Silver Wedding Cake


By twenty-five years of marriage, the couple had already gone through a lot together, their family became strong and happy. This anniversary is called a silver wedding, because the relationship of the heroes of the occasion is like a precious metal - they are beautiful, durable, bright. If the heroes of the day decide to celebrate the round date, you need to think about preparing a menu for the banquet in advance. A special item among other dishes will be dessert - a cake for a silver wedding, which should be arranged accordingly. The decor styles of this delicious treat will be described in detail below..

Cake Design Ideas for 25 Years of Wedding

The anniversary of the silver wedding is not only another reminder of the day when the newlyweds married, but also a large-scale, significant event, and therefore the cake for it must be chosen solemn and beautiful. Spouses can order a multi-tiered dessert, generously decorated with symbolic figures, silver ribbons, and shining pearls. It fits well into the theme and a beautiful confectionery product can be concisely decorated with silver mastic alone - it looks interesting and unusual, I really want to try such a great dessert right away.

Separately, the spouses should think about the filling of the cake - there are a great many of them. As a rule, dessert manufacturers separately offer to choose the type of protein cream that will be located between the cakes, impregnation for the dough. The culprits of the celebration should order a cake for a silver wedding with a light, airy creamy layer between biscuits and a low content of butter - another treat may be too «heavy» for guests and for the anniversaries themselves. Here is just a small list of the fillings from which a delicious dessert is made:

Dessert toppings on the twenty fifth anniversary

  • Yogurt.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Vanilla.
  • Caramel.
  • Sour cream.
  • Coffee shop.
  • Chocolate.
  • Tiramisu.
  • Praline.
  • bird's milk.

If desired, the couple can ask the confectioners to make a cake using several options of cream or impregnation - for example, with a strawberry taste, the banana blends perfectly, with milk chocolate - coffee and vanilla layers. Multilayer sugar treats with an interesting combination of fillings will definitely please those present, the main thing is to make sure that no one is allergic to the components of the cake. A fruit dessert is perfect for a magnificent feast, after which no one will have a feeling of heaviness.

Another interesting wedding anniversary treat idea is an anniversary cupcake cake. This dessert option only becomes popular during weddings, it is also perfect for an anniversary: ​​it is convenient to give small portions to guests and try, an unusual presentation will appeal to those present at the celebration. For cupcakes, a multi-tiered stand is suitable: cakes will be located on the lower tiers, and spouses can put a small cake on the top dish, which will be solemnly cut at the end of the banquet.

Cake cupcake for the twenty fifth wedding anniversary

Covered in silver mastic

Hue is of great importance when decorating a cake for a silver anniversary: ​​the color that reflects the symbol of the anniversary is perfect. The cake can be completely covered with silver mastic - this is a laconic, elegant and rich design. This cake looks great, it will certainly impress those present with original decor. Silver mastic alone does not happen, the whole thing is in a special dye - kandurin, with which manufacturers cover a layer of white or gray sweet paste. When making such a cake, other confectionery materials can also be used..

Silver Cake for Silver Anniversary

White cake with silver ribbons

White is the second color that is ideal for decorating a cake for its twenty-fifth anniversary. To decorate such a treat with symbolic elements, the heroes of the occasion may ask the pastry chef to complement the design with exquisite silver ribbons. Manufacturers will decorate the dessert with ordinary satin ribbons on the bottom of the tiers or make them an edible version: for example, from mastic coated with kandurin. Delicate silver ribbons fashioned from sweet pasta by the hands of an experienced pastry chef will be the perfect decoration for a white wedding anniversary cake.

White cake dessert for a silver anniversary with ribbons

With inscriptions or numbers «25 years»

To emphasize the symbolism of the silver wedding, the newlyweds can order a cake with the corresponding inscriptions - for example, with the date of the wedding, the name of the anniversary, the number of years lived together. If the cake is presented as a gift to anniversaries by children or guests, invitees can ask the pastry chef to write some wishes or congratulations for the spouses: «happy Anniversary!», «We wish you happiness and love», «With a silver wedding!» You should definitely indicate the date so that it is preserved on the holiday photographs, which will remind the heroes of the occasion of the holiday.

Anniversary dessert lettering for silver anniversary.

Decorated with flowers and swans

There are many decorative elements that symbolize the long life together of the spouses, their experience, well-being acquired together. If a cake for a silver wedding is decorated with swans or pigeons - this suggests that for twenty-five years the couple have been a faithful, loving couple, did not stop in front of difficulties and always supported each other. The decor of the dessert for the anniversary with flowers speaks of the prosperity of the family, its strength, a warm family hearth. A variety of plants decorating the cake can symbolize the rebirth of life, love for offspring, family ties.

Silver Anniversary Dessert Decoration

Heart cake

A wonderful element of the decoration of the cake for the silver anniversary is the hearts that speak of the sincere love of the spouses. The treat made in the form of these figures looks interesting, emphasizes the good relations between the heroes of the occasion, their long unquenchable feelings. In the case of hearts, spouses can depart from the white-silver flowers of the cake, make it bright or pastel. To emphasize the connection of the treats with the anniversary, the culprits should decorate the hearts with an inscription with the date of the wedding or the name of the twenty-fifth anniversary.

Cake heart for 25 years of wedding

Photo of wedding cakes for a silver wedding

Dessert for the 25th anniversary can be of different shapes - classic round, asymmetrical, in the form of a heart or other shapes. both single-tier and multi-tiered treats look good. Any kind of confectionery that emphasizes the theme of the anniversary will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table. You can decorate the dessert on top with cream, powdered sugar, mastic, ribbons, lace, edible beads, natural or artificial flowers - see a selection of photos that will help you get some fresh ideas.

Ideas for decorating a silver anniversary dessert