Wedding cake with roses


Among the wedding flowers, a rose is a permanent favorite, a favorite of brides from different eras and countries, an indisputable symbol of love. This flower is so beautiful and harmonious that it will easily support any themed wedding, even the most creative and non-formal. A wedding cake with roses will never lose its relevance. If you doubt which cake to give preference, feel free to choose a dessert with such flowers. What decor variations are possible? What are the latest design trends for such a treat?

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas with Roses

Thanks to the achievements of the confectionery industry, the design of modern wedding cakes has become a high art that can hit even sophisticated sweet tooth. How to choose the right treat among many options? Trust your preferences. You can choose the finished version of the cake in the catalog (each decent master has a portfolio) or come up with your own version. In the second case, it is desirable to show the confectioner a sketch or an approximate photo of the desired dessert. It is important to consider:

  • the number of guests and the number of tiers (the weight, size and price of the product depend on this);
  • wedding date, lead time (for good masters with a reputation, this is often scheduled several months in advance);
  • method and delivery time (many cakes require compliance with the temperature regime; this delivery parameter is also important if you plan to use fresh flowers - you need to decorate dessert with them a couple of hours before serving guests).

Wedding cakes with roses

Among the options for decorating a wedding dessert with roses or other flowers, mastic is now especially popular, but there are other noteworthy ways of decorating. Here is their complete list:

  • Cream or whipped cream. Allows you to make a solid relief pattern in the form of roses or individual flowers.
  • Mastic (sugar, milk, chocolate or marshmallow), marzipan, marmalade, meringue (meringue), chocolate. Suitable for solid volumetric colors or applications.
  • Starch waffles (tinted with food coloring). Used for volumetric or flat flowers or individual elements (petals, leaves).
  • Glaze, icing (sugar-protein mass). Used for painting cakes or jewelry.
  • Cocoa, icing sugar, pastry topping. Using these ingredients, stencil drawings.
  • Food Coloring Prints on Rice Paper.
  • Ribbon food polyethylene with a pattern for the decor of the side walls of cakes.
  • Fresh or sugared flowers and petals.

All these decorations, except the last two, are edible. Each has its own characteristics (such as manufacturing and storage conditions, design and color options, the master has them and, if necessary, delivery time from other cities). Choosing a decor for wedding treats, consult with a pastry chef who can offer the best way to realize your plan. Consider the most relevant ideas for decorating cakes with roses for a wedding.

Heart cake

What could be more romantic than a sweet heart decorated with white, pink or red roses? This wedding decoration design is as popular as the classic round cake. A small heart is suitable for a wedding in a narrow circle, for several people. If you need a large cake, you can order a multi-tier, where one, several or all cakes will be in the form of a heart. Another design option for a large dessert is single-tier in the form of two hearts (separate or connected).

Heart shaped wedding cake with roses

With sugar mastic roses

Now mastic is the most ideal material for a festive decor. With its help create both realistic buds and the most fantastic variations of roses and other colors. It is not necessary to cook mastic mass independently; modern pastry shops offer this product in a wide variety at an affordable price. Jewelery exact copies of real rose petals, buds and leaves are made using special forms (mold).

Mastic has an advantage in choosing a color scheme - there are virtually no restrictions. To determine the shade of roses on the cake, use a thematic wedding palette or the symbolic meaning of flowers (white - purity, innocence, pink - tenderness, red - passion, etc.). The taste of mastic buds is not popular with everyone (due to sugaryness and dryness), but if sugar mastic (on starch or gelatin) is replaced with chocolate, you can be sure that guests will eat such decor first.

Cake with sugar mastic roses

Cake with a cascade of roses

The flower cascade is a bright, spectacular decoration of a wedding cake. It happens alluvial when the buds are sort of scattered in a spiral (attached to the cakes one by one), or dense (such a falling tail is made entirely on one wire and is removed all at once). Although the cascade of roses is harmonious and self-sufficient in itself, the interweaving of other colors will not spoil it. Many roses are combined with roses. The floral cascade of contrasting shades (for example, white and red, yellow and black) looks impressive..

Wedding cake with a cascade of roses

Decorated with live rosebuds

Making cakes with fresh flowers is a fresh trend, bright, juicy and very appropriate for a wedding theme. Delicate roses with their perfect form of petals and buds are suitable for such decor as well as possible. The cake can be decorated with a single flower or a whole bouquet. Roses harmonize well with other types of flowers - this property should be used in the decor. Fresh buds and petals are good for laconic cakes in the style of minimalism, as well as for thematic desserts with a variety of decorations.

In cooking, it is advisable to use environmentally friendly (without pesticides) roses. It is almost impossible to find such in flower shops, all flowers are processed with toxic substances. Therefore, you need to insert the buds in the cake in the special cones with cold water wrapped in cling film. Such a device isolates the stem from the product and does not allow the flowers to wither for several hours (up to a day if the buds are fresh). If you want to decorate the wedding cake with petals, it is advisable to look for home (country) roses that have not been processed.

Live rose cakes

Ombre multi-layered cream

The ombre staining technique that has been fashionable for some season is perfect for a continuous relief cream coating in the form of roses. Decorate with a pastry syringe / bag with a nozzle «rose flower», therefore, even a novice master can do it. The difficulty lies only in obtaining a smooth color transition. Such a relatively simple, but very delicate coating does not need additional decoration - the wedding cake in any case will turn out to be gentle and romantic.

Ombre Cream Wedding Cakes

Basket cake

This unusual wedding plot is suitable for newlyweds who want to add a bit of extravagance to the holiday. For the classic version, order a cake with a basket of white. For those who are not afraid to break the tradition, a more authentic dark (wood-like) basket with an armful of roses will do. It is not necessary to make the whole wedding cake in the form of a basket. In a multi-tiered product, only one cake can be made in this style, and for the others, another design is chosen or they remain smooth.

Rose basket cakes

With figures of the newlyweds or a pair of swans

Themed wedding attributes (birds, rings, figurines of the groom and the bride) are perfectly combined with roses. Such a tandem will repeatedly emphasize the purpose of the celebration, add pathetics or humor (depending on the stylistic design of these small sculptures). As a material for the figures, mastic is ideal. Porcelain, glass or metal images are used less often, but their advantage is in durability (if the newlyweds plan to keep the figures for a long memory).

Cakes with figures and flowers

Photo of wedding cakes with roses

Although roses are considered classics, and many find this floral decoration conservative, this flower is still able to surprise. Moving away from the patterns and showing a little imagination, you can get an original and even an eccentric wedding cake. The easiest way to get away from mediocrity is to use unusual or irregular cakes, darken the finish or choose a custom color for your roses (blue, purple, green or black).

Do not be afraid to combine incompatible at first glance details in the decor: roses with succulents or wildflowers, snowflakes, notes, funny wedding figures. The number of buds on the cake is also not limited: even one flower will attract attention simply because of its beauty, and a large armful will be a luxurious decoration. Check out the photo of different wedding cakes with roses in the gallery below..

Wedding cakes decorated with roses