Tiffany Style Wedding Cake Ideas


Famous movie «Breakfast at Tiffany's» the audience loved it so much that it turned into a lifestyle: luxurious, sophisticated, with the charm of a past era, with an elegant combination of colors. The main shades of the film's palette are mint, blue, turquoise and the contrast of white with chocolate or black. Weddings in this style are now very popular. They are held in the retro spirit, where splendor, grace, minimalism and modern glamor are ideally combined. A wedding cake in the Tiffany style deserves no less special attention, because it is the hallmark of a gala banquet.

Tiffany Style Wedding Cake Decor Palette

The trend of the wedding season is a confectionery in cold blue-green shades of silver-blue color. This is the corporate color of the Tiffany & Co. trademark, which corresponds to the figure 1837 in the international color palette. All over the world this color is considered a symbol of romance, so newlyweds often choose it as the main tone for a wedding cake. It is ideal for a traditional white wedding, and for any celebration in pastel shades. Decorate a Tiffany cake with white or chocolate mastic, from which confectioners make:

  • roses;
  • tapes;
  • bows;
  • figurines.

The decor of the turquoise wedding dessert can be not only white or brown. The basic tone is perfectly combined with all pastel shades and even with red jewelry. For contrast, culinary experts can add a sweet décor of gray, hot pink or coral to make the dessert look even more spectacular, interesting and glamorous..

Blue shades

Tiffany Style Wedding Cake Design Ideas

At any wedding, cake is not only a long-awaited dessert, but also an important decorative component of the celebration. His taste always remains out of fashion, but the design directly depends on new design findings, current trends and fashion trends. Therefore, annually, masters of confectionery art submit to the public for trial new ideas for decorating a Tiffany-colored wedding cake. Watch a video that shows one of the many options for decorating Tiffany's cake:

In the form of square gift boxes

A stylish Tiffany style dessert can easily be presented as a wedding gift, because the classic design is a single or multi-level gift box tied with a white glazed ribbon. Sometimes it is served on the wedding table along with small cupcakes decorated with identical details. They are laid out to each guest as a small personal gift.

Gift boxes

With bow decor

A sweet white bow on a mint-blue treat looks amazing. Sometimes the decoration is made out of satin fabric, but more often the newlyweds prefer a dessert completely edible. Regardless of shape, a Tiffany-style cake with a bow on each tier looks unusually solemn. Small mastic beads create an original accent. Decorate a turquoise cake in the chosen style does not hurt a brown bow made of chocolate. You can choose any form for a dessert with a bow:

  1. A circle.
  2. Square.
  3. Horseshoe.
  4. A heart.

Decor with large bows.

With pastel colors

A mint treat with pastel shades is a very fresh, light and beautiful choice for a wedding. Any floral decor is selected: voluminous from mastic or cream, drawn on special paper with culinary paints or fresh flowers are generally inserted. Ornaments are placed at the very top or scattered in cascades from top to bottom. Looks great decor, located around the circumference of each layer. The advantage of edible flowers is the unique taste, which, no doubt, every guest will want to try.

Gentle design

With openwork painting

Lace cakes for the wedding were always in demand, so the confectioners did not stand aside and released Tiffany holiday desserts with delicate painting. Culinary experts are sure that white lace should be not only on the bride’s dress, but also on the main culinary masterpiece. Openwork motifs fit perfectly into the style, and complement them with white pearls, pastel-colored roses or pink lilies that can spiral around all tiers of dessert.

Looks beautiful brown lace on a turquoise color, made of chocolate glaze. Chocolate is an indispensable component for Tiffany-style desserts. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this product is rich in a variety of tastes: from expressive bitter to soft creamy. Chocolate also opens up a wide scope for culinary experts to creatively think through the range of colors from dark brown to soft white.

Openwork drawings

Photo of wedding cakes in style «Breakfast at Tiffany's»

All shades of style create a summer mood, positiveness, friendliness and spontaneity. A turquoise wedding dessert in the Tiffany style symbolizes purity, fidelity, spirituality, and is not without some glamor. Colour «aqua» and creamy white are the basic shades of style to which brown harmoniously fits. There are a lot of ideas for a cake for such a celebration, and it’s not necessary to order a classic wedding «gift box». Check out our selection of photos that show interesting Tiffany-style wedding desserts:

Original ideas