Giving gifts to young people: 3 options for holding


A wedding celebration is an amazing holiday, which is accompanied by a mass of positive emotions, touching speeches and, of course, giving gifts. How to make the ceremony of presenting gifts bright and original? The portal offers you three options for holding this beautiful wedding ceremony. Choose the one that suits your celebration style perfectly..

Gift giving

Option number 1

The newlyweds enter the hall and approach the table in the center of the hall. And the leader says:

Now, dear guests, you will have the unique opportunity to kiss someone else’s husband and hug your wife in front of your spouses, and you won’t be anything for it, but only if at this time you give gifts and flowers to our newlyweds.

Next is the process of congratulating the young. The following sequence of congratulations to the newlyweds is considered generally accepted: according to tradition, the bride’s parents are the first to turn to the young with a punishment. Then - the groom’s parents. The next stage is congratulated by grandparents. Next in line for the congratulations of the young are the godparents of the bride and groom. And then the other relatives, colleagues and friends.

After each congratulation, the bride gives each guest a bonbonniere as a thank you.

Option number 2

If you have a wedding planned for a large number of guests, then the ceremony of donation can be divided into parts:

  • Congratulations from the relatives of the groom.
  • A feast for 1-2 toasts, viewing the Love story.
  • Congratulations from relatives of the bride.
  • A feast for 1-2 toasts, 1-2 competitions.
  • Congratulations from all friends.

Option number 3

Giving gifts can be carried out without raising guests from the table. Let the witnesses take a large, beautifully designed bank. And the leader says:

Swiss bank opened its branch.
He is in my hands - reliable and beautiful.
The Swiss bank sent us such a safe,
So that young people live happily.
We take stones and furs,
Banknotes of any color.
We will open a bank with you,
And we will drink a cup at the same time.
We are happy for all guests at the wedding,
We open an account for newlyweds.
Make your contributions soon -
To philanthropists - honor!

Witnesses bypass guests who put postcards and envelopes in a glass "bank".