Candy Wedding Cake


The most delicious part of the wedding is when the cake is brought in. But often at banquets everyone eats so much that there is no longer room for dessert. How to beat this situation and eat sweets? An alternative to the wedding custom option is a cake decorated with sweets. This will be a surprise for guests, and you can pick up your favorite treats, while they will cost less than a custom multi-tiered option.

Candy Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

What is the theme of the wedding? What are your favorite sweets? By answering these questions, you can create your own ideas for decorating a wedding treat decorated with sweets. If you do not want to cook it, then guests have the right to make you a gift - a sweet bouquet. And if you decide to create a cake, then in the future it will be your main dish at any holiday. This will require the ingredients:

Candy Wedding Cake Decor Options

  1. Favorite sweets («Raffaello», mini chocolates, «Kinder surprises» etc.)
  2. The base is round, square, in the form of a heart or a ship, single and multi-tiered. This is hard cardboard, cans or penoplex depending on the shape you choose.
  3. Multicolored corrugated paper.
  4. Tape tape for floristry or double-sided tape.
  5. Inedible decor - beads, satin flowers, ribbons for decoration, themed figurines.

Whatever wedding you have, any candy option can be made in accordance with the chosen theme. Turn on imagination, think over the necessary size of the delicacy, decorated with decor. This article presents cakes decorated with candy, doves, figures of lovers, flowers, in the form of a ship or a heart, but these are far from all ideas. You can further decorate treats with fruits, whole chocolates, «Kinder surprises», bars and everything you see fit.

Cake decorated with lollipops

If your wedding will be held in bright colors, fun, easy and provocatively, then a drop of children's joy will brighten up the holiday even more. A cake topped with lollipops may imply an edible base inside. You order it according to the most delicious recipe and tell the confectioners what to add from above. Often, lollipops are eaten very first, and then only proceed to the rest. In addition to this highlight, the wedding treat is decorated with edible figures from mastic.

Wedding Cakes

With a decor in the form of a pair of doves

A wedding is a romantic celebration, full of newlyweds' love. Absolutely everything should reflect the trepidation, tenderness of the relationship. A treat decorated with sweets and decor in the form of a pair of love doves is a tender end to the wedding. You can cook the cake yourself (for this you will need the above ingredients), and you can decorate it with mastic, icing, food colors. It is advisable to make a multi-tiered wedding option, it will look more luxurious. What is the cooking process?

  1. Determine the basis, form a cake. If you have chosen boxes - do not seal them, leave the opportunity to put candies inside.
  2. Decorate all sides of the base of the cake with corrugated paper.
  3. We use double-sided tape. Glue the sweets to the sides of the lower and upper tiers. We glue them one by one in free places.
  4. We form mastic balls, which then transform into pigeons: first, the body (head, body), and then separately the wings. We attach them with the help of toothpicks and icing, thereby adjusting the surface. Using food coloring, draw eyes and beak.
  5. We attach white doves to the upper tier. And the insides of the boxes are filled with sweets.
  6. Candy wedding cake is ready!

Composition with decor in the form of a pair of doves

Decorated with newlywed figurines.

Wedding cake can be made according to the previous principle, but instead of pigeons use sweet figures of the newlyweds. Then your treat will be original and traditional at the same time. It is not necessary to sculpt the figures yourself: this piece, made professionally, will be provided to you by any confectionery. The color of the clothes of the figures of the newlyweds can overlap with the decor in the form of wedding bows of the same shades.

Desserts with honeymoon figures

Decorated with fresh flowers

Every day there are new solutions for the ceremony, among them floral decor is becoming an integral part in many weddings. When planning your cake decoration with flowers and flowers, you need to do so. so that dessert has something in common with other floral arrangements. Such decor will allow you to realize bold and at the same time sensual fantasies. More often when creating flowers on a candy treat, corrugated paper is used, but a different approach is possible edible buds are located on the upper biscuit tier.

Desserts with fresh flowers

In the form of a ship

Maritime-style weddings are gaining more and more popularity: a romantic fairy tale by the water is carried out in blue and blue. Instead of the usual colors, the main decor is starfish, steering wheels, shells, pearls. The wedding cake should correspond to the chosen style, but try not to always perform everything as standard. Let the delicacy be more original than the custom version - for example, in the form of a ship decorated with sweets. Such an option - a fresh breath of truly sea air.

Wedding candy cakes in the shape of a ship

Heart shaped cake

Love and wedding represent the traditional sequence of events: starting from meetings, continuing through the erupted romance, everything ends with a wedding. The symbol of this process is the heart. Express your love to your husband, loved ones and this day by choosing a cake in this form for the wedding. There are a lot of variations for jewelry, but here it is desirable to find the basis ready. You can fill the box inside with sweets «Ferrero», and glue flowers on top of their candy wrappers. Such a composition will look voluminous and luxurious..

Heart shaped candy cakes

Layered of several types of sweets

Favorite cakes of newlyweds and guests are multi-tiered giants. Surprise everyone, use a non-standard approach: for each «cake» use different types of sweets. The base can be filled inside with sweets. Do not forget about wedding decor - a treat decorated not only with sweets, but also with beautiful flowers, edible mastic elements, molded from it or wedding rings baked from protein will appeal to everyone.

Wedding cakes from several types of sweets

Photo of wedding cakes made of sweets

A wedding cake decorated with sweets has many advantages: it is almost impossible to get dirty about it, it will stand out for a long time outside the refrigerator (if the temperature is not 30 degrees), suitable for luxurious banquets and small receptions, the cake is made independently without any special skills. If it seems to you that it is not enough for a sweet table at a wedding, then supplement it with cute cupcakes. Let the presented photos help you decide on a candy masterpiece.

DIY handmade candy arrangements