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Sugar mastic firmly occupies the hearts of the sweet tooth and the minds of confectioners. In modern wedding fashion, a cake made of mastic takes an honorable place of a leader. Mastic is easy to use, painted in any color and holds its shape well, so it is subject to the most violent fantasies of the newlyweds. An additional advantage of such a wedding dessert is that under the mastic decor you can hide the filling for every taste.

Cake with mastic for a wedding

Mastic Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Any decent wedding salon or private pastry chef with a good reputation will definitely offer future newlyweds a catalog of desserts with ready-made decor ideas. Exclusive design is also widespread. After all, every couple wants a wedding to be special, and an original cake is a good way to surprise guests. What does modern fashion offer?

Trends in decorating wedding cakes with mastic in 2016 are developing in several directions:

  • Classical design using wedding paraphernalia, but with a bias towards minimalism.

Classic wedding mastic cake

  • Ample adornment with flowers, including alive ones (not only roses, lilies, lilies of the valley, orchids or peonies traditional for weddings are suitable for floral decoration, but also violets, daisies, field flowers and even succulents that will make your treat extraordinary).

Wedding cake with flowers

  • Edible Rice Paper Prints.

Wedding dessert with photos

  • Emphasis on coating of cakes (the latest trend is ombre, gold or silver metallic, fabric texture, lace).

Fashionable wedding cakes with mastic

  • Themed cakes in the style of a wedding scenario.

Themed desserts with mastic for the wedding

Separately, it is worth highlighting one more fashionable direction, which is combined with any of the aforementioned trends. This is the small size of the cakes used even in a multi-tiered dessert. Huge cream and biscuit designs, in which dancers and pigeons were previously hidden, are long outdated. The smaller the pastry masterpieces, the brighter the trend. Therefore, it is worth considering another option for decorating a wedding sweet treat - a candy bar.

Wedding Candy Bar

Candy-bar (literally «candy bar») - a separately set table with various portioned goodies: classic cakes, cupcakes, handmade sweets, pasta, tartlets, etc. The candy bar often complements the traditional small cake so as not to violate the tradition of cutting the main treat. For a wedding with a small number of guests, the stylish option will be a multi-tiered whatnot, on the upper tier of which there is a cake for the bride and groom, and on the lower tiers there is a candy bar for guests.

Figures of swans or pigeons

Swans for wedding cake

A pair of white swans or doves is an attribute of pure love and fidelity - a wedding treat decor popular with newlyweds. For such products snow-white mastic is used. Birds with feather texture are reproduced spectacularly. Figurines-symbols are not customary to eat - according to tradition, the bride and groom should keep them as a keepsake. Porcelain or glass birds are also popular, which, decorating a wedding cake, will subsequently become part of the home interior..

Wedding rings

Wedding treats with wedding rings

Wedding rings, along with swans or pigeons, as the decor of a wedding cake will always be a sought after decoration. Rings made of mastic are the simplest decorative design element that even a novice pastry chef will master. So that the theme of wedding rings at a treat does not seem banal, beat it by connecting imagination and humor. It is worth changing the size, shape or color of this decor, and wedding rings will no longer seem like an old-fashioned decoration, having fun not only the groom and the bride, but also the guests.

Photos of the newlyweds

Cake with photos of the newlyweds

Another fashion trend in the design of a wedding cake is the photo prints of the groom and the bride, made on edible rice paper with food colors. Such jewelry is not considered complex or expensive and is available for order in any reputable confectionery. Photos for the cake are selected and made according to the style of the wedding (for example, black and white, themed or collage). If the celebration script is traditional, just beautiful photos of the newlyweds will do..

Wedding style decoration

Stylish wedding cakes with mastic

Many modern grooms and brides prefer themed weddings with an original script and unusual surroundings. Cake at such a wedding is a powerful decorating technique. If it is supposed, for example, a rocker wedding, motorcycles will become a bright decoration of the dessert. For a boho or eco wedding party, trendy cakes without a Naked Cake topcoat are great. A beach scenario will perfectly complement a mastic cake with marine attributes.

