Ombre Wedding Cake


Wedding cake is the main sweet dish of a festive banquet. Modern newlyweds are especially attentive not only to the choice of taste of refreshments, but also to its design. Lush elegant dessert symbolizes the abundance, well-being of future family life. A festive treat decorated in ombre style is an original solution for a bright creative couple. A sweet treat, decorated with a smooth transition from a more saturated shade to a pale tone, looks stylish, spectacular, elegant.

Wedding palette for decorating ombre cakes

Shades for decorating cake in obmre style

Beautiful design of holiday cakes

The ombre style, found in all kinds of decoration elements of the wedding celebration, including the cake, will help demonstrate the great taste of the modern couple of heroes of the occasion. The main holiday dessert, made in the gradient of one or several colors at once, will become «a nail» banquet. The choice of the main color of the celebration, a sweet bar or a festive cake remains only for the newlyweds.

If desired, a classic multi-tiered cake can be turned into a work of confectionery art. For example, if each layer of dessert is decorated with one shade that smoothly turns into various degrees of intensity, or with different colors of the rainbow, the original decor will come out not only in appearance, but also in section. The color palette for the ombre style includes all kinds of tones of such colors as pink, turquoise, green, purple, yellow. The main thing is that the sweetness in design matches the color and style of the decor of the celebration.

Ombre Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Gradient wedding treat

Big beautiful cake is the apotheosis of the wedding evening. Therefore, almost every couple tries to pay special attention to the choice of design for the main sweet treat of the banquet. The ombre style has gained wide popularity, is reflected in a variety of decor elements: clothing, makeup, manicure, hair color and even desserts. This type of design will help to make the holiday brighter, more colorful. The chosen style looks great with pastries of different shapes, sizes.

Ruffle Wedding Cake

Ruffle Wedding Cakes

The festive treat, decorated with an abundance of sweet ruffles, represents the latest trend in wedding fashion. Sugar flowers, bows, butterflies, berries, hearts or, for example, pearls will help to complement this design option. In addition, ruffles blend perfectly with the ombre style. An effective gradient that creates an interesting contrast can be used both for the external and internal decor of a sweet treat.

On the slang of professional pastry chefs, desserts with ruffles are called corrugated or decorated frills. Such an elegant treat made in the ombre style, as well as additionally decorated with a charming sweet flower, will become a kind of embodiment of tenderness, femininity. By the way, ruffles that serve as the main decorative element of dessert can be made of cream or mastic, have the shape of petals or, for example, rounded flakes, be plain or multi-colored.

With flower decor

Ombre complemented by flowers

Handmade sweet flowers are a great way to effectively decorate a festive dessert, making it unique. Luxurious sugar flowers blend perfectly with the ombre style. Large or small, made of mastic, marzipan, chocolate, caramel, they will surely attract attention, will become the object of delight of guests invited to the holiday.

Wedding cake of roses

Cream roses as a decoration for a wedding dessert

Beautiful roses from cream

Rose is a wonderful delicate flower symbolizing passion and love. Not surprisingly, he is so often chosen to decorate a wedding celebration. The spectacular culmination of the festive banquet will be a magnificent magnificent cake of roses, made in the style of ombre. Such an unexpected creative decision to combine two ideas for decor will help to make the dessert original, unique.

An exclusive treat can be decorated with a modest bouquet of sweet roses located at the top of the last tier, or completely consist of beautiful cream flowers. Some confectioners decorate their creations with real buds, so if you want to bring «zest» in the design of a sweet wedding treat, pay attention to the decor of fresh flowers.

At the same time, ordering a dessert decorated with edible roses, it is not at all necessary to concentrate on the natural color. Sweet treats with an ombre effect of purple or, for example, turquoise color will look interesting. Another original solution is a festive cupcake dessert decorated with cream roses. An extravagant treat made in dark shades of purple or blue is ideal for a bold, confident pair of experimenters.

Ombre in section

Sectional gradient - original treat

Cut desserts with a smooth color transition

The ombre style is incredibly popular these days. Modern brides and grooms increasingly order elegant lush cakes decorated with a color gradient. A spectacular, originally decorated delicacy will make a lasting impression on the invited guests, leaving a lot of positive emotions for all the participants in the banquet. At the same time, the ombre color can decorate not only the appearance of sweets. Give the dessert an original «zest» cutaway gradient will help.

With coin decor

Decorating a wedding dessert with edible coins

Coins as an edible decoration

Another trend of wedding fashion is unusual cakes decorated with sweet decor elements in the form of coins. Such a treat will symbolize the prosperity and well-being of the newly made family. Many talented modern pastry chefs prepare stunning stylish works of culinary art, decorating them with round edible coins. This decoration option looks especially interesting with the ombre style.

With statuettes and inscriptions

Figurines and inscriptions on the festive dessert

Beautiful themed figurines

According to one version, the tradition of decorating cakes with newlywed figures was invented by a baker, whose daughter asked to make an unusual decor for her holiday treat. People liked the original way of design so much that it quickly gained wide popularity around the world. Nowadays, modern pastry chefs decorate goodies not only with figures, but also with funny or romantic inscriptions..

The classic version of the statuettes is miniature copies of the bride and groom. However, charming teddy bears, funny birds, and even whole thematic compositions are more often flaunting on desserts. Unusual figures will be a great addition to the gradient design of the festive treats. Carefully designed decor of the main dessert at the wedding celebration will help to make the holiday unique, unforgettable.

Photo of wedding cakes in ombre style

The ombre-style cake is a squeak of modern wedding fashion. If you want to impress guests by ordering an unusual dessert for a festive event, the idea of ​​a color gradient is the perfect choice. Sweet elegant treats cannot go unnoticed, will surely attract admiring glances of the guests, will become the center of attention at the banquet about the wedding.

Ombre Wedding Cakes

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