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The newlyweds pay special attention to choosing a wedding cake. A sweet confectionery is the logical culmination of the whole celebration, so every couple seeks to choose a beautiful, eye-catching, mesmerizing dessert that matches the color scheme and theme of the event. The classic three-tier products were replaced by fashionable cakes, reminiscent of the design of many small portioned desserts. Why wedding cakes with cakes have gained such popularity among newlyweds?

Fashionable Wedding Cake Cake

The Benefits of a Wedding Cake Cake

  • Convenience when cutting. When the bride and groom cut a multi-tiered cake at the end of the festive evening, this sometimes causes difficulties, plus the process itself takes a lot of time. Cutting pieces of the same size is not easy. With portioned cakes, such difficulties will not be at all.
  • The same servings. The same mini-cakes are distributed to all guests, so there will be no people dissatisfied with the portion of dessert.
  • Ease of transportation. It is much easier to transport a collapsible design with a dozen cupcakes than to deliver a massive confectionery from a bakery to a banquet hall.
  • Proper weight calculation. When ordering a regular cake, you will have to guess how many grams of dessert will be needed for each participant in the banquet. When agreeing on the purchase of a prefabricated cakes, you need to know only the number of guests. Bake small cupcakes according to the number of guests.
  • Choice of fillings. One-piece wedding cake is baked with one or two flavoring fillings, and portioned cupcakes can be made with different fillings. So each guest will get his own original and unique dessert.

Wedding dessert with cakes

Wedding Cake Tips

In order for the wedding cake to amaze all guests present at the celebration with its taste and appearance, you should choose the dessert option correctly and entrust it to an experienced pastry chef. There are several basic rules for choosing a wedding confectionery:

  1. Entrust the preparation of the cake to an experienced, experienced confectioner only. Be sure to read the reviews about the bakery in which you are going to make an order.
  2. If the newlyweds opted for a traditional multi-tiered cake, the weight of the product should be calculated according to the number of invited guests. The average portion of dessert is 150 g per person. When ordering a wedding cake with pastries, the number of small cupcakes should be equal to the number of guests or be a few more (in case of the presence of sweets, who may want an addition).
  3. The wedding cake should be light in taste. After a plentiful feast, not all guests will want to eat a piece of dessert with a thick butter cream and lots of sugar. An increasing number of couples choose a light dessert based on sponge cakes with whipped cream and fresh berries..
  4. Tasting. Only a preliminary test will help you determine the exact choice of filling and impregnation for cakes. Order a miniature version of your cake (weighing about 0.5 kg) or a few cakes. After trying it, you can make some adjustments to the recipe, as well as express your wishes to the confectioner.

Choosing a wedding cake

Stand and number of tiers

The cake stand and the number of tiers will depend on the number of guests. First, calculate the approximate weight of the entire confectionery design, taking into account the fact that the weight of one cake is on average 200 grams, and one cupcake or cake is 150 g. Next, determine whether the whole dessert will be made from cakes or a small cake will be placed on top of the design. When ordering a wedding dessert with cakes, some newlyweds prefer to make a small cake with the last tier, which they can take with them to enjoy the next day.

How to calculate the number of tiers for a wedding dessert

For a wedding with twenty guests, the weight of the dessert will be no more than three kilograms. They create it on two tiers, or the cakes are laid out on the lower and middle tiers, and a small cake for the bride and groom will be the third tier. For a celebration for 50 people, order a dessert weighing about 8 kg. In this case, it is convenient to place cupcakes on a three-tier stand, in which the lower tier has a diameter of 25 cm, the middle is 20 cm, and the upper is 10 cm. Dessert per 100 people is performed on a four-tier stand: the first tier is 30 cm, the second is 25 cm the third is 20 cm, the top is 15 cm.

How many tiers for a cake do you need for a wedding

Design color

The color scheme of wedding desserts allows the newlyweds to choose not just the cake they like, but to order it in the colors of the theme of the event. Please note that overly bright confectionery design elements usually include dyes in their recipe. To avoid embarrassing situations, it is best to make sure all your guests are not allergic to these ingredients in advance.

The color scheme of wedding baking

No need to rush to the other extreme - order a completely white wedding cake. Such a dessert may look inexpressive in wedding photos and video shooting; decor elements will not be clearly visible on it. It is traditionally customary to decorate wedding cakes with fresh berries, cream flowers, nuts, icing, mastic. Desserts decorated with a combination of pink and blue shades look beautiful.

The selection of wedding pastries is huge. You can order something that suits your taste and ideas about the quality of wedding baking. For a summer wedding banquet, it is recommended to serve cakes with shortcrust pastry, supplemented with fresh berries, custard or cream. Products with a jelly layer look bright. Guests will not be indifferent to cupcakes with tiramir, cream with mascarpone or ricotta. But the well-known confectionery Crockembusch and macaroon are in great demand..

Wedding Cupcakes


Crocembouche is an unchanging attribute of a classic French wedding. Stylish Parisian brides order an exquisite cone-shaped dessert to celebrate their wedding day. Many small cakes - profiteroles - lay out a cone-shaped design. Inside each there is a filling: custard, cheese, melted chocolate with nuts or berries, it all depends on your wishes. The solemnity of the holiday confectionery is given by golden caramel threads. This exquisite accent makes the pastries especially festive and magnificent..

Wedding crocambush


Another French dessert that will look beautiful at a wedding is small light macaroon cakes made on the basis of almond flour and egg whites. They have a nice soft texture inside and a crispy outside. Macaroons make different colors, you can easily choose the right shade of dessert, which will be combined with the color style of the whole celebration. Such cakes can be a complete replacement for the wedding cake or become its beautiful addition. A combination of different shades of macaroon dessert in one design looks unusual and stylish..

Macaroons for the wedding

Croquetmbusch recipe video

Thanks to our tips, you can easily make the choice of wedding baking. But do not rush to order a beautiful dessert for the wedding day in the confectionery, try to make it yourself at home. After watching the video master class below, you will learn how to bake and build a classic French Crockembus.

Photo ideas for wedding cake cakes

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