Meeting of young people with a loaf: scenario

The ceremonial painting is behind, in front of the newlyweds a beautiful meeting awaits with a loaf at the wedding hall and the wedding feast itself with giving gifts. How beautiful is it to hold a meeting of the newlyweds so that it is remembered for a long time? We will help you! The portal presents you an interesting wedding scenario: from the registry office to a feast. So, let's begin!

Meeting young with a loaf

Meeting of the newlyweds with a loaf

Guests are already gathered at the door of the wedding hall. The host arranges the guests with a “living” corridor and gives them rose petals to shower the newlyweds. When the newlyweds arrive at the place, they pass along the "living" corridor to their parents. Both mothers simultaneously hold a dish with a loaf on a rushnyk. And one of the fathers has a tray in their hands, on which are beautiful wedding glasses with champagne. The host says:

Dear guests! An amazingly beautiful young couple ____ and ____ is approaching us, let's meet them with a storm of applause!!!

Let the family road
Directly to happiness leads you,
Please make young
We are steps forward.
And it's time for us to congratulate you,
Friendly newlyweds: cheers!

The guests shout loudly: "Hurray!".

Further, the presenter gives a beautiful speech, the essence of which boils down to warm congratulations on the occasion of marriage and bringing the young to their parents:

Let's go to the dearest people who raised and educated the young, and today bless them with a happy life. Your mothers are holding your first family bread - a wedding loaf, rosy and lush, which means that your house will always have prosperity and prosperity.

What do you think should be done with him now?

If the guests and the newlyweds answer: “Eat!”, The host jokes: “It turns out that we are the most hungry!” And then he says:

Loaf to break. Grasp the loaf with both hands and break off a large piece of it.

Tell me, what will we judge by the size of the broken pieces? Who in the family likes to eat the most? - (waiting for an answer from the newlyweds and guests) - That's right! Who will be the head of the newly made family!

Mother of the groom presents a loaf. Young break off from him piece by piece. The host says:

And now you have a unique opportunity to annoy each other - and there will be nothing for you! So salt your bread!

The newlyweds dip the pieces in salt. And the leader continues:

Swap pieces and feed them to each other! What a caring couple you are! Never leave each other hungry!

Now pick up glasses and make a wish.

Newlyweds pick up glasses. The host continues:

Made up? Drain glasses and throw them over your left shoulder - so that you love each other hotly!!!

Newlyweds drink and throw glasses over their shoulders. And the leader says:

Now everything is according to the law
The marriage is held together by a crystal jingle.!
It's time to go into the hall,
Everything for the newlyweds - cheers!!!

Newlyweds pass into the hall to beautiful music. Guests follow them.