Wedding Party Games


Since ancient times, wedding games have created a special festive and relaxed atmosphere. Modern celebrations are no exception. In most cases, entertainment is organized for the wedding on the principle that drunken guests like everything. However, at such a kind, bright celebration, original, interesting table games will be more appropriate, in which all invitees will be able to participate with pleasure. Learn new exciting activities for your wedding..

Funny table games for youth and teens

Entertaining games for youth at a wedding

Each wedding is a fun holiday with an abundance of competitions, dances, games. It helps to organize fun for the guests of the host, who is able to turn a boring atmosphere into a real explosion of emotions. Time at the wedding often passes energetically, but at the beginning of the celebration, when guests need a warm-up, funny table games are held. Here are some entertainment options for teens and youth attending weddings:

  • Board game with the name «Drawing lesson». Several young people are handed out sheets of paper and pencils. Toastmaster asks to draw any object that comes to their mind. After, the leader collects the drawings and begins the fortune-telling. Toastmaster asks questions that are related to the future life of young people, and the drawings are the answers. For example, such questions are raised: «How much money will the family have after the wedding?», «What character will the unborn child have?», «What will give the mother-in-law on the fifth anniversary?».
  • «Funny tasks». Toastmaster asks the youth to the theme of toast, and the chosen person should follow it. For example, he asks to say an animalistic toast, congratulations in the style of the gopniks, make a wish in a foreign language, sing a toast, etc..
  • Table game «Tongue Twisters». Toastmaster gives out youth cards with tongue twisters. First, everyone should read it slowly, so that guests remember. Then the participant reads the text again, but as quickly as possible. The winner is the one who stumbles less than once and has not missed a single word.
  • Table game «Magic hat». Toastmaster approaches young guests at a wedding. He wants to know what they are thinking. To do this, the presenter alternately puts on a hat on those present, and at that moment an unexpected, funny and funny song begins to play.

Fun board games for adults and seniors

Wedding table games for adults

Table games for the elderly, adults at the wedding - an interesting process, which is accompanied by comments, toasts of the host, brings guests a lot of pleasure. Such entertainments are massive, they allow guests to join or stop participating at any time. Board games cover a wide range of interests of any company. You can pick up a lot of entertainment options:

  • «Affectionate hedgehog». Matches are given to the bride and groom, they stick them one at a time into a round object made of plastic material. At the same time, young spouses speak affectionate words that they call each other. When the fantasy of the bride and groom runs out, they ask for the help of the guests.
  • «Funny toast». Those present are divided into two teams (bride and groom) and take turns addressing each other toasts. Each guest should add one word to the congratulation. At the end, the newlyweds read out ready wishes.
  • Table game «Collect heart». Paper hearts are cut into several parts. Each fragment is distributed to guests. Those present must gather a heart. The winner is the one who collects the structure the fastest.
  • «Shortly speaking». The essence of entertainment is to make the most capacious, short toast.
  • Table game «Matchbox». The participant puts boxes on his nose and tries to remove it with the help of facial expressions. The winner is the one who will do it the fastest.
  • «ABVGDeyka». Guests say wishes to the bride and groom, starting the phrase with the desired letter of the alphabet.

Chants games

Games chants for the wedding

Table games chants help to give the wedding a fun, light atmosphere, to entertain guests. They are carried out by teams, or the text after the host is repeated by all the guests. The theme of such a table game can be any: a banquet, the married life of a husband and wife, wishes for the newlyweds, tests about the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law. Examples:

  • Young people grow wings with happiness, it’s worth a drink, but we don’t mind!
  • They dream about the waist of a fragile lady, they invite everyone to the dance floor, a musician should be called to women with a shout «We want to dance».
  • Girls playfully go dancing, now they will light us. And they tell the planet all that we want children for the bride!

Comic games with cards for the women's company

Wedding Games for Women

A special place in the entertainment program is given to games for the ladies present. The most popular - using props, for example, cards. Board games of this kind are comic in nature, so a lot of smiles and fun will be provided to you. Choose entertainment to your liking:

  • «Creative person». This game requires cards where women's words are written, for example, a broom, beauty, lipstick, cosmetic bag. The participants are presented with 4 words, a sheet and a pen. Ladies must compose a poem in five minutes, in which the words that fell to them must be present. After, the girls read out their creations, and the men choose who won.
  • Table contest «Sell-out». Prepare small gifts, each must have a specific number. The girls are presented with a bag with cards on which a certain number is written. Each guest is invited to try their luck and pull out a piece of paper. The card number drawn corresponds to the gift the winner receives..
  • «Women's logic». The purpose of this wedding contest is to determine who has the best logic. Participants are asked tricky questions, including non-standard situations. For example, you liked a work employee, but you find that your girlfriend also likes what your actions are. Girls should come up with interesting answers. Whoever does it better will win.

Video: table games at a wedding party

Properly composed table games should take into account age, mentality, and hobbies of guests at a wedding. This will pleasantly surprise the guests and bring a special touch. You can see interesting entertainment options in the video below. A professional host will share with you his secrets: which game is better to play at the very beginning for the liberation of guests, and which props are better to use in it?

Game examples

Wedding table games you can entertain guests during the banquet. The program should be designed so that guests feel relaxed, comfortable, have fun and laugh. Table games are very popular for weddings, which make it possible to show your imagination, daring, skill. If you don’t have time to think up suitable entertainments, use ready-made examples below.

A game «Question answer»

Q & A Wedding Party Game

The host holds two trays: on the first are inverted cards containing questions, on the second are answers. Toastmaster comes to the first person who wants to participate and asks who he wants to ask a question among those present at the banquet. Then the guest selects the card and read out the question. Toastmaster approaches the person to whom he was addressed, and asks to choose a card with the answer. After reading it, the participant selects the guest who will ask his question.


For the game you will need the props - a daisy made of paper. On each flower petal, family responsibilities will need to be written in advance. During the wedding, the master of ceremonies will bring the chamomile to the newlyweds so that each hero of the occasion opens a petal. Having done this, the newlyweds will find out who will have to fulfill what responsibilities in their life together. The game is comic.

Table game with a camomile for a wedding

«Have a snack»

This fun game is played at the wedding when guests are at the table. Toastmaster writes on small cards «Drink from ...», «Snacks from ...». Papers are prepared according to the number of guests and laid out in two bags. The host gives the first guest one piece of paper from the bag «Have a drink» and «Snack», then to his neighbor and everyone present. So the participants choose what they will eat and drink from. For example, drink from a saucepan, teapot spout, lid, plate, thimble, palm, bite an apple on a branch, with a song on your lips, without touching your food, sniff a piece of paper.

Alcoholic game at the wedding

«Who we really are»

On cards for men and women, joking descriptions of people are written separately. Guests take turns taking notes and reading aloud the words written there. The host invites you to find out who actually is who, regardless of what he thinks of himself. The following may be written on the cards:

  • I’m a skilled worker, I flood like a bird. I learn about everything: who is from where, how much? And I love to gossip, the first to know the news. Curious to everyone with me, I’ll open my soul wide.
  • I’m such a fidget, I don’t know at all. What am I doing? I do not know. Here and here I flicker everywhere. I help, interfere, praise and scold.
  • Anyone envies me, because I'm all so cool. And changing foreign cars, like a cowboy's horses.
  • I’m a family, modest guy, I don’t walk and I don’t drink. I myself read poetry, sing songs in the night. I will accept the valerian and settle on the barrel so that no one could disturb my tranquil dream.

Wedding game Who we really are