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The apogee of the wedding is the newlyweds cutting the cake, so the dessert is given special attention. Cakes of various configurations, sizes, colors and with various decorations are ordered. Now with a single-tiered product you will not surprise anyone anymore - high wedding cakes are in fashion. A harmonious combination of elegance and aesthetics is a three-tiered cake decorated with flowers or berries. And the airy biscuit, saturated with aromatic liquor and decorated with low-calorie cream, will not leave indifferent even the most true gourmet.

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Tips for choosing multi-tiered cakes

In order for the wedding cake not only to amaze the guests with its magnificent appearance, but also to satisfy taste preferences, you need to take care of its choice in advance. Use some tips when ordering a festive three-tiered treat:

  1. Read reviews about the master or confectionery in which you will make an order, because good specialists always have a lot of customers and orders. Large confectioneries usually have catalogs with offers of different creams and a list of cakes.
  2. Decide on the weight and size. You need to calculate the number of invited guests, and order a lot of dessert based on this quantity. Consider the number at the wedding of children, men, women and their taste preferences, as well as the calorie content of the product. The average portion of dessert is usually 150 g, but if it is too satisfying, then the portions will be smaller.
  3. Think about the design. If the wedding cake will weigh more than 3 kg, then it is usually made in three tiers. Some newlyweds order a wedding dessert in such a way that they can take home the entire top floor after the banquet and enjoy the treat on their own.
  4. Choose the design for your wedding culinary masterpiece. Figurines of the bride and groom, swans, pigeons, patterns imitating lace, hearts, rings and flowers are popular. This beauty is made of edible (mastic, chocolate, caramel) or inedible (clay, porcelain) materials according to your desire.
  5. Discuss the recipe, shape, color and decor of the wedding cake. Often, festive white desserts are decorated with decorations that are coated with a special silver dye that is absolutely safe for health. It is better to create a three-tier cake with multi-colored, since the white color in wedding photos looks like a colorless stain.
  6. Before ordering a large wedding dessert, order a small cake to taste and evaluate the taste in advance. When tasting, make adjustments if necessary.

Three-tier cake is better to make color

Stand and number of tiers

Three-tier cakes look great if you choose the appropriate stand for them. Tiers can be located nearby or in a small distance. There are designs of several whatnots, interconnected. They are usually made of white plastic, silver chrome steel, yellow brass, and can be completely wooden. If you want a wedding three-tier cake with one common core in the center, then you need to choose a design consisting of trays of different diameters and tubes screwed to them, like bulbs to cartridges.

Typically, coasters for a three-tiered wedding treat are rented out on bail in pastry shops or are easy to find and buy in supermarkets. The more expensive the cost of the stand, the more you will have to leave as collateral. After its return, the amount of the deposit will be returned to you minus the cost of rent, for which you will agree in advance.

But if you can’t find a three-tier stand for a wedding cake, don’t worry: a good master will make the wedding creation so that the cake will perfectly last without a stand. If the base of a three-tiered biscuit dessert is 90% baked well and does not have too thick layers of protein or cream, then rest assured that it will withstand any tests and will not crumble before an amazed audience.

Decorative stand for three-tier cake

Every bride's dream is a multi-tiered wedding cake. But if there will be only 20 or 30 guests at the wedding, then many tiers cannot be made, because in order for the structure to hold, the bottom layer should be at least 3 kg. A multi-tiered dessert sometimes weighs 15 kg or more. But everything is possible in the modern world and pastry masters can offer you an alternative: make the first tier in the form of a fake. Inside the first tier, foam is made, decorated with chocolate or velvet, which is outwardly absolutely identical to the upper tiers, which are already a full-fledged dessert.

Shape, color and filling

More recently, the newlyweds preferred exclusively round wedding cakes or in the shape of a heart. Nowadays, creativity and individualism are in fashion, so we often see cakes in weddings in various exclusive variations: in the form of the Eiffel Tower, cornucopia, planet Earth or a baby carriage. For yourself, choose the form of a three-tier design, depending on the theme of the wedding celebration.

For example, if a gangster party is being prepared, make a main dessert in the form of a weapon. At a vintage wedding, the place will have a dessert in the form of an old car, a sailboat or a gramophone. If the groom likes to play chess, order a cake in the form of a chessboard. Do not be afraid to experiment, put forward the most unusual ideas. Any creative is always found on «Hooray».

