Wedding Cakes with Flowers


Wedding cake is the main delicacy of the holiday, the final chord that completes the celebration. In this regard, the newlyweds want to make it more beautiful, original and tasty. Recently, a wedding cake with flowers has been relevant. The treat looks great. As a decor, fresh flowers can be used either made of mastic or cream. To reflect the overall style of the celebration, the wedding cake can be decorated with the same compositions that are included in the bride's bouquet. In addition, candied fresh flowers are edible, for example, violet, lilac, clove.

Options for making flowers for a wedding cake

Flowers are classic confectionery decorations. They can be sugar, live, made with mastic. They are better to choose, guided by the general concept of triumph. Modern confectioners take baking decor seriously, making it look very impressive. Flowers on the product can run away by a waterfall, crown the pyramid of layers, frame the tiers of goodies in a circle - there are many options. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the flowers themselves, if the living ones are chosen. They must be fresh, not fade for a long time.

Wedding cake with roses

Decorations for baking are performed using mastic, a plastic marzipan mass. These products allow you to make volumetric figures of any shade and size. Confectioners can sculpt flower arrangements that are indistinguishable in appearance from real ones. Among the most popular are tulips, orchids, peonies, gardenias, roses in the design of cakes. Daisies are in demand due to the light mood that they add to the treat. Single petals for decoration, curving stems can be fashioned..

Mastic flowers

Culinary mastic is a convenient material for the manufacture of decorative jewelry. A variety of forms are easily molded from it, which quickly harden and solidify after final processing with special tools or hands. Floral arrangements can be placed on top of the product, scattered in cascades from top to bottom. Variants of mastic flowers located around the circumference of each layer of goodies look interesting. Such pastries look very colorful and bright..

Wedding cakes with mastic flowers

Cream painted

The idea to decorate a confectionery with flowers painted with cream turns it into a real miracle, which will cause only enthusiastic exclamations and glee of guests. Painted romantic roses and peonies will enliven the delicacy, add notes of elegance and luxury. But simple flowers such as daisies, dahlias will make the appearance more homely, depending on the style of the celebration. This decor technique, such as cream drawing, makes it possible to realize the most fantastic floral arrangements of mint, gold, peach and other interesting tones..

Wedding cake with painted flower arrangements

Cake decor for a wedding with fresh flowers

Flowers can be alive. Large buds look especially beautiful: peonies, garden and tea roses, anemones, dahlias. It is allowed to add some fruit, small inflorescences or greenery to them. Most harmoniously will look the same compositions that will be used in the decor of the ceremony to maintain a single style.

If, for example, the bride’s dress is decorated with a flower, then on a confectionery the decoration can repeat its shape. Remember that flowers are a self-contained, full-fledged decoration, so do not add extra details. Also, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider whether the decoration will bear only a decorative function or should it be edible.
  • Make sure that the selected color compositions are very persistent, fresh, so that by the end of the event the treat does not turn into a wilted flower bed.
  • Floral decor will retain its freshness for a long time if you use stem holders filled with water.
  • If you use inedible flowers, acetate is used to treat the surface so that they do not freeze in the refrigerator.

Wedding cakes decorated with fresh flowers

Photo of flower wedding cakes

Confectioners try to use different means to decorate their products so that they look festive, beautiful, stylish. Flowers as a decor of goodies always look advantageous, solemn. Such a cake becomes not only a dessert, but also a harmonious continuation of the floral design of the wedding. Flowers can overlap with the bridal bouquet, table decoration, flower arch, or be an independent composition. If fresh flowers are chosen, then it is worth giving up another decor such as bows, lace, figures, as this will ruin the whole design.

Floral Wedding Cakes