the wedding table. If there are few participants, it is easy to hold a wedding fun lottery at a time, reading out fun verses for each lot to the fun music.

Useful advice: the fewer the invitees, the more valuable gifts can be. If the celebration takes place in a narrow family circle, a lottery wedding lot may be a bottle of expensive alcohol, toys, souvenirs. With a large number of participants, prizes are prepared more comic - clothespins, combs, sweets, nails or small coins.

Wedding lottery details

To conduct a wedding comic lottery you will need:

  • Lottery drum or other container - bag, big box, drum.

Photo: Lottery tickets for a wedding

  • Tickets - two copies of each number. One is given to the guest, and the other is placed in the lottery drum. You can make them yourself or buy ready-made ones in a specialized store. Together with a gift, such a ticket is a wonderful souvenir to commemorate the wedding.

Tip: it’s convenient to initially assign a certain present to each number, signing it with a comic poem. The host will only need to read it and hand in the prize.

  • Gifts - for each lottery ticket.
  • A selection of fun music for which the lot will be played.

Wedding prizes

Since the lottery is comic for guests, the presentations should bring a smile and uplift to those gathered at the table.

Accompanying each lot with an interesting poem or text, the presenter gives the lucky ones:

  • a nail - a great hanger,
  • comb - for luxurious hair,
  • gentle hand cream,
  • disposable glasses - useful during gatherings with friends,
  • autumn leaf - a valuable specimen of herbarium,
  • toy car - to a born racer,
  • a slice of cake - for a sweet life,
  • pink glasses to dream better,
  • a plastic smile to give everyone,
  • piggy bank with the inscription «Win»,
  • a bottle of vodka - will help model walk,
  • envelope with «real» money - the talisman of prosperity and prosperity.

Competition in the form of a fascinating rally is a great way to entertain a table society after dancing and other active contests. And small gifts will cheer you up and leave pleasant memories of a wedding celebration. The lottery will give guests the opportunity to receive small presents as a part of the holiday as a keepsake.

The drawing process will look great on a photo or video, will attract the attention of guests, preserve the memories of the holiday on the wedding day of young people for many years.