Lettering on Wedding Cakes


There is a good tradition - to decorate holiday cakes with inscriptions in which guests express their love and respect to the heroes of the occasion. Wedding is a great day! So why not please the newlyweds with beautiful words with good wishes? Want to know the possible options for the inscriptions on wedding cakes and the rules for applying, as well as see their photo?

How to come up with a text for a wedding cake

How to choose an inscription for a wedding cake?

There are two main options for greeting texts for wedding cakes. The first is phrases that mention the names of the bride and groom. In addition to them, the surface of the confectionery is decorated with images of wedding, romantic paraphernalia - rings, hearts, figures of newlyweds. An alternative is to use not the full names of the bride and groom, but only their capital letters. It is attractive because large letters can be seen from afar, many guests will surely notice them.

The second option is the tracing of some winged expression with the wishes of good, happiness, love. Traditional wishes to the bride and groom «May you live happily ever after», «Bitterly» considered good but a little «bored» inscription options. Those who love originality are advised to choose a different phrase, for example, in English. «Sweet like our love», which means «Sweet as our love».

What is undesirable to write on the cake

What you should not write on the cake?

Congratulations written on the cake should be concise. The surface of the confectionery, although relatively large, but write a little on it. This is not a specially designed greeting card. The maximum number of words is five or six, it just won’t fit anymore. Therefore, you should not compose long wedding greetings.

No need to write phrases like: «Congratulations dear / beloved». These phrases are found on funeral wreaths. Newlyweds, wedding banquet guests will associate these words with another, less festive event. When writing, you should pay attention to literacy, it is better to check the spelling in the congratulation text several times. Commas must be placed correctly in it (if needed).

Ideas for wedding inscriptions and rules for applying them

Ideas for inscriptions and rules for applying them

The task of composing a congratulation text is simplified if the option is selected «personal» congratulations. It will only be necessary to arrange the inscription accordingly so that it looks festive and pleases the eye. Between the initials of the newlyweds, hearts, rings are usually painted with cream, and the letters are surrounded by mastic flowers. If you choose the option of congratulations in a few words, you have to come up with a text yourself: the only way you can achieve originality. If the fantasy is tight, use the ready-made ideas for the text of the wedding greetings. Here they are:

  • Together forever!
  • May you live happily ever after!
  • We wish you love and happiness!
  • Be happy kids!
  • Love and prosperity!
  • Happy Wedding Day!

Rules for applying congratulatory texts on the cake:

  1. Congratulatory text should be short, no more than 5-6 words. If the words are long, try to find their synonyms, which consist of fewer letters.
  2. Choose the color of glaze, cream so that the inscription is contrasting, stands out well against the general background.
  3. The location of the phrase depends only on the imagination of the artist. The main thing is that it be smooth, located symmetrically with respect to the outer edges of the cake.
  4. The surface of the cake should be flat. If you write the words directly along the tubercles, hollows, the letters will inevitably blur and will be sloppy. If necessary, smooth the surface on which you want to apply text.
  5. In order not to spoil the line, draw a line with a toothpick or brush on the surface of the cake before applying letters.
  6. Be sure to practice writing before embellishing a culinary product.
  7. Words must be written without breaks - hyphenation is not allowed.
  8. To facilitate the task, you should calculate the number of letters in the congratulation, and then calculate their size so that the text fits entirely without creeping over the edges.
  9. Do not forget to make videos and photos of your work.

Photo of funny inscriptions on wedding cakes

Photo of funny texts on wedding cakes