Cool competitions for the 2nd wedding day


The second day of the wedding is cheerful and liberated: the celebration has already taken place, the guests have not yet left and pretty much drank during the first day - on this basis, any contests, wedding traditions, funny undertakings are perceived with great enthusiasm. The more fun contests for guests on such a day will be played, the better friends, parents and relatives on each side will recognize each other. It is not necessary to invite the host, you can organize everything on your own, for example, on the initiative of friends and pals. What to think up for this day, read on.

Dressed up buddies at a wedding

Script ideas for contests and games without a host

Classically, participate in competitions «mummers» friends dressed in different images (groom, bride, parents, other characters). They can be leading, replacing the host. The nature of the competitions depends on the place where the second day of festivities will take place:

  • if this is an open place, for example, a forest glade or the yard of a country house, then contests can be mobile, require more space for holding (relay races, matches);
  • if it’s a house or a banquet hall, then the entertainment should not be so sweeping, more scenic, feasting, than mobile, like dancing.


An interesting way to diversify the second wedding day is to organize a theme party on an unusual theme, in an extraordinary style, for example: Art Deco style, in a marine style, «Animal Kingdom Wedding», in the style of masquerade, carnival, «dashing» 90s, toddlers, dormitories, dude. Let the invitees come up with a costume or related paraphernalia. It will give enthusiasm to this event, will involve guests in the general entertaining action, will help to relax, feel «another person», and therefore fully open in contests.

Second wedding day in nature

In these conditions, such contests will be well accepted, for example:

  1. Competition for the best costume. Take a look at the best costume in which invitees should participate. An objective winner, which can be selected by voting, must receive a winner’s medal or a small commemorative gift.
  2. Contest «Match». Spend a comic football or volleyball match between the guests, but do not play with the usual ball, but, for example, with a large shaping ball or a small children's ball. It will be much safer and funnier than a regular match. Tie the team of the winners with the team ribbons that should be with them all evening - let them feel unity with each other in victory, think up a rite of success for them (for example, an indicative drink of a glass of beer or rhythmic victorious thunder with screams «Ho!»).
  3. Contest «Caring parents». Hold a contest for the best parents, during which you need to quickly put on quality baby (socks, bonnet, dummy) and replace his diaper. Usually baby dolls are used here, but you can go further and make the contest more fun! Let the mummers (friends or any other desires) play the role of moody babies, and the newlyweds and those who wish will play the role of parents. Such a game is sure to amuse!
    Baby Friends at the Caring Parents Contest
  4. Contest «Point of contact». Play the game «Point of contact», which is somewhat reminiscent of a twister, but without a playing field. The playing field will be the participants themselves! Cut pieces of paper on which write the name of the parts of the human body. Pair young people. Pull out a piece of paper for each participant - this will be the part of the body that they will have to touch. The next elongated piece of paper is the part of the body of their partner, which they will need to touch.

The next two pieces of paper will determine the contact point for the partner. Each subsequent contact must be made without violating the previous one. A couple who cannot make a new contact is eliminated. Winners are the last couple to have the most supported points of contact. This is a very funny contest, which is sure to enjoy!

At home

On the second day of the wedding, held indoors, there can also be a thematic direction, which will be fun to be played out. It will replace the usual, ordinary «Roma». In such circumstances, any entertainment will be appropriate - a film adaptation of a fairy tale, which the organizers can come up with for themselves, entering competitions for guests in it. But within the premises, such entertainments cannot be wide-spread, and therefore table entertainments are ideal:

Oriental tale on the second day of the wedding

  1. Beer contest. Invite guests to drink a glass of beer at a speed through a straw in which one or more holes are made. It will not be easy for competitors to do this, but it will be fun to watch them try. Another glass of beer could be a prize.
  2. Contest «Conformity». A competition in which everyone sitting at the table, guests can participate. Invite them to write on one piece of paper the name of the neighbor on the right, and on the second to describe the character of any animal. Then the herald collects all the leaflets with the names in one hat, and the characteristics of the animals in another, after which he reads out papers at random, combining them as «name – characteristic». Instead of the names and characteristics of animals, you can come up with any other funny pairs: a useful subject and its purpose, marital status and profession, etc..
  3. Contest «Sweetie». Put a bag of sweets between the guests, some of which will be wrapped with task sheets, but do not warn anyone about this. Let everyone take as much as he wants. And then offer to deploy candy wrappers. Those who have the task will have to complete them with fun music. Anyone who will have to complete several tasks and do it can be awarded a fun medal or a valuable present. Task options: tell a funny story about the newlyweds, dance a twist, say an original toast, say a toast of 3 words, sing a song, come up with a verse with a word «the groom» and so forth.

