Lilac Wedding Cake


Many modern couples strive to make the wedding celebration harmonious in content and color scheme. A certain theme, as a rule, pervades the whole holiday: from the seating cards to the motorcade, everything is decorated in several colors. For the wedding, the couple can choose a lilac shade - this pleasant, delicate color will perfectly emphasize the touching mood of the celebration. In such a range you can decorate wedding textiles, dishes, as well as the main dish of the holiday - a festive cake, which will be discussed about the design methods.

Design Ideas for Wedding Lilac Cakes

Lilac color along with purple, lavender and indigo belongs to the violet range. The shade was named after the lilac - a beautiful spring flower. It means a bright future, harmony, creativity. If you decorate the holiday cake with this color, the treat will look beautiful and appetizing. The culprits of the celebration may ask manufacturers to completely cover the dessert with lilac mastic or combine a shade with other colors. Cold shades and some warm colors look good with this tone, for example:

  • white;
  • Violet;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pale yellow;
  • coral;
  • light green;
  • pale pink, pink;
  • bright fuchsia;
  • silver, golden;
  • light green.

It will be interesting to look if not only the surface of the cake, but also its filling will acquire a soft lilac hue. Using special food colors, confectioners are able to create cakes of any color. The delicate transition from lilac to a snow-white tone will look beautiful. As a filler, it is better to choose fruits and berries, which will create a suitable shade of the cream between the layers of dough. It can be blueberries, blackberries, grapes, blueberries, currants, raspberries, plums. Such a filling will not only be beautiful, it will turn out delicious and «easy» for the stomach.

Cupcakes for a wedding celebration

The shape of the lavender treat also matters. It can be a huge multi-tiered cake, if the celebration is held with a large number of guests, a small two-story cake for a smaller holiday or a single-tiered dessert, which is suitable for a small wedding. Recently, another type of sweets for guests has become popular - cake-cupcake. This original delicacy is preferred by many newlyweds, because individual portions allow you to conveniently convey the treats to those present, and on the last tier there is a cake, which, according to tradition, is cut by the bride and groom.

Lace wedding cake

Lace is a delicate, airy material that is perfect for decorating a lilac cake for a wedding event. The openwork decoration will look especially good on the dessert, similar or identical to what is present in the bride’s outfit. The heroes of the occasion can order a wedding treat decorated with real lace fabric, or ask the confectioners to create a patterned material using mastic. Edible decor will look cute and unusual, awaken the appetite of guests and will be a wonderful decoration of wedding photos.

Lace Wedding Cake Decoration

With ribbon and bow decor

For an official, magnificent wedding event, a dessert decorated with ribbons and bows is ideal. If desired, the newlyweds can additionally arrange such a treat with pearl edible beads, beautiful old brooches. Confectioners often use ordinary satin ribbons for decoration, which are attached to the bottom of each tier of the cake, make draperies of fabrics and bows from fabric material, or create an edible decoration using mastic and shining kandurin.

Decoration of a festive dessert in the form of ribbons and bows

Wedding Cake with White Ornament

The white ornament of the lilac cake, made of mastic or pastry cream, looks great and combines wonderfully with any color of the violet gamut. The more complicated the ornament and the more elaborate ligature of the patterns, the richer and more festive the cake looks, and the small decor, on the contrary, makes the treat concise and elegant. Making lilac treats with ornaments is perfect for a baroque wedding, a Chinese celebration, an English event, a holiday where oriental motifs are used in the decor.

White ornament in the design of a lilac cake

With a cascade of flowers

Flowers - an eternal trend in the design of any details of a wedding celebration, including a festive dessert. As a decoration, future spouses can use living plants that are suitable in color, for example, delicate lavender, touching irises, exquisite orchids, elegant roses or lush peonies. If the newlyweds want to make the floral details edible, you need to ask the confectioners about this. Professionals will be able to create a herbal composition for decorating lilac treats of any complexity.

Flower cascade for wedding cake

Butterfly Cake

Butterflies are delicate, fragile creatures, symbolizing the transition from one state to another, endless transformation, immortality, rebirth of the soul. Figures of these beautiful insects will become a wonderful decoration element of a wedding dessert, will create a special festive mood. Newlyweds can «to plant» to treat butterflies decorated in the same color, or choose a contrasting shade for them - in any case, the cake will look great.

Butterfly Cake Decorated with Butterflies

With flowers on top of the cake.

The flower arrangement decorating the top of the cake will look festive, elaborate and magnificent. Plants should be selected depending on the style of the holiday, the tastes of the newlyweds, the presence of certain elements in the outfits of the groom and the bride. It is good if at the top of the dessert the same flowers are present that are in the bouquet of the future spouse or in the design of the banquet hall. Additionally, the initial tier of wedding treats can be decorated with the initials of the heroes of the occasion, figures of the newlyweds.

Flowers at the top of a wedding dessert

Photo of lilac mastic cakes for a wedding

Deciding on the decor of a lilac wedding cake is not always easy, so the heroes of the occasion need to think about this issue in advance. Festive treats can be decorated with ribbons, fabrics, flowers, figures of animals, birds, beads or pearls, various ornaments. Check out the photo selection with the different lilac cake decor options:

Ideas for decorating a lilac dessert for a wedding