Purple wedding cake


Preparing for the wedding, the newlyweds spend a lot of time on the design of the holiday. To make everything look harmonious, you need to take care of a single color scheme for all the details of the event - from invitation cards to napkins on tables. The wedding cake should also correspond to the general decor of the holiday. Modern confectionery technology allows you to create a true work of art of any shade and shape. Take a look at the design options for the purple cake - a magnificent dessert, which will be a wonderful decoration of the festive event.

Purple Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Violet color means creativity, harmony, the pursuit of truth and spirituality, so it is perfect for decoration of any element of a wedding celebration, including a festive cake. The bride and groom can order a sweet dessert, fully made in this shade, or combine purple with other colors. This tone is usually attributed to «cold», therefore, it looks great along with snow-white, pale pink, hot pink, lilac, blue, as well as some «warm» shades, for example, with golden, yellow, green.

The violet palette includes many shades of varying degrees of saturation and brightness, so the newlyweds will be able to choose the color tone of the treat most suitable for the celebration. It can be pale, almost pastel shades of lilac, wisteria, gray-lavender, bright heliotropic, purple, amethyst colors, dark deep or Persian indigo (Persian blue). Depending on the wedding theme, customers can use any color of the palette as the basis for the wedding cake or make purple accents on a light dessert background.

Purple gradient filling dessert for wedding

Not only the outer part of the cake, but also its filling can please the eye with a beautiful color palette. Thanks to special food coloring, treat manufacturers can make the cake of the festive dessert dark purple, lavender, purple. A smooth transition from bright to pale will look good. A cake with such a filling will surprise those present and will look great on wedding photos. The cream between the cakes can also turn out to be of a suitable color, if future spouses will ask the confectioners to use certain berries - currants, blueberries, blueberries.

An important role in the celebration is played by the shape of the cake. It is different depending on the solemnity of the event, the wishes of the groom and the bride about the convenience of distributing refreshments, the number of guests. For a small wedding, a single-tier cake with a large radius or a narrow two-tier cake is enough, but for a lush celebration it is ideal «multi-story» dessert. Recently, multi-tiered treats with cupcakes - small portioned cupcakes served on special dishes, on the last tier of which a cake for cutting, have gained popularity.

Purple Wedding Cupcakes

Cake with a cascade of flowers

Flowers are an exquisite decoration for any wedding celebration. This design looks solemn and romantic, so future spouses can safely order a cake decorated with floral elements. Many pastry shops can offer newlyweds decoration with plants fashioned from mastic - a material that gives manufacturers the opportunity to create plant elements that look like living ones. Such flowers can be voluminous, repeating the appearance of the living, or flat.

Decoration of a purple dessert for a wedding with flowers

Another interesting way to decorate a purple cake is to use living plants. Despite the fact that these elements are inedible, dessert with them will look great and will attract the attention of those present. Orchids, roses, peony roses, peonies, alstroemeria, lilac, lavender can be used as decoration. Do not give preference to fresh flowers with delicate petals - their buds look beautiful, but such plants do not last long.

Decorated with sugar beads and pearls

Sugar beads will be a wonderful decoration of a purple cake for a wedding celebration. Future spouses can choose a laconic dessert of the corresponding shade and only lightly decorate it with sweet pearls, artificial beads - the treat will look solemn and beautiful. These decorative elements can also serve as an additional decoration: small shining details can be «to plant» inside the edible flower, lay out fantasy patterns with their help, arrange them inside the shell, if this is a cake for a wedding in a marine style.

Sugar beads - wedding dessert decoration

Rose or ruffle ombre cake

Ombre is a popular style of wedding decoration, which is a smooth transition from one shade to another or from dark to light. This technique is used to decorate many wedding details, the main sweet dish of the banquet is one of them. The treat, decorated with a gradient with natural or artificial flowers - roses, orchids, other plants, looks solemn and grand. A more romantic and simple option is to decorate the wedding dessert with cream «ruffles» with a transition from dark violet to white.

White and purple ombre cake for a wedding

Decorated with ribbons and bows.

For an official wedding event, dessert decorated with satin ribbons or bows is great. Conventional fabric materials or confectionery decorations can be used. Manufacturers can decorate the bottom of the cake tiers with satin ribbons, and exquisite lush bows can also be located there. If the newlyweds want these decor elements to be edible, confectioners can fashion them with mastic, and give the corresponding shine to kandurin. Such a purple cake is additionally decorated with flowers, beads, ornaments..

Making a wedding dessert with ribbons and bows

With openwork mastic ornament

Depending on the style of the wedding, future spouses can order a cake with a variety of mastic ornaments. Experienced confectioners create beautiful fantasy patterns on their own or make out a cake according to the sketch of the groom and the bride. The ornament is especially suitable for thematic marriages: a Chinese event, a Baroque wedding, an English or Oriental celebration - each holiday implies patterns in a certain style. Elements from mastic can complement the decor of a wedding treat or can be the main decoration of a dessert.

Openwork ornament for a purple dessert for a wedding

Cake decorated with initials or figures

Nothing emphasizes the belonging of the treat to the wedding event, as the edible figures of the groom and the bride, decorating its top, or the corresponding inscriptions. Newlyweds can buy ready-made figurines suitable for the style of the event, or order figurines that manufacturers will make similar to future spouses. Text elements will complement the design: it can be the initials of the groom and the bride, the wedding date, the name of the event, phrases. for instance, «Love forever», «Mr. and Mrs», «Best day ever», «One love, one lifetime».

Figures and inscriptions on a wedding cake

Photo of wedding cakes in purple colors

If future spouses decide to choose a cake in purple tones for their holiday, you first need to study many options for this treat, because for the decoration of a dessert of such shades, confectioners use a variety of details and elements. The cake can be covered with mastic or cream, decorated with delicate openwork lace, ribbons, bows, exquisite ornaments, elegant beads, sparkling pearls, rhinestones, living or artificial plants. For ideas on decorating a sweet dessert, see the photos below..

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas