Initial Wedding Cake


Wedding cake - the final, final stage of the holiday. Newlyweds are no less than guests waiting for the ceremonial removal of dessert to the banquet hall. Particular attention is paid to this: the lights are dimmed, candles are lit, solemn music is played. Wedding sweet treats are rarely bought ready-made; to make them to order is to get an exclusive copy. Confectioners will offer decoration of goodies themselves or make according to your sketch. A wedding cake with initials is a special option popular with newlyweds. For decoration, several methods are used, which we will consider in more detail..

Options for making initials for a wedding cake

Real professional bakers can offer future newlyweds a catalog with photographs of such confectionery. A variety of ways to perpetuate their names on a sweet treat will allow the bride and groom to choose the option they like most. Letters will be made of caramel, mastic or painted with cream - the bride and groom will choose.

From mastic or marzipan

Mastic and marzipan are used equally often. Their difference is that marzipan is made on the basis of grated almonds, which have a slightly specific bitter taste, and mastic is made on the basis of powdered sugar, which means it is sweeter. Fashioned marzipan and mastic figures or letters can be stored in a refrigerator in a closed container, so jewelry is prepared in advance. Letters having a dense consistency (based on marzipan or mastic) are placed vertically on top of the sweet pyramid or placed on the top cake in the horizontal plane.

Cream painted

The inscription cream on the surface of the cake is performed using a confectionery syringe, gradually squeezing the right amount. On a dark background of chocolate cake, letters made with white cream look more impressive and vice versa. The cream is prepared on the basis of butter, which solidifies at low temperature, which makes the letters look voluminous. Adding food coloring, confectioners get the right color for the cream.

Chocolate or Caramel

Chocolate inscriptions on wedding desserts look very appetizing, and making them is not difficult. You just need to melt the chocolate with milk, add the butter, cool and pour into the bag. Having cut a corner, gradually squeezing out, it is easy to get wonderful inscriptions. Caramel letters will not fit well on the cream layer, it is better to use a denser base. The easiest way to make caramel mass is to melt the toffee toffee. To keep more impressions in your memory, write your names on the cake yourself under the strict guidance of confectioners.

Wedding Cake Design Ideas

If you imagine a cake on which only the initials of the bride and groom will be, it will be a boring delicacy, even if you make it multi-tiered and with delicious filling. By adding the figures of the newlyweds, decorating with various edible flowers, the bakers will make the design of the wedding treat more attractive with bows. Many guests try to photograph a pastry as a souvenir. The newlyweds in the archive will always find a place for photos on the background of a magnificent cake with their names.

Decorated with flowers and initials

A beautiful combination of blooming marzipan or cream buds and letters denoting the names of the newlyweds is a classic of the confectionery genre. Petals of flowers, made carefully and with love, as if alive bloom on the tiers of the cake. The initials of the bride and groom, skillfully made in the form of monograms, towering between beautiful flowers, attract the eyes.

Decorating a wedding treat with the initials of the newlyweds

Cake with lace decor

The delicate work of lace-making professionals on the surface of a wedding dessert is admirable. The original drapery of the translucent mesh lies on cake cakes smoothly, elegantly. To give greater delicacy to the appearance of the delicacy, delicate openwork is performed in white or light pink. The contrasting tones of the confectionery decoration give a vivid effect, even some insolence. The lace made of mastic does not lose its shape, holds firmly on the surface of the cake and gives a special charm to the confectionery treat.

Thin pastry lace for decorating a wedding cake

With the names and figures of the bride and groom

Many newlyweds, and guests too, do not imagine a wedding cake without the bride and groom figurines decorating it. Often a share of humor is invested in these images through the image of the newlyweds in unusual situations. Figures sculpted from multi-colored mastic are edible, but, as a rule, they are not eaten for ethical reasons. The initials or full names of the newlyweds placed on the cake are decorated with hearts, floral motifs..

Figures of the newlyweds on the cake with the names

With ribbon and bow decor

Rarely what kind of wedding dessert does without decoration in the form of satin ribbons and bows. Belting the tiers of cakes placed on the stand, mastic ribbons convey each bend and volume of decoration. The skill of confectioners is improved every year, many bows decorating wedding goodies are accepted as natural from afar. The beauty and tenderness of each product gives joy to the newlyweds and their guests.

Luxury ribbons, bows in the decor of cakes

Cake with initials decorated with loose strass

In recent years, it has become a fashionable trend to decorate wedding desserts with rhinestones. An unusual approach to the decoration of confectionery with small details gives the wedding a glamorous shade. A rhinestone scintillating in the rays of light creates a special aura of romance and mystery around the cake. The jewelry direction in jewelry often resonates with the model and style of the bride’s dress.

Desserts with rhinestones for a wedding

Photo of wedding cakes with the initials of the newlyweds

There is anecdotal evidence that the sweetness of family life begins with a wedding cake. The variety and originality of jewelry only confirms that the imagination of confectioners has no boundaries. A wedding cake with initials is always an original decision to choose a treat on such a festive day. A non-standard approach is much nicer than a serial dessert. An unforgettable experience will be guaranteed if the celebration is complemented by a wedding dessert with names.

Wedding cakes with the names of the newlyweds