Pearl Wedding Contests


Each year spent in marriage is unique. Therefore, the celebration of memorable dates for the family is different. Thirty years of marriage are called a pearl wedding. It is believed that not only relatives, friends, but also grandchildren are invited to this anniversary. Competitions and competitions for this anniversary are tied to customs and mentality. A lot of original competitions were invented for the pearl wedding. When choosing the latter, it is worth examining guests and anniversaries.

Fun contests for parents

Like any anniversary, a pearl wedding has a number of traditions. It is believed that pearls are a symbol of purity, fertility. It is the only stone that grows like a tree or grass. Therefore, the family union of two people should grow stronger and develop. A pearl wedding (30 years together) is an impressive time, an indicator of the strength of the relationship and an example for all friends, relatives. Celebrate such a holiday in the family circle. To ensure that the feast was not boring, use fun contests and other entertainment. For example, games «30 years later», «Get to know your spouse», «Confessions at all».

30 years together - pearl anniversary

30 years later

Pearl wedding is the 30th anniversary of marriage. Therefore, children can remind their parents of memorable events or dates. For the competition, one of the spouses is asked to leave the venue for the time. This is usually done by the husband. In his absence, his wife is asked a few simple questions. For instance:

  • Describe the place where you met each other?
  • What was your future spouse dressed?
  • What was the weather like on the day you met?
  • Under what circumstances did you meet?

Answers are recorded. After that, the spouse is invited to the hall and asked the same questions. To make the game even more fun, repeat this procedure for the husband. Questions are prepared for him in advance. For instance:

  • What is the wife’s favorite color?
  • Describe the first quarrel.
  • Who is the main in the family?
  • Wife's favorite flowers?

It doesn't matter if the answers match «newlyweds». In any case, the contest will cheer you up. At the end, they offer a toast to the spouses' health and longevity, wish that the road of life would not lead them to dead ends, and the next anniversary was even more fun than the current one. Congratulations on the anniversary of the family, friends, pronounce congratulations and toasts.

"Get to know your spouse"

This contest is held at any wedding anniversary, but on the pearl anniversary it is especially relevant. One of the spouses, often her husband, is offered to find her soulmate blindfolded. Determine your wife will need to touch. The conduct of the competition depends on the mentality and emancipation of the anniversaries. You need to find your pair by leg, arm, knee, hair or shoulders.

“Confessions of all”

For this contest you need props. The facilitator should prepare two hats to put the written notes with questions and answers in them. Naturally, they are stacked in different head units. Spouses alternately get notes and ask questions to their halves. The answers do not match, so it comes out original and fun. The text is prepared in advance. The more unusual the questions and answers will be, the better.

Hat with notes for the contest.

Possible questions for the contest:

  • Do you often see strangers on the beach?
  • Do you like movie stars of adult films?
  • Which of the co-workers is prettier?
  • Do you sing in the shower?
  • Do you like striptease?

Possible answers for the game:

  • Once every two days.
  • And who doesn’t like.
  • This is the dream of my life.
  • Only in the morning.
  • In an undertone.
  • Not always, but periodically.

Interesting contests for guests

A pearl wedding is compared to a necklace. Each bead strung on a string symbolizes the time spent together. Over 30 years, many mutual friends are formed. Inviting them to the anniversary, think over the competitive program, so that the holiday was fun and easy. Entertainment for guests is prepared by children of anniversaries. The choice of competitions depends on the venue of the celebration. There are ready-made entertainment programs. Their «customize» under specific people. Here are a few contests.


A funny contest for guests with a hidden meaning. To conduct the game choose two or three drivers. Usually the most active guests come first, so that other friends and relatives feel relaxed, free. A sheet with the name of the place or institution is attached to the back of the drivers. Guests should be able to read the name, but contestants should not. "Institutions" choose original, memorable. For example: women's or men's bath, detox, strip club, investigator's office, toilet.

Name of institution for the competition Welcome

They ask questions to the drivers, they, not knowing where they are going, answer them cheerfully. After receiving the intended number of responses, guests are informed of their destination. Examples of questions for the contest:

  1. Do you enjoy visiting this place?
  2. How often do you go there?
  3. What do you wear there?
  4. Whom do you take with you when visiting this place??
  5. Do I need to be photographed there?
  6. Visiting this place is paid or not?
  7. Does spouse know about this institution??

Seventh Sense

This contest is simple, but requires patience to listen to the rules. The game participant is blindfolded. After this, the host of the competition shows the other guests some actions. For each of them, the participant must answer «Yes» or «no». Actions choose original, funny, memorable. For example, scratch behind the ear, kiss someone on the cheek. The action with which the participant agrees should be remembered..

The next stage of the competition will be the determination of the number of accomplishments of an action. To do this, the leader shows the numbers on the fingers. At what value the contest participant stops him, then the number is remembered. Next, the guest who will perform the task is determined. It is also determined with closed eyes. for instance, «executor» kisses a participant's cheek a predetermined number of times. If the driver guesses the guest, then they change places.

"Make a verse"

At a pearl wedding, it is customary to give verses. To make this gift memorable, a contest is being held among male guests. To play the game you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. The required number of words to be used in writing is specified. They are selected so that it is fun. For example: pearls, belly, tail, pirates, wife.

A poem from guests of a pearl wedding

Entertainment options at the table

Pearl wedding - a solemn event. Such an anniversary cannot be ignored. Close friends and relatives are invited to the thirty years of life together. Usually the celebration is held in a cafe or restaurant. To make the pearl wedding memorable, prepare a celebration script with interesting games and contests. Often spend an anniversary, hire a host or host. Here are some examples of fun activities..

"KVN: come up with a joke ending"

This competition is held at the festive table. It does not require physical exertion. The leader of the holiday invites everyone to participate in KVN. For this, pre-prepared jokes are read out, but without ending. Continuation of funny stories, guests should come up with for themselves. The success of such a game depends on the wit and sense of humor of the host and participants.

Examples of unfinished jokes:

  1. How to make your husband distraught in bed? ... (Turn off the football, take the remote control).
  2. The wedding was postponed because the groom? ... (Money ran out, not enough to buy the bride).

"Missing Ingredients"

To conduct such a competition requires basic knowledge of cooking. Simple recipes are served. They skip different ingredients. The one who first determines the missing components receives an incentive prize. The main thing for this contest is not to conceive complicated dishes. Not everyone knows how to cook, so cutlets, borscht or soups are suitable for playing.

Competition dish ingredients

"Famous couples"

During this competition, the host of the celebration invites guests to remember famous, famous couples. Both real and fictional characters will do. The competition is held until the last couple is called. It is advisable to recall the people who remained in history, thanks to their love and loyalty to each other. Romeo and Juliet, Eurydice and Orpheus, Ruslan and Lyudmila will do. Also called and heroes of the occasion.

Famous couples: Romeo and Juliet

"Guess the melody"

What anniversary without a button accordion? At the pearl wedding celebration, music games and competitions are held. There are many variations of the Guess the Tune contest. For example, a contest with candy. On both sides of the table are the participants in the game. A candy is placed in the middle of it. The presenter includes a popular tune. The participant who first recognizes her grabs the candy. If he guessed, the candy goes to him in the form of an incentive prize. If you try unsuccessfully, you have to put it on the table again.

Another option would be a contest where guests guess a song by several notes. For example, when a participant in a game guesses a melody, he says «Stop». After this phrase, the guest should name the keywords or the author of the song. The winner of the contest is the most erudite participant in music. For the game you need to select familiar, popular songs.