Fancy wedding cake

The white color of the three-tiered cake is the most popular. But they also order multi-colored tiers: blue, red, to match the color of the bride’s bouquet or to the main color of the banquet hall. As for the types of impregnations and fillings for a wedding masterpiece, there are a great many of them. We suggest you familiarize yourself with more standard fillings:

  • Meringue. This is an air layer that has completely different taste shades. If you beat meringue and add vanilla, pistachios, coconut or cocoa, you can achieve an unusual taste. Meringues are usually placed between biscuit cakes as the main layer.
  • Biscuit. Extraordinarily tasty dough, from which culinary specialists create volume for their products. The biscuit mass has great porosity, so it’s great for the foundation of any wedding treat.
  • Cream. Impregnations for a wedding cake are different: custard, cream, with condensed milk or sour cream. Various creams are suitable for different layers of dessert.
  • Candied fruits, nuts, nougat. All these ingredients are also used for wedding baking. They put them whole, chopped, ground, the main thing is to know the measure, because nuts and seeds are very high in calories.

Wedding cakes are made in different colors.

Decoration and decoration

The art of creating culinary wedding masterpieces is to choose the right decor for the cake, because first they meet «clothes», and taste is determined much later. Masters of their craft can realize any desire of the client, and as a decor they usually use marzipan, fruits, flowers, ribbons, figures. Recently, newlyweds often order their photo on the top floor of the main dessert of the wedding, which is prepared by the chefs on top of the dessert. Edible picture applied with food coloring.

The original way to decorate goodies is a cream inscription on its surface. Absolutely any slogan is compiled, for example, «Vasya + Tanya» or «May you live happily ever after». Relief wedding three-tier cakes with colored elements or a cake, the surface of which resembles fabric upholstery, look successful. Skilled craftsmen achieve a similar effect by special surface treatment with mastic and mascarpone cheese. At the request of customers, this technique can be used as part of the decor or completely simulate the surface of the entire three-tiered product.

Three-tier cake with lace upholstery effect

Another fashionable trend was a wedding cake with a realistic print. This effect is created by applying fashionable color prints to the mastic. The image can be of different subjects: photos of the bride and groom, watercolor sketches and more. The main thing is that the applied drawing does not look like a foreign body, but harmoniously fits into the overall design of the product. Realistic print is edible and harmless..

This year's main sweet wedding trend has become «naked» cake. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that in the process of its manufacture it is not necessary to whip the icing, mastic is not used: all the cakes are open. Only the top of the item is decorated with cream, fruit, flowers or figures, for which dessert is called «naked». This is a great choice for the so-called eco-wedding.

Three-tier cakes without filling

How to assemble a multi-tiered cake - master class

When collecting a two or three-tiered cake, it is important that the lower tier does not sag under the weight of the upper layers. Avoiding such trouble is easy with the help of cocktail tubes or wooden skewers, which are sold in supermarkets. If you are preparing a multi-tiered cake yourself, then think about the density of the cakes, for example, make the lower tier honey and the upper tarts light biscuit. If the recipe is correctly observed, then the lower tier will not need to be strengthened.

When strengthening the cake in its lower area, determine the center and insert the skewer perpendicularly into it. Measure the length and pull it back. Cut the desired length of the skewer and the same on the cocktail tube, and then insert the skewer into the tube and return the whole structure to the cake. Insert the same elements in several places near the center for strength, and then boldly set the top tier on top, which will not press with its weight and will not damage the base of the dessert.

Strengthening the lower tier

Video: how to cut a wedding cake

The highlight of the wedding is cutting the cake. Do not think that during the cutting, the young and guests share their well-being. On the contrary - they give guests invited happiness, share joy. How to properly cut a three-tiered dessert, look at the video:

Photo of beautiful multi-tiered wedding cakes

Three-tier designer wedding cakes are not cheap, so not all newlyweds can afford this luxury. But if you still decide to order a work of art for the wedding, then remember that the appearance of the product is not everything. Choose the right stuffing, pay special attention to transporting your dessert so as not to damage it on the road, enjoy a beautiful and tasty treat at the wedding. We have prepared a photo selection of beautiful, in our opinion, wedding cakes, and we hope that some will prompt you to create your culinary masterpiece.

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