Competition for determining the sex of the unborn child


A competition will help to amuse the guests at the wedding celebration and give an atmosphere of ease, during which all the guests will be engaged in determining who will be born to the young, a boy or a girl.

Competition Rules

The host invites everyone to the table to take part in determining the sex of the first-born. There are several popular options for this contest..


You will need two pairs of sliders - pink and blue. Pink sliders are given to the bridesmaid, and blue ones - to the groom. Guests «vote» with a voiced coin (metal money) or paper notes for a boy (girl), and put the money in the sliders of the corresponding color.

Iron coins and a trifle are weighed, heavier sliders will become an indicator of who will be born to newly-married spouses: a future man or a beautiful girl.

In the case of paper bills, counting is necessary - sliders in which the amount is greater, «are winning».

A variation of the classic competition with sliders is the use of prams, bibs, booties or baskets in blue and pink. In them, bills are made by everyone «to vote», and after the witnesses announce the result: what gender will be born to young children.


Helpful adviceA wedding contest will be more fun if:

  • When calculating bills during the contest, loudly name each.
  • One of the witnesses who collected less money (tried hard) is doing some kind of assignment from the young to get better. For example, swaddling dolls for speed with a bridesmaid.
  • Fundraising takes place with fun music, and an intriguing melody plays during the calculation of the results of the contest..

«Mobile» option

Guests need to do one of the following:

  • send SMS to young people with a response «boy / girl». What answers are more, that will be born.
  • all at the same time call the young, who first got through, he prophesies: male or female, a baby will be born.

Paper vote

The host gives out two bows of colored paper (pink and blue) to everyone at the table. One of the witnesses collects «vote» in a special bag, then calculates which bows are larger. The task remains the same - the gender of the unborn child determines a larger number of bows of the same color.

Search in cabbage

In two large containers, chopped cabbage leaves are poured, one nipple is placed. Content should be carefully moved under the lid..

Two teams of witnesses for speed are looking for a pacifier to the hilarious music. If the team of the bridesmaid finds the first pacifier, the baby will be born female. If the helpers of a friend will be faster, then the young wait for the boy.

The winner of one of the teams receives a memorable prize - a toy.

Competition to determine the sex of the child

Details for the competition

For a comic determination of the sex of the child you will need:

  • pink and blue sliders,
  • bill counting tray,
  • bag for handing money to the newlyweds,
  • chopped cabbage,
  • Cell phones,
  • pacifier,
  • toys for auction and prizes,
  • two containers for searching in cabbage.

After the solemn announcement of the results, you can hold a small auction, the main prize of which will be a bottle of champagne, wine or cognac.

The process of determining the sex of the unborn child, captured on a photo or video, will be able to watch the bride and groom with pleasure later to compare the results. And correctly guessing guests will be doubly pleased to feel their involvement in this important event.