Celebrating the second day of the wedding in the banquet hall

Competition options for wedding day 2

Competitions can be held both for everyone and for specific groups of participants, for example, parents. The separation of competitions by the nature of the participants is useful in that the guests present at the wedding will not remain unreached: if the competition is addressed to the newlyweds, then they will not be able to avoid it, if invited, it’s similar.

Cool contests for honeymooners

  1. Contest «Circle of friends». Who has a larger circle of friends - the bride or groom? To find out, put two paper circles on the floor in the middle of the stage or hall (or draw with chalk). A wife enters inside one circle, a husband enters another. The task of both under the fun music to drag the largest number of guests. In order to fit, guests can climb on each other's arms, shoulders, sit down at their feet. Who in the circle, at the end of the song, will have more people, he won the competition.
    Guessing the bride at the wedding
  2. Contest «Potato peeler». The newlyweds can determine who in the house will peel potatoes the next joint years by participating in this competition. They should take a large potato of the same size, the same knife and cut the longest skin. The one whose skin is longer is won (the first skin is measured with a ruler), and the one who lost will peel potatoes in the family, «to learn».
  3. Contest «Story». Another funny contest «Story» will amuse guests and decorate the holiday. How it is carried out, see the video:

Original and comic ideas for parents

  1. Contest «Stork». Ask the parents of young people how their children appeared. It will be difficult for parents to answer this delicate question before the public, and therefore they will remember the storks. Prepare walnuts for them, which must be clamped between the knees, and pots. Break your parents into teams according to the principle «parents of the groom versus parents of the bride». Turn on fun music during which each parent team will have to transfer all the walnuts from the start to the pots. During the passage, parents must portray storks - wave their hands like birds, and utter a bird cry - this is a prerequisite. Which team of parents at the end of the song will bring more nuts, that will win the competition.
  2. Contest «Who are the holidays for??» All parents want their children to come to them on their holidays after marriage. A future dispute may be resolved by a tender. You need to take a long rope and tie to each end of it in pencil. A knot is made exactly in the middle of the rope. The parents of the groom pick up one pencil, the parents of the bride take the other. Their task is faster than rivals to wind the rope to the knot in the middle. Who will win, for those holidays.

Friends take mother-in-law on a cart at a wedding

Fun games and entertainment for guests

  • Contest «Quick friend». Friends (if there are several, and if one, then all young girls are invited) are displayed in the middle of the hall. A board with a sheet is set in front of them, on which the qualities inherent in the best friend are written, and the tasks that must be completed to demonstrate them. A real friend is:
  1. seducer (get the pants of any guest);
  2. money earner (collect money, from 50 rubles, from the participants of the banquet);
  3. light person (should be brought in the hands of any guest to the place of assignment);
  4. skilled worker (take a tie of any man and make an element of clothing out of him for himself);
  5. quick (take a selfie with the bride’s bouquet);
  6. assistant (bring a pair of women's shoes to the bride so that she can change shoes).
  • Contest «Brave friend». Relay race with the participation of friends (or guys, if there is only one friend). An obstacle course is organized with several tasks (it will be funnier and more difficult if their eyes are tied with a scarf). It’s fun if the participants themselves come up with the competitions by throwing a piece of paper in the hat with the competition, which they would «wished» to their competitors, of which at random the same obstacle course will be drawn up for everyone. Obstacle course example:
  1. drink a large glass of beer through a straw;
  2. catch an apple from a basin with a teaspoon;
  3. to convey the girl;
  4. hit the target with a ball;
  5. run in one file.
  • Contest «Bathhouse». Reminds contest «Chair». Guests are participating. They are given bath hats, brooms and bath sponges, and empty pots are placed in the middle of the room (the larger, the longer the competition). The music is turned on, while it is playing, the participants must pretend to bathe in the bathhouse, as soon as the music is turned off, the guests should jump into the basins with their bath accessories and put on bath hats. Who did not have time, he leaves. At the end of each lap, one basin is lifted..

Costumed gypsies at a wedding

There are many competitions and games that will amuse and make friends on the second day of the wedding. They are held both during breaks between the feast, and according to the scenario, if the holiday is thematic or all the entertainments are united by a common storyline (screen version of a fairy tale, an idea). The main thing is that the guests and the newlyweds themselves imbued with the spirit of celebration, fun, laughter, then any idea will be successful and will be enthusiastically received.