White Wedding Cakes


A limousine, an airy dress of the bride, a formal suit of the groom, a delightful bouquet are the essential attributes of a wedding ceremony. What do you think, on what else does the festive atmosphere, the mood of the newlyweds depend? Sweet, original masterpieces of confectionery craftsmanship - white wedding cakes - emphasize the elegance of the taste of the newlyweds, will delight guests. Unusual fillings, exquisite decor of multi-tiered works of confectionery art will not leave indifferent either adults or children. What are the features of choosing a wedding cake?

Features of choosing a white wedding cake

How to choose a snow-white wedding cake

White color emphasizes the style of celebration. Adherents of these confectionery products include both mere mortals and royal blood. Cream, chocolate, fruit fillings drive crazy connoisseurs of delicate taste, and the original stylish decor makes the pastry creation a masterpiece of wedding fashion. Fairytale palaces, wonderfully recreated «tasty» architectural structures, themed white desserts emphasize and complement the celebration style.

Original white cakes

Shape and number of tiers

A variety of shapes of pastry masterpieces in white

The combination of white and black in a wedding dessert

Traditionally round white wedding cakes give a delicate accent to a banquet. The irregular shape of the cakes, different in height, size, becomes the highlight of the confectionery creation. Original desserts combining «hearts» newlyweds - exquisite invention of designers. The conciseness of the square shape recalls the strict line of style «modern». A true masterpiece of high «confectionery art» custom-made cakes made of pillows, hearts, decorated with mastic, beads.

Large Wedding Cakes

On which white wedding cake to choose - single-tier in the form of a candy bar, fruit with figures of the newlyweds or a huge multi-tiered masterpiece? A multi-tiered wedding cake covered with white icing is ideal for a magnificent celebration. A modest, small wedding involves smaller sizes of sweets, although it all depends on the preferences of the newlyweds.

What filling to choose

Types of fillings for wedding white cakes

The magnificent appearance of the wedding cake is very important, but the inner filling - cakes, cream, additives - plays a role in the taste sensations of the guests. Therefore, choosing this confectionery, the newlyweds should pay attention to such points:

  • Harmoniousness and beauty of both appearance and internal.
  • The quality of the ingredients. A very sweet cream, excessively dense cakes will greatly spoil the impression of a delicious dessert.
  • Adding fruits and nuts. Consult with the administrator of the cafe or restaurant where you plan to organize a banquet regarding the availability «cold showcases».

A feature of most wedding desserts is the use of biscuit cakes in its preparation. They perfectly keep their shape, creating a work of confectionery art. If you prefer a different type of dough, opt for a large single-tier cake, suggesting that the professional decorate the latter with snow-white cream. In this case, you will have to refuse from mastic for decor

Decoration and decoration

Exquisite patterns lined with silver beads, effectively harmonize with the design of the hall, the decoration of the bride. Beautiful, airy flower petals made of mastic give tenderness and elegance to the confectionery. Long garlands of flower petals, descending from top to bottom, emphasize the great taste of both the master and the newlyweds who have chosen a dessert.

Decor options for white cakes for a wedding

Wedding cake decoration

The decor in the form of flowing fabric, echoing the white wedding dress of the bride, delicate folds falling to the foot of the cake, looks delightful. When choosing jewelry, newlyweds have the opportunity to stop looking at white satin ribbons, fancifully wrapping tiers, or unusual patterns, monograms symbolizing the unity of hearts.

White cake decor - what color to add?

Organizing a wedding celebration «color» style, the newlyweds do not have to order a cake of a similar color. A white dessert decorated with pink flowers, soft lilac ribbons, green bows will create the necessary accents, delighting you and the guests. White cakes decorated with rhinestones and Swarovski stones became a novelty of the 2016 season..

Wedding Desserts - Color Accents on White

Gold patterns, monograms will be transferred to the era of ladies with crinolines and gallant gentlemen. Funny, playful notes in the festive atmosphere will make colored macaroons decorating the dessert. The classic combination of white mastic and chocolate will add bright colors to the confectionery. Newlyweds should not forget about the fashionable style today «ombre», gentle overflow of which guests will admire.


The combination of blue and white in the design of the cake

The rich blue color blends perfectly with the white background, creating fancy patterns. Bright chrysanthemums made of mastic, color drawings give effect. Satin ribbons, bows with precious stones emphasize the exquisite taste of the newlyweds. The single-tier white cakes elegantly look, assembled into a single composition of the candy bar, decorated with blue decor.


Blue and white cakes

Pastel shades of blue will give the confectionery creation elegance and sophistication. A variety of styles provides a limitless choice for newlyweds: round or «ombre», lush fabulous or decorated with exquisite blue roses. Do you like art? Opt for a white wedding cake painted with shades of blue icing in style «watercolor».


Red and white cake for newlyweds

Red decor elements on a white background will turn a dessert into a luxury piece of pastry art. Amazingly fashioned roses will decorate a masterpiece; patterns and drawings will be a striking addition to the outfits of the newlyweds. Unusual shapes of cakes in the form of a ship will remind you of the dreamy Assol and red sails. And the incredibly delicious strawberry decor will win the hearts of all.

The black

Refined combination: black on a white background

Seeing masterpieces of confectionery craftsmanship, combining exquisite drawings, delicate lace of dark color and white mastic, you can not take your eyes off the culinary dessert. Black precious precious cake decor will be a good idea for the newlyweds. «pearls» - a symbol of the value of feelings. The theme of dark and light forces - struggle, love - will convey the intensity of passions that rages on this day in the hearts of newlyweds.

Photo of beautiful wedding cakes in white colors

The variety of choice of white wedding masterpieces sometimes confuses the newlyweds in a dead end. Which option to give preference: a gentle fairytale dessert with beautiful birds of fidelity - swans, or maybe the modern style of graffiti - you decide. Pay attention to the quality of products used for confectionery desserts, taste characteristics. A selection of photos of the most beautiful wedding cakes will help the newlyweds choose the dessert they like..

Photo of wedding cakes in white