Cool contests for a bachelorette party

So that the event, symbolizing the farewell of the bride with a fun free life, was held at «Hooray», you need to consider many important points: the theme of the party, costumes, food, drinks, a letter of invitation or a call to the best friends - all these are its irreplaceable parts. However, the script helps to distinguish a bachelorette party from ordinary friendly gatherings - fun contests will make the holiday fun and memorable.

Fashion show

This fun contest will help girls to show original thinking and creativity. The task of the competition is to create two women's teams and to build costumes that fit the theme of the show from improvised means. But the subject can be very different, it all depends on the imagination of the judges - for example, «future sixties clothing», «Pirates of the Caribbean». The winner will be the team that will be more convincing.

Relay race of emotions

This cool bachelorette party game is designed to relieve stress. In turn, the girls pronounce the phrase - the first speaks her in a quiet, quiet voice, the second is a little louder, the third is even louder and so on until you can make the most loud sound. If you hold a contest at home - let it be day, for sure the neighbors will not approve of your screams at one in the morning.

Funny contests of emotions at a bachelorette party

Catching a taxi driver

Competition for girls called «taxi driver catching» not only cool, but also useful. Only bridesmaids participate here. Its essence is to ring up men on the phone list who have a car. The task of the girlfriends is to convince the car owner to deliver all those present home, but you can not say a word about the bachelorette party. The contest that is the first to achieve the result wins. The competition takes place at night, so for girls this is a great opportunity to get home for free.

Bachelorette Party Taxi Driver Competition

Rice Racing

The props that will be needed during this cool contest are two balloons filled with rice. Guests gather in two teams, each team becomes a line. To triumph in this test of the bachelorette party, the participants will have to transfer the props from one end of the line to the other. The task is complicated by the fact that you need to do this with forks, not hands.

Fasten thong on handsome

For the next cool contest to succeed, you will need several pairs of strings (or rather, as many as guests at the bachelorette party, including the hero of the occasion), and «pretty boy» - it will be a poster with a picture of a handsome actor or stripper dressed in underwear. The photo should be of high resolution, and in addition, a full-length image is desirable. Blindfold task for girls - blindfolded to determine where the intimate part of the body «handsome», where they need to attach thongs with buttons.

Men for a fun contest at a bachelorette party

Sophisticated sexuality

Cool contest for a bachelorette party for those girls who are not afraid to prove themselves. He suits a company of close friends where no one will be shy. You will need a linen elastic band connected by a ring - its diameter should be about 30 centimeters. This device is fixed on the waist of each participant. The prize will be given to the one who, as elegantly and sexually as possible, takes off this tricky subject to slow beautiful music.

Sensitive pens

«Sensitive pens» - One of the cool contests for a bachelorette party. To conduct it, you will need to blindfold the participants and put in front of them bowls, plates, jars, which are full of various flowing, loose means. It can be: spices - salt, sugar, pepper; edible liquids - oil, sour cream, soda; other substances - shower gel, dishwashing detergent. The one who guesses right by touch wins.

Guessing guessing contest for a fun bachelorette party

Sensitive tongue

Cool contest «sensitive tongue» similar to the previous game, only now the bridesmaids and brides will have to try everything. Different products are suitable - chocolate, cream, coconut, honey, crushed nuts, spices. It’s best if the products have a pleasant taste - after all, this is a festive bachelorette party contest.

Products for the contest during the bachelorette party

Pick up a man

The competition is held with the help of pre-prepared props. For him, photos of men by the number of guests of a bachelorette party are necessary - they can be cut out from a magazine and printed (the main thing is that the pictures should be of the same format). The next competitive step: cut the photos so that the body parts are separate - head, arms, legs, torso. Girls will need to assemble the perfect man using these clippings.

Another interesting version of this competition is to mold a figure of your male ideal with the help of plasticine or polymer clay. Such cool figurines will be remembered by the girls..

Bachelorette party: cool contest. Build yourself a man

Hot chair

An interesting contest for a bachelorette party «hot chair» held when girlfriends want to get acquainted with the frank facts of the biography of the future wife. The bride sits on a chair, girlfriends are around, and then each guest asks her two questions. The answer should be completely frank, but if the hero of the occasion does not want to tell the truth - three times she has the right to remain silent. Questions should not be repeated. A kind of questionnaire will bring even closer the best friends in this cool contest.

Contest for a bachelorette party Hot Chair

Popa counts candy

Cool active competition, which is held during a bachelorette party and will help to remember childhood - «Popa counts candy». Props - sweets (not chocolate at all!), Two chairs with a hard seat. Two girls take part, chairs are put back to back. The host puts candy on the seats, the guests of the bachelorette party sit on top. When a fun song begins to play, the girls (contestants) must count the treats, trusting the feelings of their priests.

Egg battle

Another cool contest that delights girls - «egg battle». For one such battle and the spirit of the participants you will need:

  • four eggs,
  • two dense (not passing water) packages,
  • tight double-sided tape.

Eggs are evenly distributed over the packages, they themselves are tightly tied with tape and attached to the girls' waists. To get out of this cool contest, you need to break the eggs of the opponent without the help of hands.

What will be the wedding dress

A fun and funny contest for invited to a bachelorette party. Cards with the image of all kinds of outfits are put in the bag (the wedding dress should also be there) - funny animal costumes, the uniform of a janitor, scavenger, policeman, stripper outfit, erotic photos of girls with just a loafer or neck scarf and the like. In this case, the funnier the better. Will be more fun.

What kind of card at the bachelorette party the bride will draw out - so her, and get married. There can be many options for this game - «what the betrothed will wear in a year», «husband's gift instead of a fur coat».

Competition for a bachelorette party What will be the wedding dress

Ridiculous answers

And this competition will definitely cause a cheerful reaction of others, in addition, it is very simple to execute during a bachelorette party..

  • You will need improvised means: paper, pen or pencil, two baskets (bags, hats are also suitable).
  • The presenter writes notes of two types: one will be written «What to do, if…» and the situation, on the other - her funny decision.
  • Their participants choose at random. For example, the first is «what to do if the pile of boxes starts to emit a bad smell?», and the second - «steal a road sign».

Good mood after a cool contest is provided.

Funny notes

Girlfriends write an equal amount of qualities of the bride and groom, put notes inside balloons, inflate. The heroine of triumph needs to burst three balls, answering the question why she married her lover. If the quality is masculine, it will flatter the bride, and feminine will amuse those present at the bachelorette party..

You can come up with funny, funny contests for a bachelorette party yourself, or use the classic options - a cool game «forfeits», best wishes for the bride. A variant of an interesting bachelorette party and bachelor party, see this video:

To make the bachelorette party fun and interesting, think in advance about the competition program that is appropriate for the age and number of guests. Be sure to follow the distribution of prizes to the winners of the bachelorette party. Let the one who gets the most victories get a bottle of good champagne.

Share in the comments if you have any experience in conducting cool contests during a bachelorette party..