Wedding cake in blue tones


A wedding is the most important event in the life of every girl, and any bride wants the holiday to be remembered for her whole life, leaving pleasant memories for the guests. Therefore, young people prefer not a traditional wedding in white, but some other bright color scheme. For example, a celebration held in blue looks very strong, unusual and original. This is a great chance to show that you have a subtle sense of taste, to express your own eccentricity. You can convey this with a bright holiday cake. How to get it?

Wedding cake design options in blue

If you are attracted by stylized holidays, your own wedding should not be an exception, because here there are many options for the manifestation of fantasy. Recently, celebrations held in a noble shade have become increasingly popular. You need to highlight this tone not only in the dress of the young or in the decoration of the banquet hall, but also in drinks, cocktails, desserts.

Decoor ruffle

Ruffle or Rose Wedding Cake

A dessert complemented by roses looks very bright and interesting. They can be white or blue, depending on the main tone of the treat. For example, if you chose bluish mastic to cover the product, then roses or ruffles should be of a gentle white tone. If the treat has more than one tier, then white ribbons should be used as decor, and the main tone will be blue.

The classic white item complemented by delicate blue roses looks very beautifully stylish, exquisite. A figurine of a bride and groom or birds can stand on top. Reserved, elegant looks delicate biscuit, complemented by ribbons (mastic can be used), flowers. The main thing is that its appearance is fully consistent with the general style of the holiday.

Floral elements

In the form of gift boxes

If you like extraordinary, original things, you will like the delicacy made in the form of gift boxes, which can be blue. The advantages of the product include not only its taste, but also its beautiful appearance. The two-tier version looks very interesting, and small cakes-boxes can stand around. An ideal decoration for such a product would be a drapery tape in white or blue. The best choice would be a voluminous cake in the form «box», standing on top of each other, complemented by braid made using sweet mastic.

Gift box shaped sponge cake

Decorated with bows and mastic ribbons

No less beautiful cake, complemented by decorative ribbons, bows. Such sweets always look festive, bright, stylish. So that there is no resemblance to other holiday desserts, you can safely surrender to a flight of fancy and decorate the product with colored ribbons from mastic, for example, brown, pink or yellow. The dessert will turn out to be very sweet, because in its preparation will be used powdered sugar in large quantities.

Bow decoration

Lacy wedding cake

For a refined, elegant, aristocratic celebration, it is not so easy to choose a festive dessert. The choice of this delicacy requires special attention. It must fully comply with the style of the celebration. For example, if in the decor of the banquet hall there will be openwork painting, this element must be presented even at the festive dessert.

Openwork drawings

Orchid Decoration

With a cascade of flowers or butterflies

A cake complemented by a bright cascade of butterflies or flowers made of mastic is perfect for a romantic wedding. If your choice fell on the second option, the decoration of the product can be not only classic roses, but also hydrangeas, buttercups. You can diversify it with other jewelry made of sugar mastic, silver beads, bows and embossing. A cake with pink butterflies looks very beautiful and stylish at the wedding, which will become a bright accent and make it more original.

Beautiful cascades

Cascades with flowers and butterflies

With sugar beads and pearls

No wedding can do without a beautiful, bright dessert. If the bride’s dress was complemented by such decorative elements as pearls and beads, it is worth using them to design delicacies. So it will become a beautiful, stylish decoration. Pearls with beads and ribbons can be used in small quantities for a bright accent..

Bead decoration

Photo of wedding cakes in blue and white colors

Blue wedding cakes are the main decoration of the whole holiday. For the decor of this delicacy, colored filling, ribbons, sweet icing, flowers can be used. Chocolate initials of the bride and groom, applied to the mastic or cream, look very unusual. You can choose the classic version of the product - a sponge cake covered with sweet glaze, decorated with painting on one side.

Decor Ideas

Original jewelry