Nautical style wedding cake


When the time comes for dessert, all wedding guests are eagerly awaiting the removal of the main item on the festive menu - the wedding cake. This treat, which according to tradition is cut by the newlyweds, should be decorated solemnly and beautifully. If the heroes of the occasion celebrate the wedding in a certain style, there is nothing better than ordering a cake decorated accordingly. For a marine event or a pirate-style wedding, a dessert that is decorated with shells, starfish, anchors or other attributes associated with the sea is perfect.

Nautical-style wedding cake decorating palette

The marine theme is ideal for a wedding, because it implies a pleasant palette of shades that the bride and groom can apply when decorating a banquet hall, on printing, in their dresses and for decorating a wedding cake. Future spouses will show originality if they use unusual colors for shells, starfish, corals and other ocean details: violet, green, brown or even black. The most popular shades and color combinations that are perfect for a wedding cake:

  • The color of the sea wave combined with white. Looking at this cake, guests will be able to vividly imagine ocean waves with snow-white lambs that are breaking on the rocks.
  • Light blue, azure hues. Despite the fact that in few places you can meet a sea of ​​pale blue or azure, these two shades are invariably associated with the ocean and are perfect for decorating a wedding cake.
  • Sand, golden, beige. Marine style is not only blue or green sea, it is also golden sand underfoot on a hot beach. Any sand colors perfectly emphasize the theme of the holiday.
  • Blue with sand. In this combination, you can simultaneously use two images at once - the gentle ocean and warm sand under your feet.
  • White tint. A snow-white tone can decorate any wedding celebration, a wedding in the style of the sea is no exception.
  • Blue, blue combined with white. A few cold shades on the background of the white icing of the cake will look great.
  • Red, white, blue. This color combination is used less often, but it looks beautiful and stylish..

Shades of a wedding sweet dessert in the style of the sea

Nautical style wedding cake decorating ideas

To make the cake appropriate to the style of the sea, the newlyweds must use a variety of decorations for a festive dessert. An excellent detail in the design of treats will be fish, corals or starfish made with mastic. Modern pastry chefs are able to create real masterpieces from this material, to embody the bold fantasies of future spouses. The ocean theme will be emphasized by edible mother-of-pearl pearls, which in appearance does not differ from the present.

Newlyweds can ask the confectioners to make creamy inscriptions on the cake with the wedding date, their names or sign it in other words related to the marine theme, for example, «Departure Date», «Family crew ready!». If a pirate-style wedding is celebrated, dessert can decorate the flag «Jolly Roger», barrels of rum, figures of the bride and groom in the form of pirates - the captains of the vessel, the treat itself will turn out to be performed in the form of a treasure map. Near the sea symbols, island palm trees, beach sand, exotic birds will look great..

Future spouses may like the option of a cake made in the form of cupcakes. This treat is not just convenient to convey to guests: it looks interesting and stylish. Confectioners can decorate each cupcake with a unique detail related to the marine theme. So that the newlyweds had something to cut, on the upper tier of the cupcake stand, as a rule, there is a small cake.

Shell tiered cake

Seashells are all associated with the seabed, many, coming to relax in warm resorts, collect these amazing creations of nature on the shore. Newlyweds can decorate the wedding cake with real shells or order these details made of mastic. To make the marine elements look more natural, confectioners cover products with canandurine mixed with a transparent or color gel - this will achieve their sparkling effect. An edible pearl can be placed in the middle of shells..

Seashells - a beautiful cake decoration for a wedding

Cake in blue and white or red and white stripes

The marine theme can be emphasized by the colors and prints that are present on clothes or surrounded by sailors. White and blue stripes of vests, red and white stripes on a lifebuoy - all this can decorate the wedding cake of the bride and groom. Both of these print options can be used together or separately: it all depends on the wishes of the future spouses, the style of the event. Unusual shapes of such strips look good - for example, wavy or zigzag.

Striped nautical wedding treat print

With anchor decor

Anchors that serve to hold the ship in one place on the high seas will be a wonderful detail in the design of a festive dessert. Newlyweds can order refreshments with such elements fashioned with mastic, cream painted on the surface of the cake or with inedible decorative details - all this will look interesting and harmonious.

Anchors - a beautiful detail of the decoration of the dessert of the newlyweds

With starfish and corals

Orange starfish themselves look festive, so they are ideal for decorating a wedding dessert. These decor details can be combined with shells, pearls, algae, as well as with sea corals. Last, cake manufacturers often decorate confectionery, because corals look amazingly beautiful. Confectioners can draw them on the surface of the dessert or fashion three-dimensional decoration options..

Wedding Cake Decoration: Starfish Coral

With a ship on top of the cake

Concluding a marriage, the newlyweds go on a long voyage together, on their way there will be sunny days with calm and dangerous storms. The symbolic design of the wedding cake will be a ship traveling along the waves, located on the upper tier of refreshments. On the ship, future spouses can arrange their figures or leave this item without additional decorations.

The ship on top of the honeymoon cake

Photo of wedding cakes in a marine style

It may be difficult for future spouses to immediately decide which type of cake decoration to choose, so you need to first study the ideas that have already been used by newlyweds at sea weddings. A detailed photo selection with various options for wedding treats will help the heroes of the occasion to come up with a dessert that fits perfectly into the style of their event:

Wedding Cake Decor Ideas