Meeting young with a loaf


In the best traditions of the wedding, after the festive painting, the bride and groom should be met by the parents of the groom with a loaf (bread and salt). It is believed that he is a symbol of hospitality of a large family, which takes a new member (daughter-in-law) into the house. This is a beautiful ritual of the Slavic wedding, which almost in its original form has survived to this day. In it, all participants play a certain role, speak important words, perform certain actions, according to old beliefs and traditions. Let's take a closer look at what these actions are and what the scenario of this custom is..

Bread and salt to meet young people

Scenario of the meeting of the bride and groom with a loaf

According to modern principles, while the newlyweds get from the registry office to the place of the wedding banquet (as a rule, this time is devoted to the wedding photo shoot), parents and guests go to the restaurant. They must make important preparations for meeting the young with the loaf. All participants of the wedding celebration (newlyweds, their parents, guests) take part in the ritual with bread and salt:

  • Guests solemnly to the music should meet the young, generously lulling their way from the car to the restaurant with coins and rose petals.
  • Moms and dads holy bless their children at the doorstep for a long, happy family life.
  • After the parents pronounce certain words, the newlyweds must tear off a piece of loaf (during this they salt them or dip them in salt, which is poured in the center of the bread) to feed each other.
  • It is important for newlyweds to observe the moment of breaking off from the loaf piece by piece. This is a holy thing, biting which will be gross blasphemy and sin.
  • At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds drink a sip of champagne, and then pour the remnants behind their backs to complete this ritual..

Newlyweds meeting at the restaurant with a loaf

It is believed that the young one who breaks off a larger piece of bread and salt will be the head of the family. This seemingly simple old ritual requires careful preliminary preparations in a short period of time, while the heroes of the occasion get to the place of the wedding banquet. In order not to fall face down into the mud, it is important to know in advance what each hero of the script needs to do, what words to pronounce. We will consider this in more detail below..

Preparing guests for a meeting of the newlyweds

Having reached the restaurant, everyone gathers on the threshold waiting for the main heroes of the occasion. Previously, guests must be prepared by handing in their hands items for showering the newlyweds: various coins, sweets, rice or wheat, rose petals. Further, all the guests are organized in an organized manner on both sides at the entrance to the institution (living corridor) for the solemn meeting of the bride and groom.

It is important that the ritual of shedding young people was not too intense, so as not to injure the newly born couple with coins, and not to spoil their appearance. It is necessary to explain to the guests that they should sprinkle the newlyweds at their feet, as if strewn with the young life path of wealth, well-being, happiness. All organizational aspects of this tradition must be performed by the host.

Preparing guests for the meeting of the bride and groom

Who and how holds the loaf

After the guests showered the newly arrived newlyweds along the living corridor, the latter set foot on the threshold of the restaurant. Here, their parents welcome them cordially with bread and salt. According to established traditions, the loaf is held by the mother of the groom, but not with her bare hands, but on a beautifully embroidered towel. However, modern weddings are a bit behind the old customs, and the bride’s mother can hold the loaf..

This is due to the fact that today's newlyweds do not go to live with the groom's parents (as it was in the old days), but begin their independent family life in a separate house. And if so, then both families (parents of the bride and groom) accept new members into their composition on equal terms. Both mothers can hold a loaf, personifying reunion, the unity of two families.

How young parents meet with a loaf

The role of fathers in the ritual of meeting young

While mothers hold the main attribute of the solemn meeting of the young (loaf), popes do not stand idle. In the hands of one of them should be a tray with a drink, which the newlyweds fasten their union, according to custom, and bite in half with a cut apple. And the other dad holds an icon with which parents collectively bless their children for a long happy family life..

Father in a ritual meeting young

Ritual of treating guests with a wedding loaf

After the ceremony of meeting the bride and groom with bread and salt, the newlyweds, together with the guests, go into the hall, dance their first dance. Then there is a ritual of treats invited by a wedding loaf. This attribute can never be sold, like a wedding cake. From time immemorial, bread was considered a holy symbol, which must be fed without self-interest, with a pure soul and heart. Therefore, the young people go around the banquet table, treating each invited guest with a generous piece of loaf.

During the treat, guests should give a thank-you speech, sincerely congratulate the bride and groom on the birth of their family. In the modern version of the wedding, the newlyweds, as a rule, remain in their places, and the toastmaster with a tray and chest bypasses all the guests. A tray is for distributing a delicious loaf, and a chest is for collecting gifts presented by people gathered on such an occasion.

Treat guests with a cut loaf

Speech of parents at a meeting of young people at a wedding

Parents must bless their children for the upcoming happy family life, give some instructions before they try the bread and salt offered by the parents. It is best to prepare for this exciting moment in advance by learning a few traditional words that are usually spoken in this case. For each parent, according to this tradition, there is a certain blessing speech, which you can read later.

Words of mom of the groom and mom of the bride

Your words can be spoken arbitrarily, it is not at all necessary to learn certain phrases, verses. It just has to be a speech that serves as a parting word for a happy family life. Wish your children a good and clean relationship, a bright, shared life path. Give them your warmth and blessings, may the newlyweds feel your love, support at such an important moment for them. See the photo below for an example..

Alternate words of the mothers of the bride and groom

If the loaf holds the mother-in-law, then she pronounces the words. Speech can be in any form, for example: «Our dear children! With all my heart, accept the loaf that we prepared as a symbol of blessing for a long and happy family life. May she be strong, filled with love, tenderness, wealth and prosperity!». When the words are spoken, the loaf is given to the witness, so that she will bring him to the hall, putting the newlyweds among the remaining dishes on the wedding table.

Words of father of the groom and father of the bride

The groom and the bride break off and eat a piece of loaf of salt and then drink a glass of champagne, which are standing on a tray with one of the fathers. Here lies an apple, cut in half - they should have a bite for the young. Popes also do not stand in silence and, like the heads of their families, make a certain speech. They should likewise support and bless their children. Example words, see the photo below.

The speech of the fathers of the groom with the bride

The words of the fathers do not have to be in poetic form, just use an arbitrary speech. Tell your firm word to the head of the family that the groom, as a husband, should protect his beloved and be a reliable support for her. Make it clear that you, as parents, are always ready to help with advice and deed at any moment of their life together.

Video: newlyweds meet with a loaf in a restaurant

Despite the fact that this ritual was carried out many centuries ago, its traditions have survived to the present day. Not a single modern wedding can do without a wedding custom with a loaf. This is a wonderful and beautiful ceremony, thanks to which the holiday takes on special significance, solemnity, and the newlyweds pay tribute to their distant ancestors. To see and study in more detail how the old ritual with bread and salt goes, watch a video in which parents solemnly meet the newlyweds with a loaf near the restaurant.