Orange cake for a wedding


The decor of the wedding ceremony, made in bright, rich colors, will bring young guests a note of joy, fun, good mood. The trend of recent seasons has become «colored» weddings: lilac, cornflower, orange. Confectioners were drawn to customer requests, creating multi-tiered color products decorated with mastic, beads, ribbons. An orange cake is suitable for a thematic celebration, and will become an independent element of a sweet table at a wedding party. What form to choose, what decorative elements of a dessert in citrus color to look for?

Design Ideas for Orange Wedding Cakes

Not a single wedding banquet is complete without a luxurious cake for the newlyweds and guests. Fashion for unusual compositions, stylish decor allowed culinary experts to realize the most unusual dreams in the form of masterpieces of confectionery art. Glazed, consisting of sponge cakes, delicious cream, with rich decoration, it will definitely produce an indescribable effect. Bright sunny coloring of the glaze distinguishes an orange-colored cake from many similar to it, delighting, giving a joyful mood.

Orange cake for a wedding

Most wedding cakes are multi-tiered, weighing 10 kg or more, for everyone to enjoy. So, have you opted for the orange cake? The internal content of the dessert is very important, therefore, in anticipation of the order, taste the «trial copy», because the quality of the cakes, the saturation of the filling and the taste of the cream will be remembered by the guests for a long time. Having decided on the content, choose the shape and details of the decor, because they will make a decisive impression:

Orange desserts for the wedding

Choose a style of culinary creation. Decoration depends on your choice:

Classical floral decor.
Innovative involves unconventional solutions: mugs, petals, often Swarovski crystals.
Themed, for example, for Cinderella’s wedding, will be richly decorated with golden glaze, figures of the prince and princess or the royal crown.
Have a good sense of humor? Stop for dessert with figurines «the hunter», his victims and very «romantic» inscription: «The hunt is over!». It is doubtful that you have ever met such a masterpiece.

Orange dessert

The shape of the confectionery for a wedding can be any: round, square, polygonal tiers are perfectly combined both among themselves and in various combinations.

The main color of the cake varies from snow-white to dark orange. Separately stand out chocolate cakes, decorated with decor elements of orange shades.
Ribbons, bows, precious beads and crystals (it is better not to use them) is another trend in the world of wedding cakes. They create a stylish accent, turning a pastry into a masterpiece of high cooking.
As parts for decoration, various figures, initials of the newlyweds, flowers, twigs, vegetables and fruits made of mastic are used.

White cake with orange flowers

Wedding dessert with white icing and orange flowers.

The snow-white icing of the wedding cake with exquisite orange orchids, graceful roses, strict callas will turn the three-story item into a work of art, delight the newlyweds and guests of the celebration. Cakes made in the shape of a heart will remind you of the feelings of the young, and confectionery beads, a cream wedding drawing will give a dessert of style.

Decorated with bows and ribbons.

Pastry cake decor with ribbons and bows.

Orange wedding cakes look unusually bright, decorated with satin ribbons and bows. To give contrast, the latter are often selected in a different color - lilac, blue or darker in color than the main glaze. Playfulness, lightness will add decoration of the side parts of the tier with orange peas and a multi-colored ribbon tied with a bow. Chocolate dessert decorated with bright stripes and a cascade of flowers will be chic.

Ombre Wedding Cake

Orange ombre cake

Soft overflows of color - from gentle to the darkest shades - this is the ombre style. Orange wedding masterpieces adorned with round figures of the corresponding style look amazing. The multi-tiered product, as if made using matte silk in all shades of citrus, will add style and grace to the sweet table. The gradation of orange shades of mastic petals decorating the cake for the wedding will emphasize the airiness of the dessert, and the sponge cakes and cream of the corresponding tones will delight the guests of the ceremony.

Square tiered

Square cakes for wedding orange color

The square shape of cakes for a wedding looks spectacular in any variations:

Set on top of each other in several «floors» tiers covered with chocolate icing, decorated with bright colors.
Each subsequent tier is turned to the previous one at a right angle, creating the effect of a polygonal cake.
The combination of tiers of square, round shape, as well as polygons emphasize the unusual design.

Cake decorated with initials or figures

Wedding Cakes

The traditional figures of the newlyweds decorating the upper tier symbolize the love and loyalty of the young. Couples of animals and birds look elegant: swans bowing their heads and forming a heart shape, lions, etc. Luxurious wedding desserts are decorated with intertwined initials of the newlyweds. An interesting decor distinguishes cakes for a home wedding celebration, made in orange style. Decorating desserts for a wedding with real crystals, rhinestones (inedible) has become a new-fashioned trend..

Decorated with a cascade of flowers or leaves

Cascading decor of orange desserts for a wedding

Unusual stylish elements that attract everyone's attention will be cascades of orange flowers. For weddings in the fall, it is important to decorate the confectionery with autumn leaves of trees, fruits, vegetables. Pumpkins are considered the leaders in the decor in honor of Halloween. The orange slices that decorate the cake will remind you of your favorite citrus from childhood. Cascades of flowering twigs with flowers gently tint the glaze covering the cakes. White orchids focus on the aristocracy of dessert, creating a vivid contrast.

Photo of wedding cakes in orange

Desserts for a wedding celebration will be remembered by young people and wedding guests for a long time. To make an unforgettable effect, surprise with an unusual shape, elegant decor will help orange wedding cakes presented in the photo below. Bright orange with beads or ribbons, elegant snow-white with flowers or citrus-colored figures, chocolate, in ombre style, with bows - from the choice of masterpieces of confectionery art is breathtaking.

Orange cakes for a wedding