Wedding cakes photo 2020


Wedding cake is not only the main element in the menu, but also a symbol of the future sweet life of the newlyweds. If you have not yet chosen a delicious dessert for the celebration, take a look at the original wedding cakes: photo 2014. Perhaps you will like one of them.

Mastic cake

Mastic has gained great popularity in the confectionery world due to the fact that it holds its shape well. All kinds of decorations are made of it - elaborate flowers, bows, three-dimensional patterns, inscriptions, figures of the groom and bride. Both color and fully monophonic decoration with mastic looks great, look at the photo below.

Layered of mastic

Video tutorial on decorating cake with mastic:

Single tier

A single-tier cake is perfect for a modest wedding with a small number of guests. Round, rectangular or in the shape of a heart - it will generously decorate the table.

Single tier options


Layered cake looks majestic and rich. For it, a stand-shelf is used, which corresponds to the design of the hall. At the peak of popularity in 2014, themed weddings, to which the same themed multi-tiered sweets are baked.

Tiered desserts

Step-by-step instructions for making a multi-tiered cake in this video:


Crocembouche is a French cone-shaped sweet dessert that is also served at weddings. It is made entirely from profiteroles tied with caramel sauce..

Cupcake cake

This treat is an original and convenient solution for a wedding. Cupcakes are easy to convey to guests, and the likelihood of staining the dress of the bride or groom's pants tends to zero. For the last tier, a small cake is usually baked, which is cut - as a tribute to tradition.

Cupcake Option

In the shape of a symbol

Symbol cakes - a unique treat for a wedding. This is an opportunity for lovers to tell about their plans through a confectionery (go on a trip, create a family) or share a story of acquaintance with guests.

Original designs with figures

With a photo of the newlyweds

In the manufacture of such cakes, photos of newlyweds are printed with food gels on rice paper. This delicacy will definitely surprise guests and delight future spouses..

Using photos of the newlyweds

With color transition (ombre)

Ombre or degrade is a smooth transition from one color to another. This design style looks elegant and graceful. It can be increasingly seen on wedding cakes photo 2014.

Flower decoration

Unusual shapes

If you are tired of symmetry, refer to unbroken forms. Triangles, uneven tiers, smooth bends - together with the pastry chef you will realize even the craziest ideas.

Fancy designs

Cake Decorations

The holiday treat is decorated with various elements - berries, fruits, glaze patterns, nuts, sugar beads and even large fresh flowers (roses, chrysanthemums, lilies).

Design Ideas for Flowers and Berries


The composition of the wedding cake should be light. Fairly fed guests are unlikely to want to eat hearty cakes smeared with fat cream. Preference should be given to treats that do not overload the stomach - tender biscuit, yogurt desserts, souffle cakes. Choose the taste of the filling according to your tastes - it can be chocolate, nut, caramel, fruit or different - in each layer.

What are the wedding cakes, see this video:

Choose a wedding cake based on the concept of your celebration and your imagination. No matter what type of treat you prefer - it will be a wonderful decoration for the festive table. Share your ideas for creating an unusual wedding dessert in the comments.