Cream wedding cakes


The trend of the current year in the field of wedding cakes is decor with butter and protein cream. Using a pastry syringe, specialists can create whole culinary masterpieces - roses, different patterns, ruffles - and all this can be combined with ribbons, fresh flowers. Also, desserts coated in full cream are in great demand - throughout the area. How to arrange a wedding treat with taste, exquisite and stylish, read on.

How are cream petals made?

Ideas for decorating a wedding cake with butter cream

There are a lot of ideas how to decorate a wedding cake with cream in an original way. Decorating cakes with a thick sweet mass is relatively easy, because the oil structure is denser than other types of cream, which means mixing natural dyes, getting different shades of colors, forming different shapes will be much easier. Flowers, leaves, bows, ruffles, patterns on the dessert, made with oil, will look neat and natural.

However, such material quickly melts in the heat, and therefore the cake should be stored until it is taken out in the refrigerator and not stand for a long time in the banquet hall, otherwise the creamy details may lose their shape. In addition, the oil cream is too heavy for the stomach, especially after a hearty feast, so it is inappropriate to order a cake with an oily cream that is too large in volume for the wedding.

Butter cream

Wedding cake of roses

The cake, laid out with roses, is made using a pastry syringe or a bag with nozzles, which spread the buds on the entire surface of the dessert. They form a single layer, as a result of which the entire surface of the cakes becomes covered with cream. This decorative solution is a new trend in the design of wedding cakes, but incredibly successful. Oil-based roses look very natural and gentle, create the right impression and give off a cake, as it should be. Such a dessert looks especially impressive using:

  • the ombre color technique, when the color of the product smoothly changes from light to darker;
  • pastel colors - pink, beige, snow-white, cream, blue;
  • different colors for each tier, if they harmoniously combine with the general concept of room decor.

Roses decor

Ruffle decor

The ruffles on the cake with butter cream imitate the bends of natural fabric that fill the entire upper and side surfaces of the cakes. Smooth cream waves look gentle, refined. They themselves perfectly decorate wedding treats - additional decor is optional. A cake with ruffles looks especially impressive when there are several tiers. Pay attention that the bride’s wedding dress does not have similar motives (if this is not part of the design plan), otherwise the dessert design will be associated with it.

The color scheme of such wedding cakes can be various: monophonic and not, pastel or brighter shades. The ombre color looks most effective; on ruffles it is used very often. Pastel colors perfectly match the theme of the celebration, they are often combined with the colors of the same palette or selected in contrast. Among other things, the shape of the ruffle can be any - wavy lines, loops, located vertically or horizontally.

Decoration of cakes with ruffles

Curls of different shapes and flowers

A wedding dessert may not be fully decorated with cream decorative elements. For example, cakes can be hidden under a cloth of mastic or white chocolate, and patterns or flowers made with oil cream are applied on top. The dense and thick cream base lays down neatly, creates stable forms. This design looks great in combination with fresh flowers, berries and other tier decorations.

A fashionable trend was the design of the cake lace cream. This decoration is ideally complemented by delicate cream roses. The delicate work of the confectioner makes the lace fabric very similar to the present, so the dessert decorated with such a decor looks delicate, unusual and ideal for weddings in vintage style. This type of decoration will look less heavy, and the cake itself is not so high-calorie for guests, which is appropriate after a hearty banquet.

Decor tiers curls

Wedding Cake Decorating Options with Protein Cream

Protein cream is lighter and more airy than butter, which means ordering a treat decorated with it is more profitable in price and taste. However, it dries quickly in the air, the details become fragile and can crack, so you need to be extremely careful when storing and taking out the cake. It is advisable to decorate the dessert during the banquet so that the cream remains fresh when served.

Dessert decoration with protein roses

Decorative elements made with such a cream look presentable and appetizing. They are made in the form of flowers, petals, patterns, inscriptions, which fully or partially cover the tiers. Due to the fragility of the protein cream after drying, it is more advisable to make large decorative elements with it, and if the whole cake is covered with it, then the layer should be significant. Thin and small details are suitable for creating patterns and lace. How to make a protein cream at home, see this video:

Decoration of the cake in the form of petals

Creamy petals, like roses or ruffles, completely cover the cake layers. Such a surface of tiers looks original and not boring. Petals go well with creamy flowers or natural buds. It is necessary to install natural mini-bouquets on such a cake when the area of ​​the cream on which they are lying dries out a bit, because the texture of the proteins is very delicate. The ombre color scheme is perfect here..

Using creamy petals, experienced confectioners can lay out one large bud around the upper tier. In this case, toppers (figures of the bride and groom) may not be installed at all or be placed on the lower tiers. If the cake is small, then the decision to make it in the shape of a flower will be the most acceptable. Additional decor elements (green grass under a tray with a flower cake, the use of natural dyes) will make the culinary masterpiece as close as possible to the original plant.

Types of petal design

Floral patterns and curls around the edges

Ideally, when a wedding dessert is not completely covered with protein details, but is done as a fringing of tiers. Patterns, curls, an ornament of whipped proteins, placed at the edges, will not spoil the beauty of the treats, even if they are slightly dry and cracked. By choosing this design option, you can combine several types of material, thereby diversifying the taste of the dessert. It can be a protein pattern and:

  • mastic;
  • chocolate;
  • powdered sugar;
  • caramel;
  • cream;
  • butter, cottage cheese, yogurt cream;
  • mascarpone cheese;
  • nut, coconut flakes;
  • souffle or fondant.

Flower Cascades

Photo of wedding cakes with cream decor

There are many options and technologies for decorating wedding cakes. When ordering a dessert decorated with cream, you need to accurately imagine what result you want to get in the end. Only in this case, the decor of the main wedding treat will perfectly match the design of the entire wedding. The design of such a cake can be developed by you yourself, or a ready-made idea can be taken, for example, from the ones proposed below.

Decor of roses

Gentle tones

Original jewelry

Decoration of several tiers