Themed Wedding Dessert

If the bride and groom want a traditional, but stylish multi-tiered dessert, the right decision would be to continue the color scheme of the wedding decoration in the decor of the treat. The decoration of a wedding cake in the style of a bride’s outfit is considered trendy. For this, the confectioner needs to show the wedding dress in advance, and modern culinary materials and technologies will allow reproducing the pattern and texture of the fabric or lace of the desired color on the cakes.

Wedding treats according to the bride’s style

How to make a wedding cake without mastic?

The latest trend of wedding pastry fashion, which was set in the past year by Hollywood stars - «naked» Naked Cake Cakes. Naked Cake cakes are not covered on top, leaving a feeling of carelessness and «home baking». The sponge layers in Naked Cake are often intentionally stacked unevenly, and the filling should be clearly visible. The decor of such cakes is minimal: flowers (sugar or living), fruits, thematic figurines. It is allowed to use a little glaze or chocolate on the top cake.

Wedding Naked Cake

A more traditional version of the decoration without mastic is cream or cream decor. Among the new products in the design of such wedding cakes - homogeneous in color (usually white) deliberately careless coating with large «brush strokes» or a solid repeating pattern in shape (monochrome or gradient colors). Artistic painting with cream or cream is also still in fashion. A suitable addition would be themed figurines, fruits and other classic pastry decorations.

Wedding treat without mastic

Cake for newlyweds without mastic

How to coat a cake with sugar mastic do it yourself?

To decorate cakes with mastic is quite possible for any housewife. To do this, you will need the actual mastic, food coloring, powdered sugar or starch, a flat surface for rolling out, a plastic rolling pin and a sharp knife. Experienced confectioners in the work with mastic mass use special tools and forms. This facilitates painstaking work and allows you to create perfectly even elements. And flowers or leaves fashioned using special tools are difficult to distinguish from real ones..

Cord-tight mastic

If it is not possible to purchase culinary tools for mastic, use improvised tools for decoration. Mastic itself for the first time (or if the practice of preparing it is not enough), we recommend you to buy ready-made. This will save you from unsuccessful attempts and save time. In culinary stores, both white and colored pulp are sold. If color mastic is needed very little, purchase only white, and purchase dyes separately.

Roll out the mastic on a smooth surface, which is sprinkled with powdered sugar or starch. Hands in the process, so that the mastic does not stick, are also treated with starch (less often oil). It should be noted that although the basis of any mastic is powdered sugar, the product for pulling on the surface of the cake and for the figures differs in properties due to the additional ingredients used in the composition. Excess mastic is wrapped in a film to prevent drying, and solidified soften by heating.

Smoothing mastic on the cake

Before coating the cake with mastic, the cakes are pre-coated with butter cream and carefully leveled. After rolling the mastic mass into a layer with a thickness of at least 5 mm, check if there are any traces of a rolling pin or hands on the surface. Carefully lifting the rolled mastic, cover the cake, making sure that there are no air bubbles. With a special smoothing agent (or just with your hands), carefully smooth the mastic on the surface of the cakes, pressing lightly on all sides. Cut the rest with a sharp knife.

Photo of single and two-tier mastic cakes 2016

Our photo gallery of wedding cakes 2016 will tell you what design to order or do it yourself for the upcoming celebration. A modern wedding cake is not only food and tradition, but also an integral decorative part of the overall purpose of the holiday. Feel free to mix your favorite elements, change colors, add your own twist - so you get your unique delicious wedding treat.








Video: master class on making flowers from mastic

Mastering the art of making mastic flowers will be easier if you watch this process in a video tutorial. Try to repeat the wizard step by step first. Having trained with simple elements, you can realize your own ideas. All the tools used by the master in the presented video are sold in specialized pastry shops or on the Internet. They simplify work with mastic and provide an ideal result..