Modern wedding scenario

The portal presents you a phased wedding scenario.

At 8:30, friends arrive at the groom's house, and girlfriends - at the bride.

A light breakfast is served at the groom's house until 9:00. After that, the groom with his friends and relatives goes to the bride.

At 10:00 the groom and his friends are met by the bridesmaids. The girls take under the arms of the groom and lead to the bride’s apartment, where, in turn, the groom on his knees with a bouquet of flowers meets his narrowed one. After that, hold a light buffet.

Around 12:00 the whole wedding procession drives up to the registry office, so that everyone is prepared for the wedding ceremony.

By 13:00 the wedding ceremony ends, after which a mini walk takes place, during which a photo session is held.

Wedding celebration

At 14:00, a Catholic or Orthodox wedding ceremony is held.

At 15:00 the wedding ceremony ends, the newlyweds accept congratulations from the guests.

From 15:00 to 17:00 a wedding walk is held. Provided good weather is possible during a walk and a buffet in the open air.

At 17:00 we drive up to the venue of the wedding banquet. At the entrance to the venue, the newlyweds are greeted by guests, built in the form of a living corridor. In front of the spouses, a boy and a girl shower the way with rose petals. The guests themselves are sprinkled with rose petals.

At the threshold of the restaurant, the newlyweds are waiting for their parents. Moms are holding a rushnyk and a loaf.

The host says:

Dear newlyweds! According to a beautiful wedding tradition, you are met by the most dear people - your parents. Moms hold a wedding loaf in their hands - a symbol of family well-being and prosperity. Break off a piece of bread and salt it well!

Newlyweds break off a piece of bread. And the host continues:

Now swap the pieces and feed each other!

Newlyweds feed each other. The host says:

Well, here we find out who in the family will be the breadwinner.

After this follows the parting words of the parents. And the leader continues:

And now the couple’s road -
Let only happiness in life wait.
Come on in hurry,
Wedding feast is calling you!
We invite everyone to a feast,
To the wedding hospitable.

Then the newlyweds pass into the hall, where a couple of glasses are waiting for them, standing on top of the pyramid of glasses.

The host says:

Please congratulate the young family and raise their glasses in her honor!

Giving gifts. It’s also a great time to go to the restroom, relax a bit and put yourself in order..

At 17:40, the facilitator invites everyone to the wedding table. On the tables are cards with the names of guests, on which guests are placed at the tables.

The host gives a toast:

Dear newlyweds and guests! Today we are gathered here to celebrate such an important and joyful event as the wedding day _____ and _____. From this day begins a new page in their life, and what it will be - depends only on them.

Then the most significant guests at the wedding make a toast (first the parents of the groom, then the parents of the bride).

Wedding toasts

After the time is announced for a leisurely meal, which is accompanied by light music. And the host entertains the guests:

My friends! We received two important documents: a decree of the Federation of Women and a decree of the society of bachelors. Let's find out what they are about.

Women Federation Ordinance

The insidious "enemy" _____ stole from our ranks a female freedom fighter ____. Therefore, we decide to fulfill the following for the bride:

  • Give a talk on the topic: "How to entangle a bachelor?".
  • Give your husband the honorable right to earn money, and the ungrateful but important task is to spend it, take it on yourself.
  • Avoid the presence of your husband when buying outfits so that he does not know the true price of things.
  • Cross the street where he wants, but take him wherever you want.
  • Do not let your husband take a step away from you, lest he go astray.
  • Do not forget: the husband is the head, the wife is the neck, wherever I want, I will turn there! But make sure you don’t lose your head.
  • Promise to give your husband a son or daughter, if he himself will bring them up.

Now let's read the clauses of the bachelor’s order.

It is with deep regret that we inform that the society of bachelors suffered a bereavement: married _____ - an honorary member of the Society of Bachelors. Therefore, the society of bachelors decides:

  • Exclude _____ from the bachelor community.
  • Listen carefully to your wife, even stories about the next dress. Remember: take your wife - forget the silence!
  • Carry your wife in her arms, she will sit on the neck herself.
  • Do not argue with your wife, she will always consider you right, although she will do it her own way.

Next comes the time for entertainment. After the show, the dancing time usually begins, which the newlyweds open with their first dance.

A wedding dance

After which the leader invites everyone to the table:

So relatives and friends,
A family is born in the light.
Let's leave the dances all
And again, young congratulations.

From 20:00 to 21:00 - the continuation of the show program and competitions. During this break, you can invite the newlyweds to fortune the first-born. You can do this as follows.

On the tray lay out children's toys: belonging to girls - a doll, knitting needles, some jewelry and belonging to boys - cars, pistols, etc..

The bridegroom is blindfolded and offers at random to take something from the tray. In this subject, they decide who will be born first. Both newlyweds can participate in divination. For this, the newlyweds take turns choosing blindfold toys. The last toy determines who will be the first to be born into a young family.

The host at this time says:

You will have a little thing
Make out everything here in full.
Husband - for the son, and for the daughter
Let the wife work hard.
Which of you will be the last,
That divination will judge.
Disassemble these things,
Yes, guess the first-born.

At 9 p.m., the facilitator says:

At a noisy wedding table
Like a lamp of friendship, kindness
You will light now together
Star of hope and dreams.

Newlyweds under beautiful music come to a special table where there is a large candle. Moms take candles in their hands, light them and begin to move towards the newlyweds, going to the table, together they light the candle of the newlyweds - their "family hearth".

Before lighting the "family hearth" the groom's mother says:

A serious and important step -
Create a home.
But you need to light it
With the help of our candles.

After lighting the "family hearth", the mother of the bride says:

Lit the family hearth you
Now and forever!
Let it burn like the light in your eyes,
Like a heart in a man.

At the end of a beautiful ceremony, the host says:

So let this bright light
You shine in life to the end,
So forever, many years
Two rings intertwined...

At 21:40, the host offers to find out which of the next unmarried girls will marry the next. The bride goes to the center of the hall, and unmarried girls form a circle around her. The witness blindfolds the bride and untwists her, until the girlfriends say three times:

Bride with a bouquet of circles,
Point a bouquet at me.

Then the bride is stopped, and she outstretched hand with a bouquet points to the girl who will soon be married.

Then the bride sits in a chair. Groom takes off the garter and throws it to unmarried guys.

At 22:30, the host announces the peak of the holiday, and under the solemn melodies, a wedding cake is brought into the hall.

Before or after the cake, you can hold a ceremony of farewell to the veil. The guests stand in a circle and the presenter says to the beautiful music:

Now you are together, you are one,
And therefore it is necessary
Quietly remove the veil from the bride,
Goodbye to girlhood.

Mom of the groom takes off the bride's veil and ties her a handkerchief. And the leader continues:

Take off your veil, beautiful bride,
And here the applause will be in place.
Kiss: husband, young wife
In the moment of unity, holy!

Newlyweds leave the circle, the holiday is coming to an end.