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If you are an extraordinary couple who loves to break stereotypes, then a fun wedding based on the movie "Dandies" is ideal for you. Not sure how to organize such a unique celebration? The portal offers you a scenario of the wedding in the style of "dudes".

Hipster style wedding

Ransom bride

Redemption of the bride can begin with a dance battle between the friends of the groom and the bridesmaids to the appropriate music: boogie-woogie, rock and roll and twist. And then you can hold a couple of contests for the groom: play a song on a lighter; tell him what a great bride he is on slang dude, etc..

Redemption of the bride in the style of dudes

Newlyweds meeting

The newlyweds approach the banquet hall, where they are met by a person who asks for a password:

Change three-room hut to two-room?

In response, the newlyweds answer:

No, Uncle Yosya is not involved in the exchange.

Then you can hold the ceremony of "bread and salt." The host, stylized as Elvis Presley, offers to say parting words to the parents of the bride and groom. At the end of the speech, the young people break off a piece of loaf and salt it well. Groom and bride feed each other, drink champagne and break glasses.

The facilitator then says:

And now the couple’s road.
Let only happiness in life wait.
Come on in hurry,
Wedding feast is calling you!
Our wedding is not easy
Here dude though a dime a dozen
And goons and Komsomol members
We need to find now.

Near the entrance, you should put a person who will "push" style things: bright ties and butterflies, colorful scarves and red lipsticks. Each guest should try on the image of dudes, putting on thematic attributes.

Hipster style wedding


Newlyweds and guests go to the banquet hall, give gifts, and then the guests sit in their seats at the tables. The host says:

We do not recognize gray,
Our world is playing with a rainbow.
Chanson, we don’t sing romances,
We are attracted to jazz and boogie.
When we go down the street,
You will turn around after us.
Dudes we are that good,
After all, we are not like everyone else.

Today we are attending the wedding of two fashionable dudes - _____ and _____, for which we will raise our glasses now.

The guests have a drink, and the host continues:

Today, a rock and roll hurricane is expected with a fountain of champagne. Therefore, I suggest you refresh yourself to show everything that you are capable of! I am announcing the beginning of the styling party! Oh, and we will get rid today! Masers and phasers, dudes and dudes, let's shout together: "Bitter!".

The facilitator then gives the floor to the parents of the young:

Today, the guys gathered a lot of wonderful people here. And all of them will say beautiful words to the young. Now it's time to listen to the parents of our fashionable couple!

Who twisted vinyl on a turntable?
Who instilled a love of art?
Let go of the disco with a girlfriend,
And with friends on the guitar let go!
Who was heard by Cocker and Presley,
Dancing, singing in the evenings,
Who lived dull and fresh?
Despising all poppin trash!
Masers are dear, dear
These lines are dedicated to you
Mom you are our golden,
The first word to give you.

Parents say toasts. And while the guests are eating, the host introduces them to the rules of the wedding evening:

And now I want to introduce you to the rules of our style party. So, today it is possible and even necessary:

  • Pour yourself and your neighbor.
  • Toast, drink and eat.
  • Do not sit at the table after hearing music, but rush to the dance.
  • Have fun from the heart and participate in all competitions.


  • Sleeping at the table, especially at Olivier.
  • Sing under the table.
  • Be single to all unmarried and unmarried.
  • Leave a wedding party with a boring face.

After that, the host invites the young people to perform their first dance:

Our main dudes, I invite you to the dance floor so that you perform your dance of happiness and love. Come on, dance the dance floor!!!

At the end of the dance, the host says:

Well, did you like the dance? It seems to me that everything was just fine. Come on, go to the dance floor too! Hey girls and men, dudes and dudes, show class!

Dance break and contests

A dance break is announced to the music of Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Bill Haley, the Bravo band and Jeanne Aguzarova. After that, the guests sit at the tables, relatives and friends of the young say toasts. After 10-20 minutes, the time of the competition is announced:

  • "Dude-music lover" (competition for guessing famous tunes from the movie "Dudes").
  • "I walk on Broadway" (fashion show among men, the winner receives the title "Hipster of the Evening").
  • "True dude" (participants' task: to recall as many words as possible that were used by the heroes of the movie "Dudes" in their everyday life).
  • “Styled outfit” (participants are divided into pairs, given them markers of different colors and white shirts, their task: to decorate shirts, creating a stylish “outfit”).

After the competition, the facilitator says:

And now let's drink again for the young, and then dance, dance, and dance again. Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll and Twist!!!

The following is a series of dance competitions:

  • “Stil until you drop” (dance battle to rock and roll, whoever wins will receive the title “King of Rock and Roll”).
  • "Dancing with records" (participants' task: to dance in pairs, holding the records with their foreheads, priests, belly).
  • "Boogie Woogie Dance" (participants' task: dancing boogie woogie, tear the newspaper into more parts).
  • "Dancing with all parts of the body" (task of the participants: sitting on a chair, dancing boogie-woogie first with his whole body, then only with his legs, only with his hands, only facial expressions).

It is also possible to conduct a musical production: to dress guests in style characters so that they perform vocal and dance numbers for newlyweds.

Hipster style wedding

Next is a feast during which a lottery can be held. The host says:

And now let's have a union lottery! We get your invitations and give me!

The host puts all the invitations, issued in the form of lottery tickets, in a box. Mixes and takes out the winning ones. As lots, you can use a variety of retro things: a plate, a hat, a style tie, etc..

The host says:

And now, dudes, let's decide who is born first among young people: Maine or Girl. Cook your craps!

The witness and witness collect money in two large banks tied with a blue and pink ribbon. After collecting money, a bouquet is thrown: either in the standard form, or in the form of ribbons and a bouquet. After that, the groom throws a garter to unmarried guys.

The wedding evening ends with a wedding cake and a newlywed thank-you speech.