Knight's Wedding Scenario


The times of knights are long gone, but how sometimes you want to plunge into that amazing atmosphere of courage and nobility. You have a chance to do it! Take advantage of our scenario of a knightly wedding - and organize an amazing celebration with a unique style! The portal presents to your attention a short scenario of a wedding in a knightly style.

Knight's wedding

Newlyweds and guests come into the hall. The host says:

"Dear newlyweds and guests, in a few minutes we will travel with you in time and go to the Middle Ages, where we will spend our unforgettable wedding.

I suggest that everyone present try on the roles of medieval characters. All men will become knights of the Order of Valor, and women and girls will become noble ladies. ".

Knight's wedding

Then begins the gift and meeting the guests. Guests are called in turn from the bride and groom and are presented to all those present. For all guests should choose different titles. So the newlyweds are the prince and princess, the parents of the bride and groom are the kings and queens, the guests are the princes and princesses, barons and baronesses, counts and countesses, etc..

When giving a gift to young people, the bride presents each guest with an identification badge and some medieval accessory (hat, fan, sword, etc.). So that guests can fully plunge into the amazing atmosphere of that time.

The host gives an opening speech. Enables parents and relatives to make toasts.

Then comes the time for contests and games. The host says:

"Once upon a time in the Middle Ages, knights lived everywhere,
And life was not easy in heavy ammunition,
Knights were proud of themselves, swords and armor,
Knights played fate and went to tournaments ".

The host invites men to show all their masculinity and valor in knightly trials. The following contests are held:

"Tournament of popularity"

Participants: men.

Props: None.

The host asks the ladies to correct their makeup (to color their lips). He selects from among those who wish three knights, who for a while should collect as many kisses from noble ladies as possible. Whoever has the most lip prints on his face will receive the title of the most popular knight among ladies.

"Sonnet to a beautiful lady"

Participants: men.

Props: pieces of paper with words.

5-6 knights are invited to participate, who are given pieces of paper with words. For example, a bride, a beauty, a braid, a horse. Participants must compose a poem from the words proposed by him in order to win the heart of a noble lady.

There is a dance break. The host invites guests to make toasts and congratulate the young. The facilitator then says:

"At that time, strict demands were also made on the ladies: they were supposed to be romantic, well-mannered and homely. Let’s conduct tests for our ladies, who will show how good housewives our women are”.

The following contests are held:

"Moms and babies"

Participants: women and men.

Props: clothes (bonnets, bib, socks, nipples, etc.).

Participants are divided into pairs "m + f", in each of which there is a "baby" and "mother". Moms will have to put on their babies as quickly as possible, for this they are given a variety of things: a shirt, a bib, a bonnet (hat), socks and a nipple. That "mother", who is faster than the rest fully equips her "baby", will become a winner.

"I blinded him from what was"

Participants: women.

Props: paper parts.

For the competition, you should pre-cut from magazines or posters full-length images of men. Then you need to cut each silhouette into several middle parts and mix them. Each girl must collect in parts of his ideal man. The one that makes it faster than the rest wins.

There is a dance break. Guests sit down at the table. At the table you can hold such a game.

"Great lovers"

Participants: guests.

Props: None.

The host invites guests to name the most famous couples in love from the past: Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, etc. Who will name the last couple, he won.

Between competitions, you should definitely have a dance break. And you can also arrange a master class in medieval dances, the portal advises. If a lot of guests want to participate in the master class, you get a kind of flash mob that will give the newlyweds and guests a lot of positive.

Your wedding can be so interesting and fun if you carry it out according to the celebration scenario in a knightly style!