Lace wedding cake


Wedding cake is performed in a huge number of types and forms. This year's trend is a lace dessert for a wedding that looks simply amazing. It harmoniously fits into a vintage, classic or any other style of celebration, becoming a banquet decoration. Lace desserts look milky, creamy, beige or cream shades look great, and instead of sweet lace, chefs sometimes use real.

Wedding Cake Tips With Lace

Wedding cake with lace cannot but like. It exists out of time and will never go out of style. This dessert is not only beautiful, but also incredibly tasty, therefore it has such success with the newlyweds. When ordering such a treat for the wedding, the bride often combines lace elements of the cake with a wedding dress. Confectioners even add a few edible ribbons or buttons to the dessert, identical to the decor of the wedding attire. The choice of lace desserts is huge:

  • tapes;
  • bows;
  • border;
  • black lace on cream or white;
  • butterflies;
  • ivory on a peach background;
  • lace with red flowers;
  • pearls;
  • other options.

Wedding cake in the color of the dress of the bride

The use of a floral theme in lace desserts is popular. Edible or fresh flowers give them a special solemnity and originality. Large flower buds are usually placed in cascades on the side of the dessert or in small bouquets. Smaller buds are placed at the highest level of the wedding cake. Cakes with flowers on chocolate lace look unusual and so amazing that it’s hard to look away from them..

Chocolate lace - the top of culinary art

Cake decorating is an important factor, but you should not forget about its taste when choosing. Therefore, before placing an order, you should conduct a tasting of goodies. You can not buy «pig in a poke», choosing from the catalog, hoping only for the reputation of the confectionery. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting an unpleasant surprise during a wedding party. First order a cake without decor and decorations in a small size (up to 1 kg). So, even before the wedding, you can adjust, if necessary, the taste of your wedding masterpiece.

Stand and number of tiers

Typically, the basis of the wedding treat is a biscuit: light, tasty, fragrant. But this softness makes it difficult to make a multi-tiered cake: the upper tiers will crush the lower one. There are two outputs:

  1. Make lower tiers of harder honey or nut cakes.
  2. Use a special stand, in which each layer can be made biscuit. When using such a stand, tiers do not need to be stacked on top of each other, and each lace level will have its own plate.

Wedding cake coasters are made of various materials: glass, plastic, wood, metal and look very solemn. Another positive point is that the cake on the stand is easy to transport, and the biscuit tower in several tiers without a stand will make the newlyweds worry all the way for the safety of the dessert and its safe arrival for the holiday.

Three-tier lace cake on a stand

Design color and filling

A lace wedding cake has any filling. It depends on the preferences of the newlyweds, as it is impossible to please all the guests at the wedding. But there are fillings that everyone likes, so it’s better to avoid unusual taste combinations of a wedding dessert so that everyone invited will like it. Do not order too fat cake. By the time it is served, all guests will be full, so such a dessert risks not being eaten.

Use soufflé, fruits, berries, cream or yogurt as a filling - everyone loves it, without exception. The season of the celebration also leaves its mark, for example, in the summer heat, select ingredients that will not lose their appearance and will not deteriorate during the wedding banquet. This is a very important point, do not lose sight of it..

For lace cake, it is better to use pastel shades - they look more tender. But young newlyweds often order neon shades or bright contrasts, for example, red sugar roses with black lace on a snow-white basis. Too bright colors are achieved due to dyes, which for especially sensitive guests can cause an allergic reaction, so it is better to refrain from extremes at a wedding.

Too contrasty colors not everyone's taste

A completely snow-white lace cake, on the contrary, does not look very expressive. In wedding videos and photos, he will merge with the outfit of the bride, and the reliefs will not be visible at all. The best option is a combination of delicate shades: pink or peach base and blue or white lace. Such shades always look tasteful and stylish. If you really want to have a bright dessert on the wedding table, order a lace cake decorated with bright berries or fruits.

Decoration and decor in accordance with the style of the wedding

The wedding cake should delight, because it will become the main decoration of the festive table and will be captured in the photo. Therefore, confectioners offer a wide selection of original accessories for a wedding dessert. It is covered with all kinds of cream or caramel flower buds, edible or inedible figurines, chocolate icing, metal ornaments.

Caramel Decorated Wedding Cake

When ordering a wedding cake with inedible decor, it is better to be careful. Order these items in the minimum quantity. No one argues, swans, beads, artificial flowers and porcelain figurines of the newlyweds look cute, but it is better if they are marzipan, sugar or mastic. Guests can spend a lot of time finding edible pieces of the cake. And if someone misses one bead? Do not forget another important detail: wafers and meringues when sliced ​​can spoil the appearance of your wedding dessert, because they crumble a lot.

Lace cake making workshop

Culinary make lace on the cake with the help of icing. Learn how to cook it so that you can decorate your wedding cake with lace on your own. Aising is a white sugar-colored plastic mass obtained by grinding sifted powdered sugar with egg white and the addition of lemon juice or another acidifier. For greater plasticity, sometimes a little glycerol or glucose syrup is added to the mass, which greatly facilitate the work.

Aising - mass for creating lace on the cake

The procedure for working with aising:

  1. We put under a plastic film, greased with olive oil, a stencil from a children's coloring book and apply aising using a cooking bag.
  2. After the cream hardens, carefully remove the film and dry the snowflakes at room temperature for 2 days.
    Sweet Lace Cake Snowflakes
  3. The finished snowflake becomes hard.
  4. After solidification along the contour of the stencil, aising of different colors is applied.
    Apply an icing along the contour of the stencil

Openwork decorations on a white icing cake

How to make mastic or chocolate lace?

Confectioners often make lace for cake chocolate or mastic using special shapes. To use mastic for decoration, you need to roll it with a rolling pin to the thickness of pasta. Then cut a few pieces corresponding to the size of the workpieces and dust them with corn starch. The masticated side should be put on the form and rolled several times with a rolling pin so that the blade on the form cuts off the excess.

While applying the mastic to the center with your fingers, remove fragments of it and firmly press the surface to the template so that the print is clear. Pulling out the finished lace is simple: flip the shape onto a clean surface of the table and gently lift one edge, carefully loosing the mastic lace. If the fragment turned out to be a bit too big, trim it, and if it is too small - stretch it.

Watch a video of how professionals make Merletti lace. This ready-made dry mix allows housewives to quickly prepare fantastic decorations for the cake at home.

There are special ready-made pastas on sale, with the help of which a magnificent close-fitting (of different colors) is made for a wedding cake. The process of making such a decoration, see the video below.

Photo of wedding cakes decorated with a lace pattern

Wedding cakes decorated with lace are unique. Each product is custom-made, as a rule, in a single copy and becomes the decoration of any wedding. Under such desserts, the newlyweds make completely lace weddings: the bride’s dress, the decor of the banquet hall and invitation. Below you can see photos of the brightest and most memorable lace cakes that you will definitely like!