Green wedding cake


A wedding is an exciting event for any girl, so I want her to be bright, memorable, filled with unusual colors. To diversify the classic celebration and elevate it to the rank of special, you need to surprise guests with interesting elements, one of which is a green cake for a traditional wedding. It can be only outside or only inside green, and still be completely interesting in color - it all depends on the choice of the bride and groom.

Green Cake Wedding Design Ideas

A wedding cake is the main decoration of the festive table, and if it is also of an unusually beautiful color, which is associated with summer weather, then after the celebration it will be a subject of admiration for a long time. The main dessert must be tasty, but beautiful design is also of great importance. Some wedding culinary masterpieces simply amaze the imagination with their variety. The traditional decoration for them are:

  • flowers
  • pearls;
  • chocolate;
  • cream;
  • berries, fruits;
  • angels;
  • figures of newlyweds or other wedding symbols;
  • imitation of lace, complex patterns.

These works of art are made in several tiers of biscuit, marzipan, mastic, chocolate, marshmallow, and the decor of the cake can be cream, chocolate, caramel or other at the request of the newlyweds. Modern masters can create absolutely any decoration on a wedding dessert, but you can prepare delicious cakes of different colors (olive, bottle, mint, pistachio) yourself. Watch the video on how to easily make a delicious, colorful wedding cake at home:

Gift Box Wedding Cake

A green cake box will become not only the best banquet decoration, but also a wonderful gift for the newlyweds. Guests will receive a true taste, aesthetic pleasure from a delicious treat. Decorate desserts in the form of a box for a wedding:

  1. Pearls or colorful ribbons.
  2. A beautiful bouquet of fresh or sugar flowers.
  3. Huge bow.
  4. Snow-white beads.

Design in emerald and turquoise colors

With a cascade of flowers or petals

Desserts with a cascade of flowers are a wedding classic, but from this they did not become less in demand. Wedding green sweets are especially popular in the warm season: in summer or spring, when nature comes to life and is filled with strength. In winter and autumn, it is better to use blue-green or olive shades for cakes and flowers, and in summer and spring - grassy or light green. A cascade of petals or delicate buds will make the green cake even more beautiful..

Using a cascade of leaves and flowers

With lace curls or lace.

Dessert, decorated with light green lace and drapery, gives the wedding a special solemnity. Lace in cooking is made from mastic or ice, and their color can be white, chocolate, green and even black. Inspired by several layers of lace or delicate curls, the dessert takes on a romantic and modern look. In addition, lace is a frequent attribute of the bride’s outfit, so it’s harmonious in any wedding.

Making sweets with lace lace

With sugar beads and pearls

Cakes with pearls are called not only culinary, but also a jewelry masterpiece. Masters so skillfully stack sweet mastic strings of pearls for dessert that it cannot be distinguished from natural. Silver curls that turn into classic roses, orchids or tulips also add to these decorations. For this work of art, a stand decorated with natural pearls or white beads is used.

Using beads and pearls for jewelry

With ribbons and mastic bows

Mastic bows and ribbons - frequent «the guests» at the wedding dessert. Culinary specialists decorate the confectionery with white ribbons or light green bows on a completely white dessert, which creates a bright contrast. Such decor in a mono version is used for a gift cake, but if you want to add brightness or a touch of glamor, chefs in addition to them build flowers, leaves and other beautiful marzipan or mastic decor on a multi-tiered cake.

Decor ribbons and bows from mastic

Sweets decorated with mastic ribbons

Decorated with apples

Wedding theme of juicy summer color implies filling or finishing of confectionery in any palette of this color. For example, weddings in eco-style often have desserts topped with fresh or marzipan apples, a sprig of mint and other natural products. Particularly attractive are multi-tiered white cakes draped with natural green apples and sweet mastic ribbons..

Apple decoration

Photo of wedding cakes in green colors

Choosing a sweet masterpiece for a wedding in green tones, do not limit your imagination. Just remember that a wedding dessert should be light, not greasy, because the body will not be able to absorb a heavy dessert after a plentiful feast. Choose fresh fruit, soufflé, and use heavy cream exclusively for decoration - and then no guest at your wedding will forget the main confectionery!

Sweets in spring and summer design